Why some are seeking laser hair removal for body hair removing others are looking for the best laser hair growth system to help them increase hair on their scalp. Many hairs growing treatment options such as rapid hair growth cream which you can easily rub on your head are available but a laser hair growth system has been proven to be more effective and safe to use than most treatment solutions because of their side effect and high cost of purchasing them overtime. For instance, if you are using a cream, this would finish one day. This means you need to purchase a new one as soon as possible if not you won’t be able to maintain your hair growing cycle plan.

Best 7 Laser Hair Growth System | Helmet | Cap | Comb | Reviews

The bottom-line if the cream you are using is expensive. Let’s say $150, then you’ll spend some amount to replace it once the old one is finished. But investing in a hair growing laser machine means no more extra cash to spend as it can last up to 100years depending on the values of treatment sessions it featured. You will use this over and again, saving you the cost of buying for yourself or spouse hair loss treatment cream almost all the time. 

Though the best laser hair growth helmet has plenty of benefits compared to alternative methods, consequently, a laser hair helmet is not for those looking for fast hair growth solution. In order words, it requires time and a proper treatment session needs to be followed to achieve a responsive result. However, if you’re convinced about having this hair growth therapy equipment then this discussion on best laser hair treatment reviews is for you. It is therefore important you get familiar with this device reading the complete article provided below before checking out the best hair lasers featured in our reviews list. Nevertheless, this comparison chart may be of assistance if you’re looking for a fast and time-saving decision guide. 

Best 7 Laser Hair Growth System

Product Name
iRestore Laser Hair Growth System
iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Check Price

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Type: Laser Helmet
  • Light: Red and 51 cold lasers Led
  • Weight:1.74 pounds

illumiflow 272 Diodes, FDA Cleared Laser Cap
 illumiflow 272 Diodes FDA Cleared Laser Cap Check Price

  • Price: $$$$$$$
  • Type: Laser cap
  • Light: 650nm Red Led
  • Weight:4 pounds

Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth
Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth Check Price

  • Price: $$$$$$$$$
  • Type: Laser cap
  • Light: Built-in Red LED
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Theradome PRO LH80 Medical Grade Laser Hair Growth
Theradome PRO LH80 Medical Grade Laser Hair Growth Check price

  • Price: $$$$$$$$
  • Type: Laser helmet
  • Light: cold laser
  • Weight:1 pounds

Grow Laser Hair Growth Treatments Helmet
 iGrow Laser Hair Growth Treatments Helmet Check Price

  • Price: $$$$
  • Type: Laser Helmet
  • Light: Red Laser and LED Diodes
  • Weight:1 pounds

HairMax LaserBand Medical Grade Reverse Thinning Fuller Hair
HairMax LaserBand Medical Grade Reverse Thinning Fuller Hair Check Price

  • Price: $$$$$$$
  • Type: Laser band
  • Light: Red Laser
  • Weight:2.65 pounds

Hair Growth Helmet Low Level Light Therapy Hair Loss
Low Level Light Therapy Hair Loss Treatment Growth Helmet for Men & Women Check Price

  • Price: $$$$$++
  • Type: Laser helmet
  • Light: Low level Laser
  • Weight:5 pounds


Why Do We Recommend Laser Hair Growth Systems

As fact holds it, nothing less than 100 (hundred) stand of hairs leaves people’s scalp daily. Some people’s hair grows back naturally while others it doesn’t. Heredity, hormonal changes, age, nutrition deficiency, stress, and the likes of others are some of the reasons some people hair don’t regrow and this, however, becomes a big challenge to those who like plenty of hair. Nevertheless, many hair loss restorer options are available and have worked for people who had used some of them. Such treatments include laser therapyhair transport surgerymedications such as finasteride and minoxidil. All of the mentioned solutions are good but the laser is one of the most sorted methods for at-home use.

What Is Laser Hair Growth Treatment?

Theoretically, laser therapy is otherwise known as cold laser or red light laser therapy. This low-level laser therapy beams electrons (light energy) into the scalp. The concentrated light is then absorbed by weaker cells thereby leading to new hair formation.

No risks involved, though it has some limitations widely accepted globally as a means of promoting hair growth. Therefore bearable, safe, and also not invasive like surgical hair transplant.

What Are The Positive Of Low Level Laser Hair Loss Treatment Therapy?

To encourage the public seeking for ways to regrow or keep heavy hair, laser therapy does not pain, no side-effect, strengthen one’s hair, and also noninvasive. With these aforementioned pros, you can confidently undergo laser therapy at home without a professional technician and certainly, there is a great difference when you use this device because the laser does work.    

Types Of Laser Hair Growth Devices      

In this section, we are going to be emphasizing on the different categories of laser hair increasing device, their feature, good and bad side. There are majorly 3 types, namely: laser growth helmetlight therapy cap, and laser comb. These we later explained below for clarification.

Laser hair growth: This comes in a helmet designed, installed with laser bulbs inside with padding for comfort wearing. 


  • Last long 
  • The wireless design eliminates wire clutter.


  • It is very expensive and some models can be heavy. 

Light Therapy Cap: Just like the regular cap but equipped with either laser red or infrared light. This you can put on and nobody will notice it’s a hair growing cap. 


  • Can be worn on a regular day both in and outdoors 
  • It can be adjusted and thus brings the laser-bulbs closer to your scalp for speedy growth. 


  • It is very delicate to clean 

Laser comb: This is a special kind of comb with lasers bulbs (light) in between the comb teeth or at the base. Here is a typical example of a laser comb device.


  • Portable and easy to take anywhere 
  • This reaches one’s scalp which leads to maximum blood circulation 


  • Using this takes more time to cover a wide area. 

Reviews of 7 Best Hair Laser Growth System (Helmets, Cap, Comb and Band)

1. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

If you are looking for an irestore laser hair loss growth system, here is one of the products from this company. The iRestore is FDA certified and dim fit for hair loss recovery. It is designed medically to treats receding hairline, alopecia, thinning and balding hair in both men and women. Using this product for a period of 6 to 12 months guarantees results as it stimulates scalp follicles but results may vary from one person to another. Also, consistently used for at least 30 minutes per session should be practice to get the best results. This also features 650nm red and up to 50+ cold lasers led light. 

Most relevantly, this device can be used independently or combine it with other hair treatments solution such as hair shampoo, supplements, conditioners, and other therapies. To use this home base device, you need to plugin it to an electric source via the AC adaptor and immediately, it will start stimulating the scalp for hair to spring up. 

It comes with a user manual and a remote control system. Many users of this device said they love the design because it was able to cover the crown of their head properly and its lightweight makes it look comfortable on their head. 

Furthermore, in a clinical study in 2017, this iRestore laser growth helmet, 100 percent of the case studies saw significant hair growth within a period of 4-months. 

In conclusion, there was a 43.2% average hair increase which makes this hair growth treatment helmet worthy. 

Our+ for this 

  • Convince result within 24 weeks 
  • No harmful light emission
  • 6-months full refund warranty 

Our minus for this 

  • For hair to starts growing requires up to twelve weeks.

  Check Price On Amazon

2. illumiflow 272 Diodes FDA Cleared Laser Cap

illumiflow 272 Diodes FDA Cleared Laser Cap

illumiflow is FDA cleared, as such the Class II Medical Device is 100% safe and effective for at-home treatment. This clinically researched low-level hair therapy device is one of the cheapest 272 diodes laser cap offers you’ll ever find on the market. However, you need to know the function of the 272 diodes present in this laser cap – it offers painless and effective therapy. This is also a noninvasive product that makes it better, safer compared to hair transport or surgical treatments, and also less expensive than visiting a hair spa for regular therapy. 

This best laser hair increaser featured 650nm a powerful scalp penetration red light to charge up follicles for hair reproduction. More so, it has a cooling advanced technology engineered by the maker to protect it from overheating which in return means overall safety for you. Additionally, illumiflow has a total life span of 20,000 therapy sessions – For instance, if you’re undergoing 3 sessions per week then your machine is going to last up to 90years. 

Take note, each treatment lasts 30minutes, and after that machine turns off automatically. Furthermore, it is powered by a battery, and, as such, you can move around during treatment, unlike the iRestore that restricts users. The battery life would carry you throughout your treatment session. 

Our + for this

  • Good battery life 
  • You walk around with it.
  • Hands- free design and auto shut off for easy use. 

Our minus for this 

  • Not a fancy cap 
  • Heavy design
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3. Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

This is another laser cap in this best laser hair growth system reviews. This Capillus Cap for Hair Regrowth looks fancier than the previous product making it wearable for outdoor. This unit is quite expensive but if you know hair loss is trendy in your family history then Capillus is the right therapy hair growth cap we recommend for you. Why? It has been tested and a 95% success rate was recorded for reversing lost hair in both females and males associated with hereditary hair-loss lineage. Also, clinically proven and FDA cleared for effectiveness in treating inherited hair loss problems. 

However, Capilus can reverse successive baldness, receding hairline and thinning hair. Unlike most treatments device that takes an average of 25 minutes, within 6 minutes, you are done per session. Even though this hair solution lacks built-in red light, nevertheless, the 82 laser diodes installed are very active on inactive follicles while strengthening them to grow within a short time. You can use it with hair prescription medicines, therapy, after hair implant operation, or without. Other features include 202 laser diodes, alternative current adapter, battery, and instruction manual.

Our + for this 

  • Not heavy 
  • Comfortable on head 
  • Automatic shut off and auto timer

Our minus for this 

  • Way expensive to most units reviewed but works well 
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4. Theradome PRO LH80 Medical Grade Laser Hair Growth

Theradome PRO LH80 Medical Grade Laser Hair Growth

Getting a complete 100% refund for your money after 6months is what considering if you don’t get satisfactory results. Nevertheless, this is not to make you think, Theradome helmet is on the market for test but has been cleared by FDA and in addition clinically screened for providing visible follicles growth. Even Bosley Amerca’s number one hair restoration experts, and hair club recommend this helmet effectiveness and safeness for man or woman utilization.

This growth system is LED free, nevertheless equipped with high medical grade featuring superior light energy concentration that helps stipulates follicles (hair roots) deeply reaching the scalp which LEDs deprived. The hand free design allows flexibility and cordless built don’t limit you in one place. Among the list, this is the only device which working process cut across 3 stages of hair growth cycle – that is growing, resting and active stage regeneration.

The laser lights penetrates the skull at the intensity of 3-5mm to reach the root of your hair. While the 680 nanometer wavelength cool lasers energy induce the (resting) telogen stage back to the (growing) analogen stage.

Our + for this

  • Hands free treatments
  • Session takes only 20minutes
  • It’s nice for travels trips

Our minus for this

  • Offers only cold lasing
Check Price On Amazon

5. iGrow Laser Hair Growth Treatments Helmet

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Treatments Helmet

Hair spa professionals won’t tell you that it’s possible to treat hair yourself at your privacy because they need your money, as such you’ll keep visiting and spending to enrich their pocket. If you would adhere to us today, an igrow laser hair growth helmet is a device that can help you carried out this activity conveniently right at home. This product stimulating light therapy effect to awaken dead hair cells to rejuvenate. 

The clinic and FDA approved device in an external work published, under clinic studies it was used, iGrow helmet was discovered to increase hair count up to 37% in women and 35% in men within 16-weeks thereby stopping hair loss among the subjects. Whether chronic baldness had been running in your family background, this laser system combines both laser lights and an LED that strengthens the weak strand of hair. 

This device can be rotated for even hair distribution, featured 4 adjustable columns and auxiliary hook-ups for full skull covering and comfort while the stimulator-system speeds up hair growth compare to laser comb or band. While follicles are been revived to produce hair, you can still listen to music via the inbuilt headphones, simply connect to your mobile device.

Our + for this 

  • Musical headphones
  • 25 minutes average time shut off 
  • Small and can be used for travels

Our minus for this 

  • It is costly 
  • Bulky design
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6. HairMax LaserBand Medical Grade Reverse Thinning Fuller Hair

HairMax LaserBand Medical Grade Reverse Thinning Fuller Hair

If you looking for an alternative system over helmet or cap hair growth system, HairMax LaserBand comes powerful, equipped with robust features required for activating cellular hair. This medical device is cleared by the FDA and as small as it is, takes only 90 seconds for a complete session and 3 days per week follow up. It does not use LED, HairMax applies therapeutic photons to your hair root through its 82 medical-grade-laser. 

Due to the curved design, the device teeth can penetrate your hair for superior laser lights to reach your scalp and follicles. Also, the laser light density, laser light intensity, and hair dividing teeth work together in one accord to provides a high remedy for severe hair loss treatment. Comparing this system to a laser helmet, Harimax does not release heat that can adversely affect the scalp or make you uncomfortable, unlike laser hair helmet. 

Most relevantly, not heavy but portable making it suitable for home use and travel trips. The shipping includes the system itself, rechargeable battery, power cord, and adaptor. Also, the user-manual and beginners start-up guide. From statistics publication, Harimax Company had sold over million-plus products worldwide which including this equipment from them.  

Our + for this 

  • Weightless and small size
  • Convenient for indoor use
  • Nice product for thinning hair 
  • Fast improvements and healthy hair strands
  • High-quality designs and classic finishing 

Our minus for this 

  • Few complaints on battery run time
Check Price On Amazon

7. Low Level Light Therapy Hair Loss Treatment Growth Helmet for Men & Women

Low Level Light Therapy Hair Loss Treatment Growth Helmet for Men & Women

This can treat light to moderate hair loss conditions in men and women. The 200S series intensively stimulates the balding scalp and vigorously struck the hair cavity to be alive again. Therefore reduces hair loss as new ones constantly spring up to cover balding head. The medical laser light of 650nm, 5mw has no side effects while the 200-pcs partition hair into 7 (seven) portion for optimal laser impacts. This has an automatic energy stabilizer that regulates laser electrons force when the temperature of the surrounding places is rising beyond expected – this happens to maximize treatment outcome. 

It is not only cleared in the US by the FDA but also approved by CE in Europe for quality performance. Competitive products of higher prices are of less quality, they don’t last. They are not even installed with app control to ensure you get the most flexible support at the tip of your finger whereas iHelmet offers you these qualities. 

For instance, the mobile app control integrated into this product helps track treatment data and also informs you time to use it. This also comes with a free corrosive HairPro scalp therapy serum which is nothing less than a few hundred dollars on the separate purchase. 

Our + for this 

  • App control for a good outcome 
  • Simplify operation procedure 
  • Free therapy solution 

Our minus for this 

  • So far, the price is the only factor that may constrain prospective buyers.
Check Price On Amazon

How To Find The Best Laser Hair Loss Growth Helmet: Comprehensive Buying Guide

To purchase the best laser hair growth system, we’ve set-up this section talking about the features to be on the look our for. Understanding all the things we’re going to talk about is going to be useful when deciding which hair growth system you want.

  • Types of light laser devices emit

On the laser market, all the various hair reverser systems feature either LED or laser light source. So what’s makes them different or the argument? 

LED treatment consists of the scope of light of the same wavelength. This means several colors of light energy in which red light is among while a laser treatment involves a single light of mono-wavelength. 

Many hair growing machines employ laser light, this is because it is possible to choose a preferred hair treatment wavelength and the most common wavelength is 650n or 680n. 

Laser light has a better strength to shine on the scalp for effective results compared to LEDs of less strength. Therefore, we recommend devices of laser light origin

  • No. Of Installed Bulbs

The number of bulbs available in particular units determines how powerful the device can concentrate on the scalp to bring out hair rapidly. Nevertheless, the laser bulbs numbers also mean how costly it can be.

  • Laser Bulbs Life Span

It is wise to choose a unit that has a longer life span to avoid the frequent purchase of a new product. The life span also means the number of treatment session-specific equipment will undergo before it dies. For example, a unit with 20,000 sessions can last up to 100 (hundred) years if you’re to undergo 3 treatment sessions per week.

  • Device Size 

Though many of the hair loss growing appliances are ergonomically built to fit a wide set of individuals, subsequently people with bigger or smaller skull won’t find a laser cap or helmet model comfortable. 

We, therefore, suggest a cap for those with a huge skull as it can be flexible and can expand to fit. On the other hand, for small heads, helmet or cap model don’t buy because it will be too loosed for your head shape, we rather recommend laser band or comb. 

  • Wireless design 

It makes sense to have a wireless laser hair growing units if you intend undergoing treatment while still walking around your home. If not getting a wired model going to restricts you from moving about during therapy. 

Consequently, wireless hair growth products can be heavy as a result of the battery inside them. 

  • Tested And Clinically Approved 

No doubt, products that are clinically tested before they’re introduced into the market indicates a relatively fast hair growth cycle compared to non-tested. This, however, calls for us to advise you about getting a clinically cleared lasers if you want to get significance treatments in a short while. 


What is hair growth cycle?

All things considered, we as adults lose about 100 hairs every day and every adult has about 100,000 hairs. Comparing the daily hair loss speed, it means average adults will end up having a bald head since the rate of losing hair is faster to growth time. And as you approached mid-age, more hair loss will occur and this can be depressing. To get this situation fix, hair growth time has to be understood such as:

  • Growing (Anagen) phase: It takes 5 to 7 years for the completion of this stage. At this stage, your hair root (follicles) is more passive with rapid growth taking place. 
  • Transition (Catagen) phase: At this period, the cells that produce hair become inactive to grow out new hair while the pores shrink out gradually. The transition phase lasts for at least a month. 
  • Resting (Telogen) phase: This is the last stage of the hair growth cycle and this lasts for about 12 weeks. During this time, your hair follicles begin to shrink at a slow pace which leads to falling off of hair. 

Those hairs that come out when combing your hair belong to the resting phase. So what happens during this time? There will be the formation of new hair at a steady pace which is a repetition of a new hair cycle but the problem would arise if the follicle becomes inactive to reproduce a new hair thus leads to people having baldness. 

Not to worry, investing in the best low-level hair therapy laser machine is going to compensate for the hair loss in the telogen phase. 

What are the causes of hair loss?

Adults like you lose an average hair of 100’s every other day. This may not be noticeable as new hair keeps re-growing. Hair loss happens after a complete hair growth calendar is reached or when a follicle is destroyed and replaced with a new one. Subsequently, these factors discussed below may be causes of yours:

  • Hereditary: Most people’s condition is inherited. That’s a family history known for a succession of female baldness or male baldness. This happens as you age slowly in a predictable manner. In women, it appears as thinning hair while in men as a bald and receding hairline
  • Hormones change and medical condition: Several conditions can degenerate to temporary or permanent hair loss. Hormonal change which occurs during pregnancy, child delivery, menopause, and the likes of thyroid issues causes hair loss. While alopecia areata medical condition is known for causing patchy loss of hair and scalp infections such as trichotillomania – hair pulling disorder and ringworm 
  • Drugs and supplements: Some drugs used in treating certain problems like depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems, cancer, etc. have to side effect which can lead to hair loss. 
  • Stress: People do suffer from thinning after some series of emotional shock or physical activities. Hair shed during time is temporary. Radiation therapy: There is a possibility of you losing hair after undergoing a radioactive head treatment. 
What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

Requires Time: Seeing results takes time and requires patience because several sessions need to be carried out. These may, however, take weeks or months. 

Expensive: Some few hundred dollars will be spent if you want to under laser treatments in a clinic unless you want to resort to a do it yourself using a laser hair growth helmet. However, if you decide to opt for clinical as the best options, you’ll spend around $350 per session 

Age factor: Studies conclude this procedure to be less effective for those in the matured stages of hair to an individual in their early hair cycle. 

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Wrapping It Up 

The positives and negatives of laser hair removal have been discussed. Also, the causes of hair loss, possible treatment, and also how to reverse the situation. We also looked at the different stages of hair growth. However, with the view of how long it takes for a complete cycle to take place and the number of hair (i.e. 100) adult losses every day, we, therefore, conclude that a laser hair growth system is necessary to prevent balding and thinning. 

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