Aprilaire’s industry experience with evaporative humidifiers shines through in the design and operation of their 700M model humidifier. While the unit does not cover 6,200 square meters of space like the Aprilaire 800 does, it will effectively humidify living spaces up to 4,200 square meters, and that’s fine since most of us do not live in mansions. With its 18 gallon output, you can bid a firm goodbye to itchy scalps and watery eyes, as this bad boy Aprilaire 700 Whole House humidifier will keep your space as humid as your health needs. If you already have a furnace and central air conditioning system in your house, then this unit is the best bet for you.

Less Power Consumed, More Power Output            

Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier – Fan Powered Model

The Aprilaire 700 is fan-powered, so it does not consume too much power. A built-in fan draws the heated air directly from the furnace through the humidifier. Then, like all evaporative humidifiers, the unit pipes water into the distribution tray at the top of the humidifier. After evaporation, the resulting steam is evenly distributed throughout your space.

Spreading the vapor directly through the boiler vents in the building allows use of the warm air from your heater to help keep energy usage down. The fact that the unit does not use hot water like other steam humidifier models means that you’ll save a lot of power and hot air will not mess with your air conditioning.

Also, the fact that the unit is integrated with existing duct-work means that it does not come with any additional fans that may be noisy or loud. 

Another big plus is that the Aprilaire 700 does not take up too much space. It owes this to the fact that it’s a singular unit without extra fans, so it is perfect for users with small spaces.

Low Maintenance, Efficient Operations                 

The 700 is totally automatic, with a wide range of digital controls that are easy to use and easily visible. The unit is also equipped with dual sensors to detect both indoor and outdoor humidity, then aggregate both to deliver optimum relative humidity based on your settings. That way, you are relieved of the stress of resetting the unit all the time. All you need to do is set it once, and the humidifier will work with that and regulate humidity to your taste at all times. You barely have to do anything else all season long, except regular checks to ensure that all is business as usual.

If the in-built humidistat perceives a significant change in humidity levels, it is intuitive enough to decipher if the new levels are not suitable to your set preference, and then the unit restarts the evaporation cycle to bring the humidity back to normal levels again.

One downside that you may encounter, however, is having to reset your preferences on the unit if power is lost. The humidifier does not possess onboard storage so it will revert to factory settings after a power outage. However, the digital controls make resetting very easy so this should not be a deterring factor.

The manufacturers recommend that you have an HVAC-licensed professional install this unit for you, so your DIY skills may have to sit this one out.

Our plus for this

  • Low maintenance
  • Unit is easy to operate
  • Automatic and manual operation modes
  • Unit does not take up too much space
  • Quiet operation

Our minus for this

  • Does not support DIY installation
  • Unit does not have onboard storage

Aprilaire 700 Whole House

Many of the humidifying devices designed for an entire house humidity supply are not as efficient as this Aprilaire 700 Whole House humidifier as seen from its robust features and consumer reports opinion. The unit maintenance is inexpensive, easy to install following the manual that comes with it, but we advised you to call a professional installer if need be.

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