It is common knowledge that humidifiers help to make the general atmosphere of any room very comfortable and safer for inhalation. If you did not know that before, now you do. If you’re looking to boost the air quality of a living or working space that’s no larger than 4000 square meters, you should consider the Aprilaire 400M humidifier.

Aprilaire 400M Whole House Humidifier Review (Feb. 2020)

Aprilaire’s reputation in the industry as an innovator was solidified in 1954 when they created the first fully-functional and effective whole-house humidifier. With ingenious additions to their range of products, Aprilaire always manages to stay a few steps ahead of its competitors.

The Aprilaire 400M stands out from the other models with its water-conserving feature. Humidifiers tend to consume a lot of water, so users have high water bills as the costly price to pay for comfortable air. The 400M uses a unique evaporative technique that makes it unnecessary to use floor drains, thereby maximizing water supply efficiently.

Aprilaire 400M Best Humidifier for Small Houses 

If you’re working with a small space or you’d rather not have a humongous humidifier unit that takes a lot of space to install, the Aprilaire 400M is a great choice for you. The unit releases up to 17 gallons of moisture per day, so your space gets all the humidity you need for good health and comfortable breathing.

The 400M comes in both manual and automatic variants- the automatic version only requires you to set your humidity preferences once, and then the system keeps it that way. Like the manufacturers like to say, set it and forget it.

The 400M automatic humidifier has both outdoor and indoor sensors to detect external and internal humidity and aggregate output to optimal levels.

The 400M manual humidifier has a single in-built sensor indoor humidity in proportion to the manual settings. So, you have to manually set the humidity levels that you want every time you turn-on the unit.

Humidity for Wellness

Humidity for Wellness

The Aprilaire 400M delivers on its promise of optimum humidity for your health, and that of your plants (if you have any), and even your furniture. It keeps humidity levels at standard levels of 35%-45%, at which skin and nasal passages have few chances of being irritated by dust or any other contaminants. At that level, your furniture is also preserved, especially if you use leather, as it is very sensitive to overly dry or overly humid weather.

Want some friendly advice? Of course, that’s why you’re reading this review. Get the automatic variant of the 400M- it costs a few extra bucks and you’d have to spend on replacing the water panels at least twice a year, but it’s worth it. When you think about long-lasting furniture and the firm goodbyes you’d be saying to itchy throats and watery eyes when it gets super cold and dry, the Aprilaire 400M is a worthwhile investment.

Our plus for this
  • Water conservation
  • Great for homes with tight spaces
  • Covers up to 4000 square meters
  • Preserves furniture and indoor plants
Our minus for this
  • Expensive to maintain

Wrapping It Up

In this review, we found Aprilaire 400M as a practical humidifier to add humidity to tight homes of 4,000 square feet. Even though the 400M Aprilaire water requires replacement yearly, yet it stills reduces water running bills and consumes less energy. For the fact that his model is not a console-style model, it will need mounting installation which can either be done personally or professionally.

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