A few decades ago, people used to visit a massage therapist for massaging needs. Though this was good consequently, people hardly keep to an appointment due to busy workday and tiredness. The best massager chair was just the alternative as you can’t return from work and start going to a therapist. Nevertheless, with a massage chair at home, you will relax massaging experience and still getting an improved result like a professional human hand massage.     

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Besides, massage chairs feature different types of massaging techniques. Some are ideal for lower back pain relief, free leg inflammation that developed due to tiredness, and so on. They are also helpful for spine cord pain. That’s where the zero-gravity positioning comes in. The benefits of these chairs cannot be over-emphasized. However, getting the best massage chair can prove difficult and energy-consuming.  

If you do not know what a good massage chair should be like, that will make it more difficult, selecting from thousands of them. Nevertheless, the reason we’re here is because of you. To guide you with our consumer reports, best massage chairs reviews, and buying guide. Therefore, we guarantee that in the end, you’ll be glad to visiting this page as we usher you further into the details of the article. 

Best Massage Chair Reviews Comparison Table

Product Name
Luraco iRobotics Massage ChairLuraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair Check On Amazon

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Item weight: 265 pounds
  • Dimension: 47 x 38 x 81 inches
  • Features: heat massage, Bluetooth speakers, rollers, UL listed etc.

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Kahuna 3D Mechanism Massager Kahuna 3D Plus Infrared Roller Mechanism Superior Massager Check On Amazon

  • Weight capacity: 320 lbs
  • Item weight: Not specified
  • Dimension: Not specified
  • Features: Massage rollers, airbags, heat, 3D full body work, etc.

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Top Performance Kahuna Superior Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair Check On Amazon

  • Weight capacity: 320lbs
  • Item weight: 238 pounds
  • Dimension: 48 x 47 x 28 inches
  • Features: 9 special programs, Shiatsu, Kneading, heat therapy, etc.

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ideal Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity
Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair Check On Amazon

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Item weight: 200 pounds
  • Dimension: 33 x 55 x 49 inches
  • Features: Heat therapy, Kneading, Shiatsu, Airbags, Zero gravity, etc.

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OOTORI Zero Gravity Full Body Chair
ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity Check On Amazon

  • Weight capacity: 320 lbs
  • Item weight: 260 pounds
  • Dimension: 51.2 x 48.4 x 32.3 inches
  • Features: 3D robotic hand massage, Heat, reclining, Zero-level positioning, etc.

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Infinity Full Body 3D Massage OOTORI Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Check On Amazon

  • Weight capacity: 320 lbs
  • Item weight: 348 pounds
  • Dimension: 59 x 40 x 59 inches
  • Features: 3D chair, heat, shiatsu-massage,air compression, wireless speaker, etc.

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Infinity 3D Massage ChairInfinity Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair Check On Amazon

  • Weight capacity: 320 lbs
  • Item weight: 348 pounds
  • Dimension: 59 x 40 x 59 inches
  • Features: 3D chair, heat, shiatsu-massage,air compression, wireless speaker, etc.

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BestMassge Electric MassageBestMassge Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Check On Amazon

  • Weight capacity: Not specified  
  • Item weight: 300 pounds
  • Dimension: 55 x 42 x 35 inches
  • Features: Stretching technique, air pressure, 21-airbags, fully computerized, etc.

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Top 8 Best Massage Chairs Reviews

1. Best rated: Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair Reviews [2019: 2020]:- Top 8 Pick

This Luraco iRobotics is one of the first-class medical standard massage chairs, researched, developed, and manufactured in the US, whereas most massaging chairs are either shipped or made with imported materials from Asian. Therefore, origin matters a lot because it determines quality. As such, this made in US massage chair is a top-notch product.

It comes featuring an attractive black color finishing. Its durable leather is easy to clean with a gentle detergent solution. Apart from being UL listed, also FDA and CE approved. Therefore built for safety as a medical-grade chair to offer you the best of massage than competitive units.

The noise reduction technology designed in this device by the manufacturer promotes peaceful relaxation. The 7-plus medical massage chair offers different techniques. You can use it for body stretching to get yourself restore after a long tiring day. The advanced foot massage also features a roller for a foot massage. It also has an air calf massager’s mode.

Most relevantly, the heat mode features three levels of intensity, which let you customize your massage. This unit also allows you to pause between sessions. Thanks to the touchscreen handheld control that makes it possible. As you are massaging, the entire session can never be a dull moment.

The built-in Bluetooth speakers let you listen to songs by pairing them with your mobile device. The six-location multi-massage intensity control is not just an ordinary chair, as such, you will spend a fortune to access the Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair, but owing to the worth outlined below, nothing to lose.

Our + for this
  • 3 D massage
  • Heavy duty and built to last.
  • Good for height of 4’7 – 6’7 feet
  • Accommodates weight up to 300 pounds
  • Up to five user memory settings for different individuals
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2. Top rated: Kahuna 3D Infrared Roller Mechanism Massager

Kahuna 3D Plus Infrared Roller Mechanism Superior Massager

If you want a 3D plus S-L track massaging mechanism, this Superior Air float chair will achieve this for you. The Kahuna is designed to run with a quiet operation principle. So while massaging or reclining on this chair, no unwanted noise would resonate because it’s a trusted and award-winning ultra-quiet product according to consumer reports.

This unit is one of the best massaging chairs that features the latest infrared heating technology for heat body message. The heat produces by the chair penetrate deeply into muscle tissues and thus opens the blood vessels for better circulation of hemoglobin from the neck to the back lower-end. Also, it soothes, induces, and detoxifies the body from alcoholic build-up.

The forward- sliding mechanism of this device saves you more space compared to units that don’t. This chair is built to accommodate different body-sized individuals up to six feet, 5 inches, and holds weight up to 320lbs. Even the seat and shoulder can be set from 1 – 2 inches wider to standard massage chairs. With this unit, you can massage your back, neck, buttons, feet, and upper thigh regions. Also, it comes with airbags for compression and decompression for full body massage treating.

The rollers input in the Air Float 3D plus 6-Infrared Roller Mechanism Kahuna Superior Massage Chair relieve back pain sensation while the therapeutic heat reduces stress. If you have been suffering from fatigue, arthritis, or sore muscles, Kahuna SM-9000 Massage Chair has been tested and proven to have helped people with such challenges after using it. Why consumer reports on this unit have been overwhelming on its performance. Nevertheless, it’s going to cost you something to get this chair installed in your house.

Our + for this

  • Quit operation
  • It can recline
  • Massage your body with heat
  • It comes with airbags and rollers
  • For neck, back, foot, shoulder, thigh areas, etc.
  • Advance space saving sliding technology design

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3. Best Zero Gravity: Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

The black and dark brown color Kahuna chair for massaging is the newest version of the 2018 model. This latest edition comes featuring 3-airbags instead of 2, which the previous model has. The upgrade also involved the air intensity massage that has been increased to 5 different levels. With this, you’ve more air massage customization options, which is great for different members’ of your family needs. 

The improvement also includes a revised remote controlling for friendly usage, therefore, ease you from all the time involved in manual button press. Also, the 2-year parts and labor warranty is a really big improvement over its older version. 

Apart from all of the mentioned details above, it has 9-auto programs with 4 special programs all for your massage experience. The 5 programs include yoga stretching, relaxation, pain relief, fast recovery, and athletes. While the four special ones are office person style, senior mode, Golfer and dynamic sport. One remarkable thing, all of these special massage programs can be carried out even while the chair is in zero-gravity position. 

The top performance kahuna product also incorporates kneading, knocking, tapping plus knocking, tapping, and shiatsu massage on any part of the body you wish to work on. This chair performs just like a human-touch massage as it proceeds the massage like having a personal masseuse in your home. 

One good thing about the Superior, it does not the select body type. Whether you’re heavier or having a bigger body physique, no worry, this chair will accommodate you. It can hold users reaching up to 6ft and weight of 320lbs. During testing of the Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair, it proved to be a quality and durable product. The reviewer’s testimonies were positive which you can read on the product page below. 

To be honest, this massage chair is rather expensive, but at least you know that you’ll get your money’s worth in time.

Our + for this

  • Holds up to 320 lbs weight
  • Zero-gravity positioning
  • It has 6 rollers
  • Has a remote control
  • Two-years warranty on parts and labor
  • 9 massage programming
  • Space saving ameliorated forward sliding mechanism design
  • Hip Air-Cell massage technology
  • Wrap Around Calf and Foot Massage
  • Acupressure Points (Arm)
  • Zipper Leg Extension Covering

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4. ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

This beautiful looking and classic unit is one of the affordable massage chair rated by consumer reports for its high-end features and wonderful massage experience providing. The Ideal chair has 4 automatic programs that allow you to choose with a single touch of a button. The programs include shiatsu, kneading, spinal cord rolling and vibrating.

The automatic mode offers multiple functional massages with various combined massage techniques while the manual mode allows you to take advantage of control in order to adjust the back rollers to any point of your body as desired. You can also adjust the types of massage SPEED, INTENSITY, AIRBAGS, and others.

There is also built-in heat therapy that will help you massage your back muscles. The chair also features therapeutic airbags that are built into a different section of the chair such as the arms, shoulder, calves, foot, and seat areas.

The feet of the chair also features 6-stimulating kneading-balls located where you will place your foot and this helps to add a stronger and deeper massaging force to those daily tired areas.

Most relevantly, the true gravity-position lets you customize in 3 different ways. Sure, this unit is a nice product but doesn’t extend and won’t stretch you like the sliding model. Nevertheless, the zero-position compensates for the minus. 

Our + for this

  • 4 auto programs
  • Back up with 3 years warranty
  • Three-true zero-level position options
  • It has an inbuilt heat back massager
  • For entire body massaging like the foot, shoulders, arms, back, etc.  

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5. OOTORI Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity

OOTORI is another renowned brand in the making of massage therapy chairs. Over the years, their products have won several awards as a result of the quality and capacity the company inputted into them. Therefore, this product from them won’t be exceptional to deliver what it has been designed for. The RL900 massage chair has a 50-inch roller and the chair design makes this roller to hit the piriformis and gluteal muscles for a comprehensive result.

Not only will you get access to a zero-gravity massaging but also able to tilt the seat at a 30-degree angle and 120 degrees between the seat and the chair. This, therefore, helps minimize stress and relive you from lower back pain compared to an ordinary traditional chair. The chair allows for leg stretching. Also, the shoulder can be adjusted to a comfortable range. Besides, you can adjust the shoulder width from 1.57 – 8.27 inches with three-levels. Additionally, the calves massage section stretches up to 4.72 inches to fit different individuals.

Most noteworthy as a good fully equipped massaging chair, it has up to 6 auto programs that let you work on your thigh, calves, arms, shoulder, etc. This features 3-massage speed and 3-airbags intensity levels to free you from pains in areas you want. The foot roller can move forward or backward to stimulate your reflexology zones. Never a dull moment using this 3D SL-Track Thai Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Massage Chair because it comes with Bluetooth that can be connected to a mobile phone to enjoy the music.

Our + for this

  • 3D robotic hand massage
  • Recline with tapping
  • Heat therapy provider
  • Yoga stretching design
  • Space-saving design
  • Automatic body detection
  • Allow for zero gravity technique
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth (wireless) speaker

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6. Infinity – Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair

OOTORI Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

This massage chair is going to offer you a decompressing, and compressing massage solution for a full-body stretch. The airbags found in the Infinity product can grip user legs and shoulders while reclining to soothe and relieve spinal cord pain. This unit comes with lumbar heating that acts on your back muscles losing them to prepare you for the ultimate massage treatment. The spinal cord correction features offer a powerful stretching technique to extend and decompress your spine to relieve back pain. Also found in this robotic machine is shiatsu pressure point and air compression massage.

The foot section of this Infinity – Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair lets you work tired foot after a very long day walk or trek. This chair has a 2-zero-gravity level that places your knees above your heart. For the fact that the massage chair has a USB sound system, you can play songs during the sessions by connecting your mobile device via Bluetooth. The Infinity IT-8500 also has a body scan sensor and rejuvenating foot roller.

Our + for this

  • 3-D massage with zerogravity
  • Durable leather design and easy to clean
  • Has a spinal correction positioning
  • Heat, shiatsu and air compression mode
  • Wireless speakers for music playing 

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7. Best Massage Chair by Real Relax Body Pain Relief Recliner

Infinity Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair

The easy to assemble is another wonderful product to consider in this best massage chairs reviews and discussion guide. The finishing is attractive, while artificial leather does not only last longer but also requires less maintenance. This chair can accommodate people who as heavy as 400 pounds making it a heavyweight champion chair in this review.

The chair can extend up to 6.1 feet, as such, taller users have no problem as this chair will comfortably fit their body size. Just by pressing a button, it goes to zero gravity, no stress like the most competitive unit that is difficult to operate. You can also adjust to a reclining level to meet your demand. Also, the footrest allows for up and down adjustment.

The full body massage chair has foot roller for feet application, 8-massage neck, and back rollers, up to 50 airbags located at strategic points for vast massaging need including heat and seat vibration technique. Top of the offer features 2-wheels for mobility around your facility.

Our + for this

  • Heat therapy
  • Up to 50-airbags
  • 3 levels of speed and intensity
  • Weightless design with wheels     
  • Feet and calves massaging
  • Hips and arms massage
  • For weight up to 400 pounds
  • User manual and remote controller
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8. BestMassge Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage

BestMassge Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage

This chair comes with a computerized scanning intelligent that senses your body size and adjusts accordingly for a custom fit. Invariably means, different users or family members can use this device irrespective of their body size. Also, there is an inbuilt sensor that measures the length of the spine to know where to massage without guesswork. Plenty of massage techniques to choose from. This chair can knead, tap, stretch and do more regarding what you want to do.

There is also a special stretch program for full body stretching if you wish to do so. Furthermore, this comes with a 21-airbags place at various points of the chair. Moreover, heat therapy is an essential feature everyone likes to use in a massage chair due to its therapeutic effect. If that is enough, also has four massage pressure-point that combines with other features for complete relaxing massage.

Moving on, the 4 air pressure level and variable massage intensity level is worth noting. The width and speed of the BestMassge Full-body Electric Chair can be adjusted as well. Though it may not do zero gravity, nevertheless, with the recliner option, you can still get what you want from this massage chair.

Our + for this

  • Completely computerized
  • Automatic custom body size detect
  • Up to 21 air compressing mode at different locations
  • Heat, combo, stretch, tapping, kneading, air pressure massage, etc.
  • 100% return refund guarantee offer by the manufacture
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The Best Massage Chair Buying Guide

We dedicate this section to everything you want to know about a massage chair. Take your time to read through for a thorough understanding.

What the Best Massage Chair Features to Consider Before Buying One?

In this section, details relevant features to consider in the best massage chair you might be looking for. All might not be present in a single unit but at least, the features you want should be available in yours, as such get to know them ahead of time, for better planning, and choice.

  • Portability: Choosing a portable massage chair would let you move effortlessly. These models are lightweight built and come installed with castors for quick mobility within your facility.
  • Sound level: Having a good massage is not only a concern of your body. Your hearing should not be disturbed as well. A chair that operates with a reduced noise level makes the difference from a model that will wake your spouse, children, or family member up when using it. Most times, people use a massage chair as a means of relaxing, studying, or listening to radio news. Therefore, a chair that operates quietly is a priority.
  • Bluetooth enablement: Complex massage chairs usually feature Bluetooth connection. This unit allows you to connect any Bluetooth enabled device to it. As such, you can listen to music or news flash directly from the inbuilt speakers on your massage chair.
  • Cup holder: This is cool to have in your chair. A cup holder can meet different needs, such as holding your cup of tea, or glass of water. Other accessories like a remote or handy sweat tower can be put inside.
  • Remote control: Sophisticated massaging chairs have a remote controlling system that lets you change massage settings. It can help regulate speed, intensity levels, or possible to turn the unit on/off.
  • Ease to access features: A good and an easy to access massage chair should not be difficult for users to locate the features when needed. An open-end or a simple design that can let users find all the anesthetics almost in one place is something to consider. For example, an easy-to-read- screen display will ease your operating task.
  • LED lights: You’ll find this interesting for calming relaxation. To fully synchronize the benefit of a massage chair LED light, it is good you turn off your facility lights.
  • Manual controls: Everyone needs a remote-controlled chair that can free them from touching anything. Well, it is good, but having a unit that also features manual control will let you customize personal massaging sessions. As such, you can include the techniques or massage mode you want with the right intensity level and speed.
  • Hip massages: Generally, massage chairs have airbags that can assist in massaging your hips, but may not give you the desired result as wanted. Therefore, look for a unit that features advanced hip targeting airbags that can relieve your hip from pain. They can also align the hip bone to the spine.
  • Foot massages: If you do spend time standing a lot, or walking with little or no time to sit, your foot will always get tired after the day’s job. A massage chair with foot massage is an excellent way to revive your feet.
  • Arm massages: If your chair has an air compression mode, then you’ll able to massage your arm with this tool. The airbags in some units, surround your hands compressing the muscles and acts for deep massaging while in some models, you need to place your arms on the chair handle to get massaged.
  • Acupressure point: This is an impressive feature. It works similarly to that of a professional human massaging. The tool target pressure-areas relieving pain and in the enhancement of your back.
  • Spinal stretch: Only a few massage chairs come with this anesthetics because it’s not highly in demand. Though, good for massaging muscles found around the spinal cord to lessen pain but generally for people who have spinal-cord problems. Nevertheless, a chair with a zero-gravity position can be used to achieve this demand.
  • Recline: A massaging chair with this setting can only recline in one-position and won’t give you a zero-gravity level. These types of massages chairs are not expensive but can still help you stay in a fixed and enjoyable position. You can even watch a movie or read books while the chair is in recline mode.
  • Muscle stretch: Athletics and wrestlers are known to have muscle pains due to the vigorous training they undergo. Stretching your muscles using a massaging chair that incorporates this feature after each exercise restructures the muscles for the next day activities.
  • 3D massages: This is the combination of airbags and rollers together to massage the body. Only complex-end massaging chairs can offer this, unlike lower-end units. The principle behind this massage involves the airbags being filled with air and then wrap your body. Once this is achieved, the airbags lock your body for the rollers to start massaging you (both legs and back). Most people use this massage mode for relaxing and enjoying themselves as it set them in another high massaging experience than a normal massage.
  • Vibration massage: This helps massage legs, buttocks or the whole body. High-end chairs have foot designs where you can put your legs as you sit with your buttocks while the vibration from the chair act on this mentioned point.
  • Air Compression Massage: An enhanced massing experience can be achieved when you use an air compression massage. To enjoy this, your chair needs to have an airbag. The compression and decompression of the airbags come in contact with your muscles, resulting in massaging. Generally, air compression massage mode can be applied to any part of the body. To mention, your legs, feet, hips, neck, and shoulder.
  • Zero Gravity: This feature allows users to recline their massage chair to a zero level and therefore let them stay almost flat position on the chair. The zero gravity level benefits the vertebrae due to the relaxing effect it provides. Unfortunately, only high-end chairs have this anesthetic.
  • Heat massage: A massage chair with heat pads or infrared rollers thus produce heat that can soothes your back muscles allowing you to relax well. Also, the movement of the rollers up and down your back helps in the proper circulation of blood. Hence, the stimulating effect of heat massaging is very beneficial for tired or weak muscle restoration.
  • Air Compression Massage: An enhanced massaging experience is possible when you use an air compression massage. To enjoy this, your chair needs to have an airbag. The compression and decompression of the airbags come in contact with your muscles, resulting in massaging. Generally, air compression massage mode is ideal for use in any part of the body. To mention, your legs, feet, hips, neck, and shoulder.
  • Zero Gravity: This feature allows users to recline their massage chair to a zero level and therefore let them stay almost flat position on the chair. The zero gravity level benefits the vertebrae due to the relaxing effect it provides. Unfortunately, only high-end chairs have this anesthetic.
  • Heat massage: A massage chair with heat pads or infrared rollers, thus produce heat that can soothe your back muscles, allowing you to relax well. Also, the movement of the rollers up and down your back helps in the proper circulation of blood. Hence, the stimulating effect of heat massaging is very beneficial for tired or weak muscle restoration.
  • Body scan message: Most advanced massage chairs feature a body scan. The scan technology automatically customizes the chair to fit any user that wants to use the chair. For example, if your spouse has used the chair before then you want to use it, you don’t need to start customizing the features yourself. The body scan technology senses your body and readjusts to fit you. This feature is a good anesthetic to have in a massage chair, as you won’t need to start personalizing your settings. So whether you’re shorter or taller, no problem, body scan auto customization is at your service.

Before Buying a Massage Chair: Questions to Ask Yourself

Reaching a decision ahead of what you want to buy in life is the best way to overcome uncertain that might set in during shopping. When you do, you’ll be happy because nothing will take you unaware. It is also applicable to buying a massage chair. Here relevant questions to ask yourself. 

What is your space size?

A typical massage chair is very bulky. Not to talk about the foldable models that need to unfold, making it require more space. Therefore, you need to consider the amount of space where you want to mount the device. A better space is essential for getting your massage done because congested areas may not be realistic to have good massaging chair therapy. 

Consider the chair fitting you

The reason why massage chairs come in different sizes is due to meet different user’s height. Though some models allow for adjusting to accommodate different users, others don’t. Therefore, if you are taller or short, you’ve to be sure the propose massage chair is going to fit you before you place an order. 

What message type do you desire? 

Most massage chairs are built to offer several massage methods. Many people who are enthusiastic about massage chairs love to test all of the types, but some are just cool with 1 or 2. However, it bores down to what you want. Therefore, know the various selectable options below:

  • Tapping: This is for muscle strengthening. The technique improves blood circulation as it stimulated the blood vessels. Besides, it enhances tissue flexibility – best for sportspeople. 
  • Kneading: This method compresses soft tissues under the bones, and it helps treat injured muscles and relieving pain. Also, aid in the free movement of the joint.
  • Shiatsu: Sometimes, you may want to massage your hands, thumb, palms, or hands, even some pressure point areas from stress or strenuous pain. You’ll not only find this therapy to reliving the muscles but also a way to relax your mood. A massage-chair with rollers or airbags should be your target so that you can achieve this need. 
  • Rolling: Massage chair has rollers. When you put them to use, it will rollover your back from top to bottom and vice versa. Rolling chair massaging repairs worn-out body tissues, and tension. Also, provide a cooling effect, as such, one of the best ways to relax while using a massage chair. 

The above massage methods can be tempting to use, especially if you are a newbie. Unfortunately, a unit that comes with all of these features can be expensive, and as a beginner, you might know the one that fits into your routine. Irrespective of the price, getting a chair that has two, or more techniques, is a great way to start home massaging with a chair. 

Brand to purchase

It might be difficult, choosing from the different brands due to the high promises each company focuses on. Have it in mind all brand is not the same and so you shouldn’t think one company is better than the other. To overcome this challenge, look out for various products, read customer reviews about it. Also, check the history of the brand. Possible check if their customer support service is active or not. If you’re able to do this properly, the best massage chair isn’t hard to know. 

The price

This exercise chair can be costly due to what they offer. Before you enter the market, plan your budget, do plus or minus and come up with a feasible budget. Massage chair price ranges from a thousand dollars and more. Also, the features you want may determine the price as well. You’ve to be practical that you are paying for what you want the chair to do for you irrespective of the cost. Nevertheless, don’t over task yourself, choose what you can afford. 


Since these items are very expensive, nobody should play with the warranty. Many of the benefits follow it, such as support, repair, and others. All warranties vary from company to company. A good warranty is up to 5-years, but the lowest is around 1-year. Before, you make a purchase, endeavor to check these buying criteria on the product page. 

Massage Chairs and Pregnancy       

Weight gain in pregnancy can cause lower back pain and discomfort. Therefore a massage chair can be of help to free you a bit. Though, some (manufacturer) producers of these chairs warned massage chair use during pregnancy because of the debate that this device can stimulate pressures-point areas which may lead to immature birth. Still, no supportive evidence for this statement. On the other, since your child is formed inside the womb that contains layers plus your body housing the unborn baby, your pregnancy is safe. So whether a normal home chair or massager chair use, invariably makes no difference. Hence, we can’t tell you to use or not to use a massage chair during your days of pregnancy, but we believe with all of the information shared on this view, you have a basis for the decision. Pregnancy and massage chairs go hand-in-hand, your doctor’s advice is paramount.

Benefits of Using Massage Chair during Pregnancy

Most women don’t know, using, or sitting on a massage chair during pregnancy days has plenty of benefits. These you should know today:

Massage chair relief leg and back pain: It is not known, leg and back pain are common pregnancy symptoms. In the first trimester of pregnancy, you might not experience pain. The uterus will constantly be enlarging as you proceed into the second and third trimester, thus makes you gain weight, causing your back pain and swollen legs. Therefore, relaxing on a good massage chair every day helps ease these problems. As such, our best massaging chair is here to help you find a quality one.

Reduces Stress level: If you ask a pregnant woman, she will tell that pregnancy is stressful due to weight gain and hormonal changes. These changes in pregnancy result in anxiety in some women, while others may be depression. Nonetheless, the best pregnancy massage chair will help you in terms of stress management.

Ease labor: Success story by mild-wives said, shorter labor can easily be induced for pregnant women that undergo prenatal therapy. They further said a massage chair is one of the ways to achieve this answer. Besides, postnatal depression will be address as well.  

Risk of Massage Chairs during Pregnancy

Massage chairs are not bad for pregnancy, but pregnant women suffering any of the following conditions, are advised not to use them:

Preeclampsia: This a possibly deadly fertility complication identified by high blood pressure.  

Severe migraine and swellings: Women with usual headaches with no underlining root cause. Also serious swollenness, we suggest they see their doctor instead of using a massage chair at home. 

High pregnancy risks: We are referring to a health condition such as high blood pressure, or possible family history of cesarean birth. These women should not use pregnancy massaging chairs. 

History of pre-term labor: This refers to irregular contractions of the cervix before weeks 37 of pregnancy. When you use a massage chair, it can increase the rate of occurrence. Therefore, do not use it.

Features Pregnant Women Should Avoid In Massage Chairs

You know there are different features in a massage chair and each feature has the specific role it plays. As a pregnant woman, you can use some of the massage chair’s features but not all. Below are the ones that you should avoid during your pregnancy months:

Heat massage: This is one of the common features used among massage chair users. This allows them to heat the chair via the heat pads or infrared rollers to increase the temperature of the massaging chair. While this temperature might be good for non-pregnant women but as a conceived mother, it may increase your baby temperature, putting the baby’s health in risk state. It may even raise your baby’s heart beating rate or result in cardiovascular problems.

Shiatsu massage: This feature is also known as a pressure point. It is integrated into the chair to help users target several pressure areas of their bodies. However, as a pregnant person, when you stress pressure point areas in your body, it can result in premature delivery. For this notable reason, it is better to avoid this feature until of birth, for your baby not to come at the wrong timing due to pressure points stressing.

Using massage chair safe for pregnant mother

Generally, massage chairs are safe for pregnancy. Nevertheless, it is wise you speak to your medical adviser (doctor) before you start undergoing massage chair therapy. Unfortunately, pregnant who might have high risk or pregnancy or health challenges that can affect their pregnancy, are warned not to use this chair. 

Nonetheless, experts recommend a vibrating massage chair for pregnancy because they are a good stress reliever and also relaxes the muscles. Also, it helps in relieving cramps and back-pains. Besides, the vibrations won’t affect the baby in your womb unlike pressure points or heat massaging

It is also important to know, the first trimester is a period with a record of the high risk of miscarriages. As a pregnant woman, using and rocking in a massage chair can lead to pregnancy termination. To avoid this chair during the mentioned trimester.

Besides, if your belly is grown big and you can’t enter the massager chair easily, do not force yourself inside, as it is risky to the pregnancy. 

Moving forward, birth care advisers said, women that are carrying pregnancy shouldn’t spend more than 20 minutes in a massage chair. This is for the child safety reason, so you should adhere to all the safety tips to keep a healthy pregnancy. 

How Long Should You Use a Massage Chair?

Using a massage chair for hours doesn’t mean you are getting the best therapy. That is overusing and is not good because it can trigger muscle problems. Too much of everything is not good. As such, we need to be mindful. However, the massage therapist said a 15minutes of using a massage chair is enough to derive all the benefits than spending an hour. 

Researchers said longer periods with body massage chair doesn’t mean, your pain will be relieved faster. However, it contributes to muscle injuries, which can further cause more severe pain due to bruises or swollen of your muscles.  

So how do you now ensure you’re not exceeding the 15 minutes periods as suggested by the massage experts? Getting a massage chair that has an automatic timer would be helpful. This feature will allow you to program or customize the durations. When the predefined time massage session reaches, the chair will stop itself. Nevertheless, if you already bought a massage chair before reading this post, what you need do is to get an alarm or use your phone, watch, etc. to program yourself as you during the session.

Note: Once the fifteen minutes elapse, leave the chair and walk around your house. It will make the muscles get in order and also helps removes toxin from your body. Do not embark on any other exercise such as push-up or running. To feel relax, a glass of water is going to revive you to be active. 

Massage Chair Vs Pain Relief

Every day, people rush out and come-in for daily needs, making the body break down as a result of stress. Some people end up suffering pain at the lower back, including the shoulder and neck regions. If you are among these people, having a massage session will be beneficial. For proper pain relief, three or four massaging sessions thus yield a wonderful outcome.

To achieve this, you need a massage chair for pain relief. From the review sessions, we picked this product as the best massaging pain reliever chair. Always remember to plan your massage routine so that you can follow a schedule plan for better results.

Looking For a Massaging Chair for Maximal Relaxation

Massager’s chairs can meet a different purpose. Your need might be different from another person’s needs. As such, everyone is expected to choose a massage chair that falls into their demand. There is no need for picking a product that is designed for deep muscles or severe lower back pain which costs more than ordinary ones if you aim to just relax. A product that can allow you to recline or achieve a zero-gravity position is enough for normal home relaxation. 

Types of Massage Techniques          

Rolling technique: Only a massager chair that features rollers can do this. The rollers rollover your backside to-and-fro (like a pendulum) massaging you. Units featuring airbags are good alternatives. 

Gripping: This model has airbags, which are used to hold your legs, and arms, while the inflation and the deflation of the airbags result in the massaging results. 

Kneading Technique: The airbags form a cyclical pattern to produce this massaging need. The process in which the chair massage your body involves the airbags to inflating and deflating. 

Shiatsu Technique: This is a pressure point massaging involving the massage chair rollers to come in contact with sensitive parts on your back-side relieving you from tension. 

Tapping Technique: Here the rollers pressed forward touching your back and also push backward in a repeating manner until the session is over. 

How Does Massage Chair Works

Though the popularity of a massaging chair is well known now due to how sophisticated some models are. Nevertheless, massage chairs have been existence over the years. The breakthrough and advancement of modern days massaging chairs had made them fit into household use as luxury chairs. 

With their popularity among consumers, it shows no doubt that this chair is a good piece of an item as they offer comfort and a relaxing moment. However, how does this device work that makes it produce a massaging effect? 

The technology found in this chair combines different features in producing a relaxing massage experience. These features include rollers, motor, gears, and vibrating force. The best massage chair seen in most homes and workout centers even combines one or two massaging techniques the first models of this chair don’t, as such they seem better and friendlier to use. 

How it works

No massage chair comes the same. Every unit has its design and features. Though they may work similarly, some features still vary from one model to another. Typically, a simple model incorporates a variable vibration mechanism that lets you massage your body back or legs. The vibration is usually created by the gears and the motors found in the chair. As the motor rotates the gear with high frequency, causes vibration to occur. Apart from massaging your back and neck, it is also possible to work on your neck, or shoulder depending on the type of massage chair you bought. A model featuring a roller can be seen as a good massage chair, and it’s worth having.

If you can spend more on a product, definitely, you’ll get all the necessary features in a single massaging chair. This list here can be your directing point to deciding.

How Can Massage Motion Intensity Benefit You

Heavy-duty massage chairs are built with intensity levels, which can be adjusted. The intensity adjustment depends on how the manufacturer constructs the chair rollers to move away from the unit frame and likewise the frame from the current user. Since many of these chairs can be recline in multiple ways, you can as well choose a suitable position for the best result.

Air Compression Massage Chair

A massage chair that has air compression massage mode allows you to work on your shoulders, arms, legs, and hip as you’ll able to choose from multiple airbags options.

The air compressor is a small device installed into the chair. The manufacturer connects the air compressor to the airbags. The connection also involves an air Processor activator linking the compressor to the chair. This processor senses when or not to activate the airbags.  

Even though air compressor is good but not a must you must have it in your proposed chair, it is a supplemental feature. For you to get this model, it cost a fortune. Therefore, if you can go for a basic unit.

Cleaning Your Massage Chair 

Every household tools require maintenance for them to last long. For a massage chair to retain its property and quality-state, cleaning it is very important. These following tips will help you in the upkeep for your massage chair: 

  • Prepare a mild cleaning agent 
  • Get a clean soft clean cloth that won’t scratch the leather of your massage chair
  • Dip the cloth into the prepared soapy solution
  • Apply the damp cloth to the chair and use it to clean the leather. 
  • Make sure you clean tight corners by dusting it with a soft brush 

Take note: Massage chairs have moving parts. Do not allow water to get to these areas to avoid damaging the chair. Also, never a sharp object comes in contact with your leather chair. 

Before leaving, read our best recliners massage chairs for back pain reliever

Wrapping It Up

We know everyday people go out and come in so tired. Daily hassle hardly made people relax, even when the time comes, they find it difficult to get a better relaxing moment. Nevertheless, with our best massage chair discussion guide, we have featured the best products following consumer reports massagers to help you find the right one. 

Since there are different types of massage chairs, we also covered these areas to further help you know which one best describes your needs. Never forget that our massager chair reviews talk FAQS about massage chairs that talk about relevant questions to choosing the good chair for massage. 

Finally, we believe our consumer reports massage chairs to contain all the details to guide you if you need one. 


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