A power wheelchair is one the means of mobility for people having a spinal cord or sclerosis issues. It is also good for the aged/elderly who do not possess the strength to walk on their own. Most wheelchairs are very comfortable and compatible. Besides, the few tested products we happened to come across in the course of market researched are not the heavyweight champion. They come in lightweight construction, as such, you can rest assured, no much effort in moving it, if peradventure, the one you have is not an electric model. Why the demand for power wheel-chair is on the increase, it is, however, a privilege to let you know that all of the products seen in the market are not of the same quality. Carefulness and a piece of in-depth knowledge are required to figure out the best one. Scenery to this, as you might be looking for the best, you should also consider the terrain where you want to use it. And since few products out there can withstand any terrain, our best All Terrain Power Wheelchair Reviews were put together to make things easier for you. However, a motorized wheelchair, electric wheel-chair, powerchair, or electric-powered wheelchair is powered by an electric motor instead of manual power. Therefore, all the unit features in this article are electric models.

Best 5 All Terrain Power Wheelchair Comparison Table

Product Name
Best Sentire Med Deluxe Power Chair
Best Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe Power Chair Check Price On Amazon

  • Load: 360lbs
  • Climbing: 15 degree
  • Motor: 2×250 watts
  • Weight: Not specified
  • Dimension: Not specified

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KD Smart: Best Electric Lightweight Chair
KD Smart Chair Power Check Price On Amazon

  • Load: 265lbs
  • Climbing: 15 degree
  • Motor: Not specified
  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • Dimension: 31.3 x 24 x 33 inches

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Porto Ranger Quattro: Best For Grass & Rough Terrain
Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro Ultra Check Price On Amazon

  • Load: 400lbs
  • Climbing: 15 degree
  • Motor: 2×250 watts
  • Weight: 58.5 pounds
  • Dimension: Not specified

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ComfyGO Electric: Best Folding Wheelchair
ComfyGO Electric Check Price On Amazon

  • Load: 275lbs
  • Climbing: 15 degree
  • Motor: Dual watts system
  • Weight: 50lbs
  • Dimension: Not specified

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Innuovo Lightweight Foldable: Best for Adults
Innuovo Lightweight Foldable Check Price On Amazon

  • Load: 265lbs
  • Climbing: Not specified
  • Motor: 2 x 200 watts
  • Weight: 50lbs
  • Dimension: Not specified

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Reviews Best 5 All Terrain Power Wheelchair Reviews In 2020

1. Best Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe Power All Terrain WheelChair  

All Terrain Power Wheelchair Reviews: 5 Best Pick [2019 -2020]

Fortunately, this wheel chair is coming in the first position, but mind you, we did not follow a ranking order. From the analysis, the mobility device was designed by Sentire, a renowned brand in the wheelchair manufacturing industry.

Why it was difficult from the tons of the available options in the market when it comes to an all-terrain power wheelchair to choose, however, Sentire Delux spotted out as a result of its rare features. Further, it’s easy to fold and store out of use. Besides it, lightweight build makes it an effortless task putting it inside your car for outdoor use.

The motorized wheelchair is made from aircraft aluminum alloy, which makes it a durable and also being able to hold a maximum user weight of 360lbs. With this unit, you can drive up to 20miles per hour while its 250 watts motor helps wheelchair to able to climb hilling terrain. The design incorporates a cup storage holder, and the shipping comes with a travel bag.

Our + for this

  • You can adjust the backrest to fit your height
  • FDA certified to meet the safety standard
  • It can climb up to 15-degree gradient slope 
  • Reinforce long-lasting aluminum frame    
  • Soft-touch, joystick control, plus electromagnetic brakes 
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2. KD Smart Chair Power: Best Electric Lightweight Wheelchair  

KD Smart Chair Power

When you’re looking for a power wheelchair for all-terrain or environment, this SUV model electrically-propelled has been rated among users, as one unit for any terrain. Though the previous product is compact and foldable, this unit is more compact, as such, we specifically recommended for traveling.

It only weighs 50 pounds, which is a fairly light load for quick transporting. Consequently, when compared with the previous unit, KD Smart can only hold an overall weight of 265lbs while Sentire boost of 300lbs.

More so, the travel limit is another factor. While Sentire can reach 22miles as the highest travel distance, KD power electric chair travels 15miles. Nevertheless, trust us, the KD mobility chair FDA medical cleared device.

Our + for this

  • Few step folding         
  • Suitable for traveling with 
  • Made with aluminum materials 
  • Very light and ergonomic and robust 
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3. Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro Ultra: Best For Grass And Rough Terrain Surfaces

Reviews Best 5 All Terrain Power Wheelchair Reviews In 2020

When looking for an all-terrain power wheelchair, not only should you consider tire, but also the turning ability is another important spec so that you maneuver in all directions. This observation made us pick the Porto because it features the newest Sensi-Touch Joystic that allows you to turn using just one finger.

Besides, you can easily navigate through tight corners, such as doorways that require sensitive turning.  Hence, elderly or aged mothers or fathers (grandpa/ma) is going to like the flexible indoor and outdoor wheel transporting chair.

The attribute of the mobility ranger also extends to the weight carrying capacity up to 400lbs, making this unit as one of the highest load carrier recorded so far in this electric wheelchair reviews. If that is not enough, the lithium batteries let you drive as far as 30 miles before it depletes. Therefore, you go to your favorite’s sports arena like Disney Park and ride around all day long and the battery will still be left.

Top of it also uses a smart power technology and this means, when the two batteries are in the Quattro wheelchair, it’ll draw electrical energy from both simultaneously.     

Our + for this               

  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Foldable for car transporting 
  • Mange and use, thanks to the easy control 
  • It comes completely assembled 
  • The purchase includes a padded travel bag for transporting your chair 
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4. ComfyGO Electric: Best Folding Motorized All-Terrain-Wheelchair

ComfyGO Electric

I like this Comfygo wheelchair because of the tire system installed in it. It features 2-big ones at the back, which suspends it from the ground level, while 2-small ones in the front and both provide stability and rigidity.

The motorized unit is supported by a powerful dual motor and formerly approved by FDA. The chair seat specification includes 20-inch height, 17-inch width, and 20-inch depth.

As for weight accommodating ability comparison, Comfygo is designed to hold up 275lbs. When this unit is completely folded, it can fit into car trunks, or bigger than a Ford Focus, Honda Civic, or Chevy Cruze.

Most relevantly, it comes with an electromagnetic intelligent brake system and a detachable all direction Joystick controller type. More so, the breathable seat and back cushion provides comfort.  

Our + for this

  • It is not expensive like most units 
  • Easy to use Joystic for both beginners and professionals 
  • We like the padded comfortable seat with armrest and cushion 
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5. Innuovo Lightweight Foldable: Best for Adults

Innuovo Lightweight Foldable

This 265lbs wheelchair by Innuovo is a cost-effective product for anyone looking for an adorable all-terrain electric mobile chair. The innovative design and classic look are one of the selling points and that’s one reason most buyers prefer it among competitive units.

To arm you, the frame is built with aviation aluminum. This material is lightweight, as such the wheelchair for an adult is not as heavy as you might have thought it to be. Besides, the overall item weight is 50lbs, making Innuovo the best portable power wheelchair travelers can put into their truck for the journey. Another vogue feature we discovered, is that you can place the Joystick left or right of the armrest to suit your convenience.

Operating this product is in two ways either use manual or electric model. In order, if you run out the battery while indoor, users can quickly switch to manual mode.

The design of the seat cushion helps prevent bedsore, protect the lumbar vertebrae, caudal vertebrae and also the neck vertebrae from twisting, which why Doctors do recommend it for their patient use who fall into the categories of using a wheelchair.

Our + for this

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Offers great maneuverability
  • Made from updated aviation aluminum
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What Is All Terrain Power Wheelchair?

From the above heading, we’re going to note three keywords, such as all-terrainpower, and wheelchair. Firstly, a terrain refers to the characteristics of how particular geography or land looks. Therefore, it is possible for terrain to be smooth, rough, contain gravel, grassy, or sandy.  

However, Power in this context of our discussion refers to electrical energy, while a wheelchair is a mobile chair designed generally for those who cannot walk due to medical health problems. 

Subsequently, all-terrain means a wheelchair that can be used in any land topography. It means not all models of the powered chair can be used in certain areas. This is why we dedicated the above all terrain powered wheelchair reviews for an audience searching for one. 

In the meantime, there are some criteria considerable before you purchase an electric wheelchair. First and foremost, check for the maximum load the chair you’re aiming at can carry, ensuring your weight or user who wants to use does not exceed the wheelchair capacity.

Next, check the seat materials. Unit with padded seats and cushions are known to offer more convenience. More so, the backrest height should be adjustable to meet your comfort level.

Furthermore, the distance it can drive in miles worth checking and also the hours the battery would last. Also, not all powered-wheel-chair can be used for sloping landscape, therefore, confirm the slope climbing is not less than 15 degrees.

We might not have covered all features but we know, those discussed are the relevant specification. However, price should be looked into as well. Expensive products mean quality features, as no manufacturer would spend more on unit production and sell below the cost of production.

Wrapping It Up

Powered wheelchairs are also referred to as an electric model. Therefore, do not be confused when you come across those two terms. However, each of the items featured in our top 5 best all terrain power wheelchair reviews was picked after testing and seeing the performances they offer.  To decide upon, see the comparison table where the features can help you choose wisely.

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