10 Best End Tables Reviews (June Updated) 2019

If you’ll permit me, I would like to quickly show you some of the best end tables I was able to research and I know you are going to like some, if not all. End tables may not be in the eyes of majority, only few who knows the importance opt for this table. But the real fact, these tables are real piece of furniture that fit into any places even smaller bedrooms. Has it ever occur to you any day, you want to sit down with a cup of tea or an item on your hand and there is no place to simply place it? End tables would simply help you meet this desire that you may not have thought about.

However, there are different styles of end tables you are likely to see on the market. You may come across the plain table without extra storage room and others with stacked shelves and storage drawer. Whatever type you want, they are available including those you can stack magazine, books or whatever catalogue you desire. One good thing about these tables, they are cheap and affordable. You need not speed much. There are end tables under $100 including units under $50. So why find it difficult every time looking for some where to place your cup of coffee and small items. Here are some of the best listed product on amazon:

Best End Tables Comparison Table and Reviews

Reviews of Top 10 End Tables Check Price Zinus Dane Modern Studio Collection12.43 pounds
20 x 20 x 20 inches Review
Yaheetech Chairside End Table with 2 Drawer Check Price
Yaheetech Chairside End Table24.9 pounds
23.6 x 11.8 x 24 inches
Convenience Concepts American Heritage Modern Wedge End Table Check Price
Concepts American Heritage Modern 15 pounds
24 x 16 x 24 inches Review
Convenience Concepts 7105059BL 600569 Flip Top Table Check Price
Convenience Concepts Flip Top Table6.45 pounds
23 x 11 x 24 inches Review
Winsome Wood 20227 Sasha Accent Table   Check Price
Yaheetech Chairside End Table17 pounds
20 x 20 x 27 inches
Winsome Wood 20227 Sasha Accent Table   Check Price
Furinno 12127AM/BK End Simplistic Table13.8 pounds
15.6 x 15.6 x 19.6 inches
Crown Mark Pierce Side Table   Check Price
Crown Mark Pierce Side Table16.7 pounds

24 x 12 x 24 inches Review
Convenience Concepts Oxford End Table   Check Price
Convenience Concepts Oxford Table18 pounds
15.8 x 15.8 x 24 inches
Convenience Concepts Oxford End Table   Check Price
WE Furniture AZF16ALSTDWG Wood Side Table 9.1 pounds  
6 x 16 x 24 inches
Leick 9017-MED Favorite Finds Chairside Table   Check Price
Leick 9017-MED Favorite Finds Chairside Table20 pounds
24 x 10 x 24 inches Review

Reviews of Top 10 End Tables

1. Zinus Dane Modern End Table

Reviews of Top 10 End Tables

This is a simple and elegant design table that can be place near bedside to keep vital items at night. Made from wood grain which is resistant to wood mites while its black color only required dusting. It comes sturdy featuring 4 square steel tube framing.

Zinus Dane is easy to assembled and fit into smaller spaces. Has overall weight of 100lbs and measures 20 x 20 x 20 inch dimension. Apart from the top shelve, there is an additional lower shelve to hold other things.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight


  • Has no drawer
  • Ideally for bedroom

2. Yaheetech Chairside End Table with 2 Drawer

Yaheetech Chairside End Table with 2 DrawerIf you want a table for a sofa or chair side, Yaheetech is specially designed for this purpose. Slimmer and space saving size will occupy that small space of yours that maybe of a concern to you. The versatile design living room/bedroom storage table has two tier and two drawers to store small things like snacks, remotes etc.

The drawer comes with copper coated handles for easy pulling and pushing in. I like the black finishing which blends universally with any environment. In addition, very easy to set up Yaheetech Chairside table parts following the instruction detailed on the booklet.


  • For living and bedroom
  • Compact and nice design
  • A table with storage drawer


  • More expensive than the first table

3. Convenience Concepts American Heritage Modern Wedge End Table

Convenience Concepts American Heritage Modern Wedge End TableThis is a solid piece, great for recliner and couch chairs. The innovation is made available by Classic Chair Furniture Company and they are readily good in creative design. Take a look at the design and shape, an appearance that seamlessly go with any settings from bedroom down to your sitting rooms. It can even be used for outdoors.

The American heritage end table provides two shelf such as top and lower storage to put your drinks, remote, cup of water and so on. Although, this comes in black color but also available in Espresso color on amazon and so you can choose the color you like.


  • Unique design
  • Two storage shelf
  • Set up tools made available


  • Above hundred dollars
  • Not ideal for center table

4. Convenience Concepts 7105059BL 600569 Flip Top Table

Convenience Concepts 7105059BL 600569 Flip Top TableI don’t know want you want as to end table choice because design are many and sometimes difficult to pick for someone. But certainly, I will recommend this Flip Top table for anyone who desire a table by his or her chair. Having a table of this at your side let you keep and store stuff quickly.

The concealed storage design is not for people looking for a table for coffee or other cup-like fixtures. It’s majorly for accessories storing or art work display for parlors. Just like other previous table, this narrow side table is made from wood materials with black color finishing.


  • Space saving
  • Beautiful design
  • Very narrow side table


  • Pricey
  • Not for tea or coffee cup

5. Winsome Wood 20227 Sasha Accent Table

Winsome Wood 20227 Sasha Accent TableYou want a cheap and well design end table, then Winsome Sasha Accent would make a perfect choice. It comes not only cheap but has a great accent with round top design. This table offers 3 storage space, the top which is the first level, a small drawer underneath the top shelf and finally the lower shelf.

The overall item dimension is 20″W x 20″D x 27″H featuring a weight of 17 pounds. Made from Pine wood materials with black painting and installed with tampered legs.  Ideal for siting rooms, bedrooms and other modern environments you can think off. Please, note, it’s not for sitting because the design looks confusing more of a stool.


  • Elegant looks
  • Small drawer storage
  • Bowed leg hold open-shelf


  • Assembly required
  • The drawer storage a bit small

6. Furinno 12127AM/BK Simplistic End Table

Winsome Wood 20227 Sasha Accent TableOne of the cheapest and simplistic end table designed by Americano brand. Made from a CARB standard wood components and PVC Tubes. It comes with four standing legs and 2 storage shelf, one at the top and other located at the bottom.

Furinno design makes it a perfect piece for living room or bedroom storage. You can place this table any position you want, whether front or back, it goes seamlessly. It can also be use an indoor plant stand, simply place your beautiful house plant on it to decorate your house. This table needs to be assemble, however comes with the step guide to achieve the set up.


  • Affordable
  • Great for small spaces
  • Available in various colors
  • Nice for placing indoor plants
  • Round edged prevents injuries


  • Has no drawer
  • It does not come assembled

7. Crown Mark Pierce Side Table

Crown Mark Pierce Side TableI don’t know why people like this Crown Mark table so much that had received up to 4,000 customer reviews and 4.5 star rating. To me is just too basic for anyone but to my greatest shock, people are just loving the simple design side table.  Well it may just be because of the small foot print size or the neatly black appearance incorporated into it.

Basically, Crown end table is every ones desire to store lightweight items such as your night stand, books at the bottom shelf but may not accommodates too much things. The attractive black color makes it stands out among competitive units and will match a black chair perfectly. Furthermore, made from wooden materials.


  • Great black finished appearance
  • Perfect end table for night light/stand


  • Need to be assemble
  • Only available in color black

8. Convenience Concepts Oxford End Table

Convenience Concepts Oxford End TableYet another table from the Convenience Concept with three storage shelf. This unit comes featuring sided wood crossed stylish design which makes it different from the rest of the products discussed so far. The lightweight construction is also available in different finishing and so you can pick the color that blends with your decoration.

The transitional style end table not only provides you enough storage room but also made to last for years. During its life span, only minor cleaning required and your table appearance is live again shinning as ever. Perfectly for bedrooms and also for mothers with baby to store some stuff by the bed side.


  • Not heavy
  • 3 shelf storing
  • Quick to set up


  • Has no drawer compartment
  • You need to set it up yourself

9. WE Furniture AZF16ALSTDWG Wood Side Table

Convenience Concepts Oxford End TableFrom this reviews, this is the only table furniture featuring metal steel frame and ideal for living rooms side chair to keep your glass of drink on. When you have a visitor, you can simply carry it closer to the visitor, place water cup or drink on it for the person to get busy with.

Also equipped with top round shelf made from wood parts finished with dark walnut / gold color laminated top.  This wood side table is a just a simple unit with no much details, however require to be set up and the instructions to do that comes with it.


  • Simple and clean design
  • Won’t require plenty of space


  • Not for storing books or things

10. Leick 9017-MED Favorite Finds Chairside Table

Leick 9017-MED Favorite Finds Chairside TableConsecutively, comes Leick brown colored end table which has a good height from the ground level. Beautifully constructed from Oak wood veneers and solid ash wood. At the side, a small size drawer installed with dovetail joiner for easy open and close. Very simple to attach the legs to the main body likewise other parts and you are done with the entire set-up process.

The console table would make a perfect place for keeping your lamp while the drawer for remote storage and underneath shelf for magazines. Functionality does not mean it has to take large space, featured overall space saving dimension of 15 W x 15 D x 24 H (inches).


  • Space wise conserving
  • Made from durable wood composite


  • Pricey to an extent
  • Slim drawer width

Top Recommendation

Anyone looking for any of the following types of end tables can confidently pick this recommended units by us:

Best End Tables: Buying Guide

Sure, we know you want to purchase an end table that’s why you’ve taking time to read this post and now you are the decision point. The best end table won’t be difficult thing to choose because these tables are not gadget with plenty features to argue about. Nevertheless, there are some end tables with storage drawer and some people tends to like such while other may just want a design for coffee only. However, here are some relevant thing to consider before purchasing an end table:

Design: There are many creative table design on the market as every manufacturer is trying to be unique. Design matters because it would determine where you will mount it. Some table’s construction can only fit for inner rooms, you there not bring them to the sitting rooms because it will never compliment your setting. Now you have to think and be more calculative paying attention to the style that matches both living room and bedroom. In order words, look for a universal design that can blend anywhere.

Storage need: This is simply mean how many shelf end table you want. Is it a single shelf, 2 shelf or more shelf design that can occupy more items? In this case, know the exact reason why you need it so that you can determine the shelf storage number. In addition, do want a table with storage drawer? If yes, also look for a corresponding table that offers that.

Weight/Dimension: Weight is one thing that count and so shouldn’t be neglected. The heavier it is, the more difficult it becomes transporting within your home. Lightweight unit is advisable. Also consider the dimension, small size equal small space while large size also more space occupying.

Quick Set-Up Table: Remember, most of this table needs to be assembled aftermarket purchase. This calls for you to look for a simple model that can be quickly attached together.  Although, the package usually comes with instruction on how to assemble it and so may not be a hard core thing.

Durability:  Even though, end tables are not expensive piece of home items, does not mean you should cheaply invest on any unit. Hard wood unit would definitely last for years to come just like the ones we have enumerated above.

Final words

We are @consumerhome.org saw it needful to share with you our best end tables selection and reviews to help find a good one for your use.  We hope this post was indeed helpful. Have a wonderful day.