Light therapy glass is a new concept just reaching out in the treatment of seasonal affective disorders like light therapy lamps. There are still a lot of questions about this new concept. We hope to answer some of these questions and show you some of the best light therapy glasses you can find out there. Before the light therapy glasses reviews, it is, however, good to show you the comparison table as a quick decision-making guide for those who might be on a hasty day. You can decide upon a unit you want by checking them side by side discriminating the features carefully for the best therapy glass.

Best Light Therapy Glasses Comparison

Product Name
AYO: Premium Light Therapy: Best Sad Glass
AYO: Premium Light Therapy: Best Sad Glass Check Price On Amazon

  • Price:$$$+
  • Idea for sleep: Yes
  • Weight:1.28 ounces
  • Dimension:6.1 x 2.5 x 0.9 inches

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Luminette II – World’s first Light Therapy Glasses
Luminette Check Price On Amazon

  • Price:$$+
  • Idea for sleep: Yes
  • Weight: 2.24 ounces
  • Dimension:7 x 1 x 6 inches

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PEGASI 2 – Smart Light Therapy Glasses
PEGASI Check Price On Amazon<

  • Price:$$$
  • Idea for sleep: Yes
  • Weight:1.76 ounces
  • Dimension:7 x 6 x 1 inches

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Best Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses
Best Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses Check Price On Amazon

  • Price:$$+
  • Idea for sleep: Yes
  • Weight:2.72 ounces
  • Dimension:7 x 1.5 x 6 inches

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New Model Luminette III Therapy Glasses
New Model Check Price On Amazon

  • Price:$$
  • Idea for sleep: Yes
  • Weight: 1.76 ounces
  • Dimension: Not specified

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Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glass
Timer Plus Smart Light Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$
  • Idea for sleep: Yes
  • Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • Dimension: Not specified

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Reviews of Six Top-List Light Therapy Glasses – 2019: 2020

1. AYO: Premium Light Therapy: Best Sad Glass

Best Light Therapy Glasses:- Top 6 Reviews 2020

Meet the premium light therapy glass designed to provide short gentle blue light exposure. It helps enhance energy levels and alertness without needing energy drinks or caffeine pills. In just 20 minutes of using the glass, you can feel refreshed and revived for a long night. With AYO sleeping aid light, you can improve your sleep within two weeks.

You can easily fall asleep, and also wake up refreshed with the help of this device. You can also prevent jet lag with the AYO light therapy glass- it helps you adapt to new time zones. The goAYO app uses proprietary algorithms to calculate the best time to use AYO as well as when to avoid light. You can easily control the function you want from the glass through its mobile app- available for android and IOS.

Our plus for this

  • Award-winning light therapy glass
  • Safe for the eyes
  • Certified by TUV Rheinland

Our minus for this

  • Cannot be used without the phone app

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2. Luminette II – World’s first Light Therapy Glasses


You can give yourself the best light therapy on-the-go with luminette therapy glass. If you are the type that doesn’t have the luxury of time to sit in front of a light therapy box in the morning, you can get this glass and wear it as you go through your daily routine.

It helps improve sleep quality in just about one week. Luminette glass gives the eye proper exposure while keeping the vision free. You can wear contact lenses or glasses with the luminette light therapy glass without having any impact on your comfort or vision.

It is suitable to use this device once every morning when you wake up. A session can last up to 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the intensity of the light you choose. Also good for reading or studying.

Our plus for this

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Can be worn while doing your daily routine
  • The product pack comes with your luminette, a protective case, micro USB, a US plus adaptor, a lens cloth, and a user manual.

Our minus for this

  • Some users might find it difficult to see properly unless the room is brightly lit.

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3. PEGASI 2 – Smart Light Therapy Glasses


The pegasi II displays light between blue and green, which has been proven by NASA as effective as blue light or 10,000 lux white light in solving sleeping problems. This sleep glasses can help your body manage the biological clock and regulate the circadian rhythm to improve sleep quality and enhance the mood in less than one week.

Pegasi II is recommended and suitable for those suffering insomnia, low entry-level during the day, or other sleep issues. You can beat travel stress, jet lag, with pegasi 2; it program can help you minimize jet lag and adjust to new time zones.

Our plus for this

  • You can switch modes on pegasi sleep app via Bluetooth
  • This upgraded 2.0 version comes with a carrying case
  • Has a one-year guarantee service.

Our minus for this

  • Uses blue wavelength only. Some people respond better to a mixed wavelength

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4. Best Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses

Best Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses

All forms of issues relating to sleep can be solved with the re-timer light therapy glasses. You can improve winter blues, reduce jet lag, or prepare for night shift work. The re-timer meets the eye safety standard IEC 62471. It displays green light which is considered to be safe, and 100% UV-free.

This glass is available in many countries of the world, it is considered the ‘gold standard.’ And that is why many customers on Amazon choose to use Re-timer. Re-timer is recognized as the leader in light therapy, and this is why it is the choice of most clinics in England. The product pack comes with a one Re-timer, a premium embossed case, a protective cloth, a USB recharging cable, and an instruction manual.

Our plus for this

  • It is easy to use and also portable
  • Choice of many customers
  • Can be used while working

Our minus for this

  • Its highest intensity is too low compared to some light therapy glass with three intensity levels.

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5. New Model – Luminette III – World’s First Light Therapy Glasses

New Model

Compared to the luminette II, the luminette III has slimmer design; it is lighter; it has longer autonomy; more convenient on/off button, and still maintains the same effectiveness. This glass has three intensities- the 500, 1000, and 1500 lux. A trail by an independent clinic has shown that luminette is as beneficial as a 10,000-lux lamp. One complete charge of luminette III gives autonomy for ten sessions. This new model beats the winter blues, improve sleep, and helps get your energy back.

Our plus for this

  • Can be used with recommended glasses
  • It is certified by the European standard IEC 62471 on photobiological safety.
  • Automatically shuts down when session is over

Our minus for this

  • Not quite easy to use

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6. Timer Plus Smart Light Therapy Glasses

Timer Plus Smart Light

Displays red light, ideal for an evening because it has a low temperature. You can be immersed in this red light in the night without giving your body a jolt or changing your body clock.

Just like others, this light therapy glass is suitable for those who don’t have the time to stay before a light therapy box in the morning; it can be used on-the-go.

Our plus for this

  • Rechargeable by micro-USB cable
  • Can be used without any app or software
  • Suitable to beat jet lag

Our minus for this

  • It is not comfortable

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Do Light Therapy Glasses Work

Light therapy is a medical treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other conditions through exposure to artificial light. SAD occurs at a certain time of the year, usually in the fall or winter. Light therapy is brought to affect brain chemicals linked to mood and sleep. Conventionally, SAD is treated by sitting in front of a device called the light therapy box. It displays bright light that imitates natural outdoor light. Using the light therapy box helps with other types of depression, sleep disorders, and other conditions. A light therapy glass was made to ease the stress and save the time of sitting before a light therapy box every morning. The light glass does the same thing the light therapy box can do with additional features. The therapy glass is usually portable, lightweight, and can be used while working. These additional features have brought light therapy glasses to the limelight. However, the effectiveness of light therapy session is determined by the following:

  • Length of exposure: The time at which you undertake the therapy session is dependent on your time of activeness or work. For those working all day, it is highly recommended to carry out the session in the morning before going to work. For such people, light therapy during the day will have a boosting effect compared to that of the evening. For those who work at night, it is ideal for you to get a light therapy session at night.
  • Range of light: In photography, it has been proven that photoreceptors are particularly sensitive to the blue part of the spectrum. A light therapy glass which has been enriched in blue will require a weaker spectrum to give an effective result.
  • Light intensity: This is generally expressed in lux and measured at a given distance. The intensity is a vital parameter to consider when buying a light therapy device. The more powerful the light source, the shorter the session and vice versa.

Health Benefits of Using Light Therapy Glasses

The major health benefits accruing from the use of a light therapy glass include:

  • Improve sleep: the light therapy glass help to activate cells that send signals to the brain area called the suprachiasmatic Nucleus to control the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone. This helps the internal body clock to be optimized in a natural way that suits your lifestyle. You will feel energized not too long after melatonin suppression. Consequently, your melatonin levels rise actively before bedtime so you can fall asleep easily and have a night of quality sleep.
  • Boost energy: immediately after the production of melatonin, you feel energetic to do all you have to do till you lay down to sleep. The light glasses help relieve tiredness, winter blues, and lack of energy. After a session, you will usually feel fully charged, active, and focused for the day.
  • Beat jet lag: with the aid of therapy glass, you say goodbye to jet lag symptoms like disturbed sleep, daytime fatigue, and insomnia. This device will help you adjust, naturally, to the new time zone you find yourself.

How To Pick The Best Light Therapy Glass

The light therapy glass is just to be known by all and sundry. And just like any other technology, there is a lot of hype about it everywhere. People asked questions such as does a blue light work better than red light? Does it have to be overly bright? Can it cause macular damage? Here are some tips to tackle those questions.

  • Portable or stationary light glasses: there are two kinds of light therapy glasses. The stationary and the portable glasses. The user choice here is dependent on if he or she has time and convenience to spare. If you are the type that cannot dedicate about 30 minutes to every session, daily, then you should consider getting the portable light therapy glass. You will be able to wear it while you work so, you won’t be stuck waiting for a session to end. With the portable glass, you can even wear the glass more than the average time, 30 minutes. 
  • Light wavelength: All light therapy glasses you see out there emits safe light wavelengths that do not cause macular damage. So that answers the question if therapy glasses cause macular damage or not. It does not. Irrespective of the light emitted by the glass, it won’t hinder your vision. The difference in color does not mean disparity in its effectiveness. People’s color preference determines the color they want. Some prefer to stare at a white light in the morning while others prefer to stare at a green light.
  • Comfort: An ideal SAD therapy device should be comfortable. It must fit will on the face, and the nose piece has to be soft. Devices like the luminette II, pegasi, Re-timer, and AYO are good options when considering comfort.
  • Other features: This depends on what you want- we all don’t have the same flare for multi-functionality. Additional features that can be found in a therapy glass include Bluetooth connectivity, automatic shut off after a session, quick charge, long battery life, and so on. You can get value for your money with more of these cool features.

Further Consideration               

Other factors that should be considered when choosing a light therapy device are:

Does your SAD condition require treatment with bright light? This is because not all SADs require treatment with bright light. So, this helps you to choose a light glass that has a lesser intensity of light. However, if your season affective disorder requires treatment with bright light, ensure you choose a device not more than the intensity of light suitable for you. Ensure you get the right amount of lightning for yourself. 

Also, put into consideration your skin type. There are levels of sensitivity for all skins so, you need to consult your doctor to know how long you’ll need to use the light and how much of the light can your skin take.

Lastly, you need to consider your budget. Don’t get all wired up to get the most expensive light therapy glass- thinking it will be the best. There are light devices that are too expensive for the features they have. You can be sure to get a durable and high-quality light therapy device at an affordable price.


Are light therapy glasses safe? Medically, there’re safe to use, but peradventure effect occurs, it will be a minor and usually don’t last long

What are light therapy glasses? It is a category of eye glass featuring LED light and is good for people with SAD. Also good for people with circadian rhythm sleep disorder and that’s where the best light therapy lamp comes into play.

Wrapping It Up

It is assumed that some of your questions about light therapy glass or how to find a good therapy glass has being answered above. Ensure you consult your doctor before taking any decision as to whether to use a light glass or not. As discussed, your doctor will be able to prescribe whether you need a light therapy treatment, the intensity of the light, and so on. However, if you have consulted your doctor and have been required to get a light therapy glass, don’t forget to choose from the devices above.

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