The best garage door opener technology makes life easier for garage owners. Those who had welcomed the use of garage openers don’t stress themselves to open their garage door with their hands. More so, this technology is by far innovative than you can imagine the stress of pulling that garage heavy-weight door with hands every time you want to enter your garage when there is an automatic opener that can do the opening for you.

That early morning you need to go to work or hurry down to a place. Why lose energy dragging your garage door? A garage door opener is a perfect machine that opens the door quietly. Not even the member of your household or neighbor won’t hear its noise during operation. Like me, who had one in my house, I don’t call the attention of any person in my home to assist in opening my garage door. I pick my garage opener remote, press the button, and the door opens. I enter my car and zoom off quietly.

The convenience and benefits garage openers offers cannot be over-emphasized, as they are too remote and easy to operate. Also users friendly. I will persuade you to invest in an automatic garage door opening system than going to weekend shopping. I invested in the garage opener a long time ago to avoid stress. I equally believe that those who have one in their garage are happy with the ease it offers.

However, buying a garage door opener doesn’t cost much like purchasing a new car. With a few hundred dollars, you can pick the best door opener for your garage. The units we reviewed here are under 500 – $100. Because of the low price and DIY installation for most models, many garage owners can install their garage door opener without calling an expert. The choice is yours today whether or not to go with the garage door opener or continue doing it with your hands. But if you are ready to get one, we can help you find a suitable one with our comparison table and reviews.

Best Garage Door Openers Comparison

Product Name Features  
Chamberlain WD832KEVG Garage OpenerChamberlain WD832KEVG Garage Opener Check Price On Amazon
  • ½ HP belt drive
  • Automatic Closing Timer
  • Smartphone operation
  • MyQ internet technology
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Ryobi Ultra Quiet 2 HP Garage OpenerTop 7 Best Garage Door Openers Reviews Check Price On Amazon
  • Ryobi App
  • 2HP motor
  • LED lights
  • Safety sensors
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Outdoor control pad
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Chamberlain B980
Chamberlain B980 Smartphone Check Price On Amazon
  • WiFi enabled
  • Security lock
  • 25 horse power
  • MyQ Smartphone control
  • Battery back up
  • Remote System
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Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener
Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener Chain Drive Check Price On Amazon
  • ½ hp motor
  • Chain drive mechanism
  • 75W light illumination
  • Control by remote
  • Anti-burglary security
  • Infrared reverse system
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Chamberlain Group RJO20 Chamberlain Group RJO20 Check Price On Amazon
  • Automatic lock
  • Reverse Safe sensor
  • MyQ mobile control
  • Multipurpose wall control
  • Instruction video setup
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Genie Quietlift Door Garage Opener
Genie Quietlift Door Garage Opener Check Price On Amazon
  • Wifi support
  • Smart-door lifting
  • Wireless pin lock
  • App smartphone control
  • Amazon alaxa Security
  • Google assistance
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ATOMS AT1622BK SkylinkATOMS AT1622BK Skylink Opener Garage Door Check Price On Amazon
  • Skylink alarm system
  • Enabled app control
  • LED light with sensors
  • Smartphone operation
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Top 7 Best Garage Door Openers Reviews

1. Chamberlain WD832KEVG Garage Door Opener

10 Best Garage Door Opener Reviews [2019: 2020]:- Under $200

Investing in a garage door opener does mean you should purchase any model available on the market. You should buy according to features and quality specifications. We picked Chamberlain WD832KEVG after checking and reading reviews and other in-depth analyses. We felt it is ideal for people who need a quiet door garage opener for their homes.  It comes with a durable ½ horsepower belt drive with Chamberlain’s vibration motor system for a reduced noise output by eliminating powerhead vibration.

The advanced opener supports MyQ internet Gateway, which lets you connect with a smartphone. This feature allows you to track, open, and also close your garage door via smartphone operation. However, with Gateway internet intelligence, you can monitors who leaves and enters anywhere conveniently. So you can even call this Chamberlain WD832KEVG Garage Door Opener as a security unit as well. Also, you can operate indoor lamps and outside lights using your smartphone connect.

Also, the Chamberlain opener can be programmed for 1, 5, or 10 minutes for automatic closing. However, in a situation where you forgot to close the door. It will then close once the timing duration is reached. The functionality of the garage door system also includes a safety sensor that reverses the door backward immediately if it detects any obstruction when the door is closing.

One of the turn-up, why buyers like Chamberlain WD832KEVG is because it can be installed easily under 60 seconds. Even doing-it-your-self persons with little tech knowledge can carry out the installation, but if you can’t, call a professional. The door opener garage is also compatible with the home link but the bridge is not included because only required for some certain vehicles.


  • Quiet operation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy installing (less than 2 minutes)


  • You can’t use the MyQ app if your internet is down
  • It comes with plastic pulleys
  • Mounting brackets not included
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2. Ryobi Ultra Quiet 2 HP Garage Door Opener

Ryobi Ultra Quiet 2 HP Garage Door Opener

For those looking for a Ryobi garage door opener, this is one model we saw from this brand that works well for garages. According to users of the Ryobi garage door opener, they said it is quiet, hardly hear sound during operation. Well, this is not new because modern technology boasts of this feature, which is an important criterion to consider when deciding a garage opener for homes or commercial environment. And that’s what you’re going to be benefiting from Ryobi.

More so, it has 2 horsepower belt drive motor which is 0.5 higher compared to Chamberlain WD83 reviewed above. This motor rating provides a faster opening and also discovered to be a long-lasting HP motor. It also comes with battery backup, so whether power outage or not, you can access your garage anytime with the power back up. The LED lights also brighten up your garage, however, there might not need to turn up bulbs inside your garage saving your cost.

With Ryobi app control, remotely control your garage through a mobile phone. The App is available on the Ryobi website when you purchase it, you will be given a manual that’ll show you how to install and use it. This unit comes with all the installation kit even operator manuals that guide users after installing but the extra battery backup and charger not included in the package.


  • Powerful motor
  • Runs silently
  • Compatible app controlling


  • Expensive
  • It does not come with battery and charger
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3. Chamberlain B980 Smartphone Support with Security Lock

Chamberlain B980 Smartphone Support with Security Lock

This B9 is another product from the Chamberlain brand, but expensive compared to the previous model that was first analyzed but has more features. If you can pay the price, then nothing bad owing this garage door opener that off added security protocol.

The B980 auto garage door open and lock device comes with the Chamberlain security bundle that includes automatic garage locking. The auto-lock enables you to restrict unauthorized access entering into your home.

Just like most units, it can be operated via smartphone using MyQ app control. In order words, the Smart garage controller allows you to remove the device anywhere with ease. It also comes with a Triband technology remote that offers superior distance use up to 1,500 feet, ensuring you enter your house without delay. Its 1.25 hp motor has a battery backup for an unforeseen power outage that may result and so you never be denied access right inside your garage due to interruption of power supply.

More so, Chamberlain B980 comes featuring a steel reinforced belt. This belt is designed with high graded materials that translate into smooth and quiet working mode and also longevity.



  • Automatic lock for your garage
  • During power outage, you can access your garage using battery back-up


  • It is expensive
Why consider this garage opener?

Users can view temperature and timing display via the wall control panel. The panel also lets you program your internet setting, adjust closed and opened limits, and other options. The sensor is another feature not to miss out. When you enter the garage, the light turns on and when you leave, it equally turns off. The app will equally grant you access to do some personal configuration. You can set it to inform you when your garage is opening and closing. Also, let you know how long the door has been opened or closed. From in and out of the features, our team recommends it as one best garage door opener that offers top-notch technology for garages accessibility.

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4. Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener Chain Drive

Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Door Opener Chain Drive

Craftsman is one popular brand among users because they’ve been able to distinguish themselves from other garage door opener manufacturers. Presented here is one of their top-performing door opening systems with a mark of quality. This craft man opener is powered by 1-and a half horsepower chain drive making it ideal for those looking for a chain drive garage opener for their home. The chain designed pulling will last you for years to come.

Verified amazon customers commented he had been using one craft man model over 20 years before upgrading to this new ½ hp motor. However, this will last even longer due to its built and parts.  So if I am in your shoes to today searching for a garage opener, I would gainfully pick a product that will last me.

Top of the offer, it is sold under $200 (hundred dollars), compared to an expensive unit.  We discovered while examining this Craftsman, many of the buyers of this Craftsman model install it themselves. Meaning, you can install a craftsman garage door opener without hiring professionals following the manual and few steps YouTube video.

Most noteworthy, featured an anti-burglary security coding that re-issue new code each time with your remote control. That’s one of the advantages why craftsman wins the people mind security-wise. Also, Posi Lock is another function that locks the door once it closed down. More so, an infrared reverse design technology found in this garage door opener prevents the unit from locking when anything enters its pathway. To mention a few more, installed with 75 watts light that turns up when the sensor is blocked or when the door is opening and closing.


  • Cheap
  • Highly secured
  • No noise creation
  • Long lasting chain driving


  • Does not support app control
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5. Chamberlain Group RJO20 Direct Wall Mounted Garage Opener

Chamberlain Group RJO20 Direct Wall Mounted Garage Opener

Chamberlain Group RJO20 is a wall-mountable garage door opener which can be installed on the wall close to your garage door. This, however, eliminates the overhead mounting and also reduces vibrations. Chamberlain RJO20 made this best garage door opener available with advanced (updated) technology that enhances its utilization.

MyQ app is among the user-friendly features that synchronize the controlling of the opener near to you via smartphone integration. Apart from controlling and monitoring, the app also lets you do some notifying, customization, and alerts. So in real-time, you’ll able to know when your garage is open and close anywhere through your phone. Although, this app is not only peculiar to this Chamberlain opener only, other of their models examined here to offer it. Security of Chamberlain comes with amazon key which is highly secured. It also comes with Chamberlain full encryption of security .0 that can’t be hacked thereby providing a secondary level of safety.

More so, the heavy-duty design feature high standard accessories inputted into this best Chamberlain door opener garage such as Lock to ensure that your home is always locked. I believe you saw all of the wonderful listed features above, all work to provide you the best garage door management system.

Also, remote enablement allows users to open or close the garage door some distance away from the garage. Whatever you may want in an advance garage door opener is not left out, talk about safety sensors, automatic lightening, and amongst others. Most relevantly, you can install the opener yourself following a set-up video provided by Chamberlain.


  • Diy installation
  • Deadbolts lock
  • Save saving
  • Ideal for people looking for direct drive garage opener


  • It’s costly
  • Require torsion bar / torsion spring up
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6. Genie Quietlift Door Garage Opener

For those looking forward to purchasing a Genie garage door opener, here is one door opener from them. Although we encounter many units from the Genie brand during checking and analysis that were also high in consideration but the 3053-TKV model was more significant compare to others. It comes bundled with plenty of features including compatibility to Google Assistance and Alexa.

The in-and-out of the Genie garage opener speaks more of modern technological features. Maybe we should start from the ultra-quiet point of view that devoid of disturbance. The Smart High Lifting method is responsible for this quietness, because of this, the manufacturer highly recommends Genie door opener for people whose garage is attached or close to their homes.

The door comes with inbuilt wifi featuring the Aladdin smartphone app connect without you requiring external hardware. The WiFi-enabled also interacts with Amazon Alexa and Google assistance for extreme usage and security. In addition to the features, a 3/4hp motor quietly and smoothly lifts a garage door of 500 lbs weight to 7 feet (but can reach up to 8 feet tall with extra extension kit sold individually). A reinforce steel belt-drive also gives strength and durability to the Genie garage opener.

This easy-to-install garage door comes with five pieces of rail which fasten quickly without delay in the installation process. The installation required no hardware, it comes simple. The operating genie is with a remote unit and also enhanced by a wireless keypad that lets the owner’s open door with PIN code. Also available, wall console with holiday lock function and light-control-button.


  • Reduced noise level
  • Pin coding and vacation lock
  • Perfect garages attached to living space


  • Needs extension kit
  • Not for heavy duty gates
  • Require internet for Aladdin to work
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ATOMS AT1622BK Skylink Opener Garage Door

This is one of the affordable garage door opening system with resisting power. Compared to traditional garage door opener, Atmos’ working principle is extremely quiet making it one of the best quiet door openers for homes with garage beneath the building, thanks to the powerful Direct current motor.  The quiet belt drive also delivers unfailing performance. It enhances gentle start and does stops to regulate the speed rate gradually at both ends to minimize vibration and for prolonging mechanical parts life span and also the life of your garage opener.

Illuminating light shines bright everywhere, built-in LED light makes this possible and however eliminates the need of using traditional bulbs. This further reduces your energy bills as you wouldn’t need to burn energy using conventional bulbs in your garage. Like most smart garage door, ATMOS is compatible with smartphone control. One unique feature, if your car has a built-in car remote, you don’t need to take along the remote that comes with atoms garage door inside your car. With your car remote, you can connect and flexibly control your garage door to open and close conveniently.

Top of the features, Skylinknet hub functionality is more than just a garage door open gateway. It further combines alarm notification. To simplify this argument, alarm devices like an outdoor siren, water sensor, motion sensor, window sensors, etc. can be added for you to monitor the situation of what is going in your house. However, you are not only restricted to the garage control. Skylink alarm system is an all-in-one alarm notification system that brings your home close to you.

ATOMS AT-1622BK garage door system is also a do it yourself thing for anyone to install. The installation process can be done through a numeric display that shows on the unit head depicting all the basic steps to follow. Skylink also made videos available online which also outlined step by step install guide and how to operate your garage opener.


  • Not expensive
  • Reduced belt drive sound
  • Good for homes having door floor garage park


  • Basic security level
  • Not for heavy garage door
Check Price On Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

How to program garage door opener

Programming your garage door is not difficult as you may have thought. Depending on the brand and model you have. If it has a programming functionality then instructions on how to program the garage opener will be detailed in the operation manual. With that, you can simply program the settings you want the opener to perform according to your needs. Likewise, to reprogram your garage opener, follow the manufacturer direction as stated in the manual

How to reset garage door opener

For you to be able to reset your garage opener, firstly you need to understand that not all models allow for resetting. Only those that can be programmed are the ones that can be reset to factory settings. However, the manual guide that follows the purchase should provide a clue on how to reset but if you are not clear with what’s written, you can watch YouTube videos on the model you have. With this, you can figure out how to reset a garage door.

How to garage door opener installation?

Installing a garage door opener may require an expert experience in the field. But with modern garage door opening technology, many have been able to install them without issues. Some brands include a video tutorial on how you can easily install it but may require some technical know-how. If you know you can try, then gather all the necessary kits required in one place. Locate the spot you want to install it that will perfectly magnet the door for opening or closing. All things in place, follow a YouTube video or manual guide that comes with it to start installing. We would have love to help you with video but we don’t know the model you have.

How to replace a garage door opener?

If you want to replace an old garage door, you need to uninstall the old one then purchase a new one. After it has been shipped to you, call an expert or search for a video on the particular one you have to carry out the replacement.

Wrapping It Up

Checking out our best garage door opener list, you will discover the various garage openers are from top brands. One of the brand products we did not discuss here is the Liftmaster. That’s because we can’t cover all because of the scope of the number of items we wanted in this garage door reviews. If you desire a product of the Liftmaster, then follow this link follow this link, You’ll be amazed by the various units that’ll draw your attention. However, from the list, we were able to come up with the following:

  • Our best garage door opener belt drive goes Chamberlain WD832KEVG premium Garage Door Opener
  • The best garage door opener remote control is rated for Ryobi Ultra-Quiet 2 HP drive belt.
  • For those looking for a budget friendly unit, pick Atoms model door garage opener
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