About us

What is Consumerhome?

Consumer home is an archive of top products and comparison blog. We research and pick the best products for you to save you from the stress and time involved in shopping. Therefore, our product solution undergoes thorough check and scrutiny before they’re being formed into a review. From home improvement tools such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc., tech products and massage therapy items are some of our focus areas among others.

About us

Our process

At consumer home, the head of affairs is a statistician who supervises other teammate’s in-depth decisions on product selection. In order words, items that made it up to our top 5 list or more passes through our sampling technique as designed by the product review department. Any item sampled in the course of market research that falls below our choosing and picking criteria is discarded otherwise users’ opinion count weighty of it being picked.

Do we recommend product?

Yes, if the need arises, we can but most times, the decision is left for you to decide what best matches your desire.

Finding Difficulties Choosing?

It’s not peculiar to you only. Many times people find it difficult to make selection amidst the myriad of products in the market place. If you fall into this, our help can be called upon for suggestion and we’ll be ready to assist any time

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For further information, or product areas suggestions, you think we need to cover in our subsequent post, you can send an email to us via the contact form. We shall reply ASAP!

We’re grateful for taking your time to read through our about us page. Endeavor to check again for changes to what we do here @consumerhome.com.
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