The best hoverboards for kids, with the right knowledge, are found in strategic places, and very many children would do their all to get them and play with them. The satisfaction, fun, and sensation that accompany hoverboards make it fascinating. This might be less meaningful to adults, but one would want to withstand the cry of a child that craves for happiness, especially when he wants to play. Great value is attached to so little gifts when it comes to from loved ones, hence why little children are fascinated when gifts such as the hoverboard is given to them from their parents.

The gift of a hoverboard to your kids is bringing happiness to the tables of your little stars; they could not have asked for anything better. As much as the priceless expression of love on the face of your kids cannot be overemphasized, their safety cannot be underestimated too. As a caring parent, though not a techie one, it might seem difficult to buy a right and best hoverboard for your kids but look no further. Here is a guide to being loving, caring and yet safety conscious when it comes to your kids. This article is at your rescue. It is advised that you follow these tips listed below, for quality check, pricing, and safety when buying a hoverboard for your kids.

Best Hoverboards for Kids Comparison

Product Name
TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed for Kids
TOMOLOO Music Rhythmed Check Price On Amazon

  • Max. Load: 165lbs
  • Tire size: 6.5 inch
  • Max. Speed: 12mph
  • UL listed: Yes
  • Item weight: 17.6lbs

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Best Swagtron Swagboard for Kids
Swagtron Swagboard for Kids and Young Adults Check Price On Amazon

  • Max. Load: 187.4lbs
  • Tire size: 6.5 inch
  • Max. Speed: 7mph
  • UL listed: Yes
  • Item weight: 18.9lbs

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Best TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights
TOMOLOO Hoverboard Check Price On Amazon

  • Max. Load: 44-165lbs
  • Tire size: 6.5 inch
  • Max. Speed: 12mph
  • UL listed: Yes
  • Item weight: 17.64lbs

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EPCTEK Self-Balancing boardEPCTEK Self Balancing board Check Price On Amazon

  • Max. Load: N/A
  • Tire size: 6.5 inch
  • Max. Speed: 12mph
  • UL listed: Yes
  • Item weight: 17 pounds

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HOVERSTAR Hoverboard for Kids
HOVERSTAR Hoverboard Check Price On Amazon

  • Max. Load: 165lbs
  • Tire size: 6.5 inch
  • Max. Speed: 10mph
  • UL listed: Yes
  • Item weight: 15 pounds

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How to Pick the Best Hoverboards for Kids Usage: Beginners Guide

One of the ultimate gifts for children is hoverboards. An adult could share in the fun of it too. However, there are different things one needs to take into consideration selecting the best beginner hoverboards for kids. The remarkable kinds of stuff that one would need to consider are the age of the rider, the hoverboard’s speed, color and torque, battery and charging life, weight and portability, and outer shell material.

How to Pick the Best Hoverboards for Kids Usage: Beginners Guide
Age Requirement

It is not all hoverboards approved for kids that have the same age appropriateness. It is, therefore, vital that you check these hoverboards’ speed and the electric motor concerning your kids’ age. For the very little one, say 5 to 7 years, you need to find a hoverboard not too fast for their safety.

Color Finishing 

The color of the hoverboards must be considered to get what catches the attention of the kids. The combinations of the colors are dependent on what the kids like. A green hoverboard might be a no to your little boy. Be sure to get their favorite colored hoverboard; you are just about to be loved than ever before for the right gifts.

How Portable It Is?

Another thing to consider is the weights of the hoverboards. Portability would be a point to consider when the hoverboard to be carried around or outdoors. There are different weights of hoverboards. The fact is that they are still kids, thus, tender in their ability. This is based on the fact that hoverboards are driven, and the weight of the hoverboards and kids would, cumulatively, determine whether the kid could use the boards. Some hoverboards are extremely heavy and would be difficult for your kids to carry around. Choose light weighed ones for easy transportation.

Is It UL Certified?    

Also, one would need to consider the proclivity of the hoverboards being prone to fire due to overheating or overcharging. Although there had been instances of fire outbreak of hoverboards. This is because there are ways and states of the boards that when they are not handled well could result in a domestic accident. To curb this situation, there had been something called UL certification, which is used to gauge how volatile the hoverboards could be to fire. When you are considering hoverboards for kids, you would need to know whether they have UL certification to be proactive. 

What Material Quality

It seems to be a ritual to smash your hoverboard, either while learning or just playing around. It happens unexpectedly. You must check your choice hoverboard for the material with which the outer shell is made. The material quality guarantees durability when there’s a crash or smashes at all. The best choice against damage when smashed is the metallic outer shell material, but consequently, this makes the hoverboard heavy.

Battery Type

Finally, be sure to know what battery type your desired hoverboard is. There used to be batteries that explode when overcharged or overheated. Be sure that your hoverboard uses reliable batteries before purchasing them for your kids. The best hoverboard for kids must be UL-certified.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Hoverboards for Kids

1. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard for Kids & Adult

TOMOLOO Music Rhythmed

The TOMOLOO music-rhythmed hoverboard for kids and adult is fantastic and fun. It can travel over solid grounds and carpets with up to 12km per hour speed. An exceptional feature of the hoverboard which your kids would love is the RGB lights on the hoverboard and a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

The RGB lights pulsate as the beat of the songs plays through the inbuilt speaker. Isn’t that fascinating? All that is required of you is that you download the app for the hoverboard, which is available on both Android and IOS devices.

Our plus for this

  • Its range is about 10miles per full charge
  • It has an inbuilt speaker
  • It has RGB colorful lights

Our minus for this

  • It is cumbersome, weighing about 18 pounds.

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2. Best Swagtron Swagboard for Kids and Young Adults 

Swagtron Swagboard for Kids and Young Adults

This hoverboard is portability in one word. Being UL-2272 certified, the light and easy to carry Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard for kids and young adults have duly passed different safety tests.

It is solidly constructed, and its components are safe. It is a great catch and starts for beginners. It has a learning mode that restricts the speed for safety while practicing while the Standard Mode allows free roll and usage.

Our plus for this

  • It weighs about 18.9 lbs and can handle riders of about 187.4 lbs.
  • It is excellent for beginners, providing a learning mode for speed control and practice.
  • The hoverboard batteries are patently multilayered-protected with an incombustible shell

Our minus for this

  • The scooter requires a constant software upgrade for a better and responsive ride.

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3. Best TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights

TOMOLOO Hoverboard

An excellent feature to note about the TOMOLOO hoverboard with LED lights Two-wheel self-balancing scooter is that it uses the UL-certified batteries, hence super safe from overcharging, and overheating. The hoverboard is just a fantastic toy, but in this case, it does give adults the privilege o play and join in the fun too.

It is strong enough to carry a full-grown individual, with a guarantee of balance which the hoverboard gives.It, as the name Implies, has RGB LED lights in the wheels of the hoverboard. The RGB LED light has a preset pattern if lighting which you could randomly cycle round or preferably, stick to one of the patterns. 

Our plus for this

  • It has UL-2272 certified batteries
  • It has a self-balancing technology
  • It comes with a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play music while you ride.
  • It has bright, colorful RGB LED lights.

Our minus for this

  • It does not have enough torque; it is a weak motor.

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4. EPCTEK Self-Balancing board with Bluetooth Speaker

EPCTEK Self Balancing board

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, a great way to have fun, especially with your kids is the use of EPCTEK hoverboard that comes with an in-built Bluetooth speaker. With a wheel size of 6.5 inches, the sufficiently stable hoverboard is a great choice gift for your kids, boys and girls alike.

The EPCTEK self-balancing hoverboard with Bluetooth speaker has an effective gyroscope foot sensor that makes maneuvering easier- with a swift response. Smooth rides are also ensured due to the sturdy rubber tires of about 6.5 inches that the hoverboard has.

Our plus for this

  • It has flashing LED lights for fun and also for lightning in dark places.
  • It is auto self-balancing
  • It has the gyroscope foot sensor for more comfortable usage.

Our minus for this

  • It runs only the 110v power.
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5. HOVERSTAR All-New HS2.0 Hoverboard for Kids

HOVERSTAR Hoverboard

HOVERSTAR all-new HS2.0 hoverboard is a perfect scooter for kids and adults alike. It is certified and made to last, with durable material and board skin.

The hoverboard supports up to 165lbs and still gives an impeccable speed that is controlled by its rider regardless of their weight. On each of the wheels, there is an LED light that flashes beautifully in random patterns. The incorporated batteries are 24V/4V that runs over 10miles at 10mph.

Our plus for this

  • It has flashing LED lights
  • It is self-balancing
  • It comes with a manual and charger

Our minus for this

  • It does not come with an in-built Bluetooth speaker.

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Safety Cautions Your Kids Must Know When Dealing with Hoverboards

Though kids might not be too sensitive to the cautions surrounding hoverboards, some things must be in place to keep them safe during usage. It is a fact that kids could be very much playful with lots of things, they could also observe some cautions by themselves. Note that their ability to remember the items to be kept safe lies in how their guidance or parent understood the hoverboards. In a way, the parent would be the one to put them in the right shoes as concerning their choice and hoverboards. They are tender and could be prone to some things. This is why the kids must know about the hoverboards and how best to handle them, which is that they are intimated on the safety cautions tied to them. Here are the things you and your kids need to be aware about:


Generally, safety cautions could be provided by the manufacturer of the boards so that the kids could handle them or their parents put them through it. It would require the parents of the kids or anyone closer to be familiar with the boards. In some aspects, there are some brands of boards that have been confirmed to have proper usage and high durability. These brands are user-friendly and most times create the ones for kids, as such, it would be better to use them. Here are some general tips of safety cautions for kids;


The first thing that would be of caution is the speed of the hoverboards. One needs to know how fast the boards are to ensure the safety of the kids. Ideally, there could be ways in which the speed of the boards could be controlled in so far as one knows the speed range. The speed range for kids is different from that of adults. The kids would move the boards without adequate carefulness, so it is better to know how to control the speed range or what the speed limit is. Whatever the case, it is better to watch the kids in close quarters to make sure that the kids are not going beyond their strength while moving the hoverboards.

Slip Resistance

Also, one needs to know whether the boards have slip resistance to keep the kids safe from unforeseen circumstances where the kids could be playful. This serves as a kind of backup for the kids to keep their legs firm on the boards. Even adults, too, make unwanted mistakes at some point, so are the kids. Therefore, the slip resistance is more like a way of letting the kids hold their legs firm and control the boards very well. In short, this is more like a brake for the boards to ensure the effective monitoring of the hoverboards. Having the slip resistance attached to the boards could be an advantage for the kids. To ensure their safety, they should know how and when the resistance works.


One thing to keep as in mind is how durable the hoverboards are for the kids. There are diverse ways to abstain from fire outrage of the boards. One of these ways includes knowing the durability of the boards to understand how to manage and guard them against scratches. Another thing is to take it away from bangs of the boards. It would be very easy and fun-filled when the kids are free from any form of domestic accident. 

Learning Mode

Another thing is to ensure the hoverboards have a learning mode. This is the mode for kids as they could get to know how the boards work with little or no prior knowledge. The person in charge of the kids could as well go through the instructions for the usage of the boards using the learning mode. Kids of 6 to 7 years should be able to read and at least the guidelines given about the boards. The kids must ensure they have read the learning mode and understand the things given in the learning mode. This would ensure total carefulness in the speed limit for the kids and chiefly to know the type of hoverboards to be chosen at a given time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Is Appropriate For Hoverboard For Kids?

A hoverboard is good for children to use, but the child’s safety is of more interest. Therefore, kids should be up to 5 years, which is an average age he or she can learn to master the art of riding the board on their own. Also, stability is one of the rules parents must take note of, so if the child can’t find self-balance easily, the hover-board should be packed. The child should, therefore, be register into learners’ classes around your neighborhood to acquire the required skills.

What Brand Of Hoverboard Is Best?

From the top 5 best hoverboards reviewed for kids, all the company is well represented because the products were tested and recommended okay. As such, we don’t place any brand ahead of any, people preference differ when it comes to choices. Check the comparison guide once again or see some random products here for consideration.

Can A 5 Year Use A Hoverboard?

Yes! That’s a perfect age for kids wishing to ride a self-balancing scooter. Below this age, parents need to be more attentive keeping an eye on their kids for them not getting injured.

Are Hoverboards Safe For 7 Years?

When talking about the safeness of this device certainly, if the model you purchase has UL certification, that’s a guarantee. Nevertheless, your 7-year-old child needs to know to use and maneuver the hoverboard properly because reckless riding can make hoverboard unsafe.

Wrapping It Up

Conclusively, UL-certified hoverboards are no longer dangerous but choosing which is right for which age group could be a hard decision to make. Children from age five can make use of the hoverboards but be sure to note the age specification for the hoverboard. If you are looking for the best hoverboard for your kids or even for yourself, you should, by now, through this article, understand all that you need to know to get the best and stay safe too. Getting the best and safest hoverboard can be difficult, but with the guide above, you will find just what you are looking for from our best hoverboards for kids reviews.

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