Are you tired of having humidifiers looking all steely and drab? Perhaps you’re particular about your decor and would not stand a sterile-looking humidifying unit mess up the harmony of your decor. Well, there’s good news. The Aircare EP9 800 reviewed is a functional, efficient unit that is designed as a tasteful pedestal sure to fit right into any home or office setting.

AIRCARE EP9 800 Functional, Yet Fashionable

AIRCARE EP9 800 Review (Digital Whole House Humidifier)

The best thing is that the aesthetics do no compromise the capabilities of this humidifier. The Aircare EP9 800 can humidify up to 2,400 square feet of living space, and that’s approximately close to the space an average American owns.

The pedestal design of the humidifier features a 12×12 square base that takes up just enough space and features a removable tile at the top that you can change to suit your taste.

Large Tank Capacity

Also, because of the pedestal design, the EP9 800 has an impressive tank capacity of 3.5 gallons with which the humidifier can run up to 60 hours. By implication, it means that it needs fewer refills, so that’s one less worry.

Speaking of refills, a little tricky pouring-in door into the tank, because of the small opening, as such, doesn’t help and there is no other way to fill up the tank. However, on the bright side, the humidifier turns itself off when the tank is empty or when the atmosphere is optimally humid.

“Set it and Forget It”

Like most other models of its caliber, all the effort needed on the EP9 80 is the first setting. After you have turned the humidifier to the relative humidity of your choice, the inbuilt humidistat will regulate indoor humidity to that preference at all times. The pedestal humidifier features a digital display that keeps stats for the prevailing environment visible. The stats displayed include the current temperature, the humidity levels of the house, and the preset preferred humidity percentage, as well.

The display also features the current fan speed; the EP9 800 can be set to any of nine provided fan speeds, according to your preference. This range is particularly impressive because this is a rare feature in humidifier models. The fans can be manually controlled, but will automatically adjust to perform at a speed that will dispense vapor to meet the need the humidifier detects.

Intuitive humidifiers’ appearance doesn’t look good, and because no one likes a machine that creates extra chores, people avoid them. Nevertheless, this product aesthetic design, makes Aircare EP9 800 stand out from the crowd. Besides, the Aircare comes in two colors- nutmeg and espresso, so you can be sure to find something that will compliment your decoration.  For some people, the design is not enough reason to overlook a unit that works perfectly, if your concern is all about the function. The look is just a plus. Hence you should have nothing to worry about.

Our plus for this

  • Large tank capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • High power output
  • Doubles as interior decor

Our minus for this

  • Does not cover wider spaces than 2400 square feet
  • Consumes a lot of water
  • No water level indicator on the tank

Since Aircare EP9 800 is a whole house humidifying device, you can rely on this unit to release air moisture in a space reaching up to 2,400 square feet. It is standalone but does not require plenty of space. It comes with up to 9 speed settings, as such you can customize the speed level you desire to meet home comfort and stay. The EP9 800 has some positive customer’s reports making it a popular products among consumers.

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