Do you care about your nails so much? Do you love your nails having this extra shine and smoothness? Are you looking for ways to get rid of those ridges and uneven texture on your nails? Are you confused as to which nail buffer block would polish your nails excellently well?  Taking care of our nails is an essential habit that helps determine the health of the body. It is important to get rid of germs, dust, dirt and other bacteria from the nails to ensure sound health as germs trapped underneath the nails can cause infection. The care for the nails includes trimming, moisturizing, and buffing. The right way of buffing the nails is by using the best nail buffer block.

What is Nail Buffer Block?
Top 6 Best Nail Buffer Block 2020

The surface of the nails needs as much care as underneath it. The buffer works by getting rid of ridges, stains, and lines. It helps in smoothing the upper layer of the nail, giving it a shiny look. Ultimately, the nail buffer block is an essential personal hygiene kit that works in providing a healthy and shiny look for your nails.

It is important to note that not all nail buffer blocks are healthy for your nails, hence, this article is ready to provide a comprehensive list of the top five best nail buffer blocks.

Why Should You Use Buffer Block?

A nail buffer-block is important because it helps smooth out ridges on the surface of the nail – making it easy to apply nail polish. The shine and smoothness provided by the buffer blocks make the nail pretty even without nail polish. It also gets rid of dead and dry cell aggregate on the nail. Besides, it supports the flow of blood to the nail bed and keeps the nail healthy. Buffing offers an additional sheen to the upper layer of your nail.

5 Best Nail Buffer Block of 2020 Reviewed

1. Dead Sea Products: Six Professional Nail Buffer

 Top 6 Best Nail Buffer Block 2020

The Dead Sea nail buffer is our first pick because it is patented. Say no to brittle nails with the Dead Sea Spa Care professional nail buffer. It is light and has four sides for buffing. It lasts so long; you do not need to change it in months. This nail buffer block brings out the natural shine in your nails. A professional look is guaranteed with use even at the comfort of your home.

Our plus for this

  • Durable
  • Result in minutes
  • 3 easy steps
  • 6 units of the block in a set
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2. ITAY Cosmetics Natural Nail Shiner 

Nail Buffer by ITAY Mineral Cosmetics Natural Nail Shiner

Your nails can remain unhealthy, unclean, stained, and rough if not taken proper care of. However, the nail buffer made by ITAY does the magic. In just three simple steps that take 15seconds at the most, your nails get a flawless and professional shine. This set contains three four-sided buffer blocks and is designed exquisitely to give the best result. This resulting shine lasts for months. With the Nail buffer by ITAY, blood circulation is stimulated and your nails remain healthy.

Our plus for this

  • 3 units in one set
  • Ease of usage
  • 15 seconds to result
  • Promotes blood flow
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3. ONSEN Healing Mineral Nail Restoration Kit

Having a manicure or pedicure at home, sometimes, lacks the experience and feeling that comes with being in a spa. But that is history now. With the ONSEN nail kit, your complete necessities are provided that turn your at-home nail care into a professional spa-like experience. The kit contains a professional file nail, 3-way nail buffer block, cuticle cream with aloe, and sacred water. The 3-way nail buffer block replenishes your nail’s natural shine. This kit, especially the nail buffer block, is suitable for young and old, men and women, dry skin and even sensitive ones.

Our plus for this

  • Excludes harsh chemical ingredients
  • It has a 3-way nail buffer block
  • Suitable for all nail types and age
  • Does not cause irritation
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4. ONSEN Professional Nail Buffer

Our nails are exposed, daily, to elements that cause them to crack, get stained, and be weak and unhealthy. These elements can be water, soap, chemicals from the air, and even nail polish. The good news is that your nails can be rejuvenated using the Onsen Professional nail block. This 3-way buffer block is compact and portable. It is one of the best nail buffer blocks that will provide a smooth shine, removing ridges and dirt from your nails. This is a product quality you can rely on.

Our plus for this

  • No animal product used
  • It is certified as organic
  • Repairs damaged nails using three easy steps
  • Strengthens weak nails
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5. LoveBB 20 pack Nail Polish Buffer Block

The LoveBB nail buffer block is made of high-quality sandpaper having a sponge-like and comfortable feel that gives your nail uttermost shine. This nail buffer block is light, cute, portable, and can be used anytime. As an advantage, it lasts long. Amazingly, LoveBB nail buffer block can be used for crystal polishing too. It handles the nail delicately and evens out the surface texture. Package includes a 20units buffer block in one set. It is quite affordable and a healthy choice for your nails. It is not harsh against your nails while removing ridges, stains, and dead cells.

Our plus for this

  • Made of high-quality sandpaper
  • Feels comfortable
  • Light, portable and compact
  • 20pieces nail buffer block
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How to Use Buffer Nail Block?

The buffer block can be used to repair damaged nails and maintain healthy ones giving them a professional shine. Knowing how to use the nail buffer block guarantees efficiency. To use it, make sure your hands are washed clean and toweled. Hold the block by its end using your thumb and finger. Apply slight pleasure to slide the surface of the pad against your nails, gently. This process will not take more than 15seconds before your desired shine is achieved. Afterward, proceed to other fingers.

Note that, touching the pad surface should be avoided at all costs. Oil and sweat from your hand can stain them thereby lessening their lifespan.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, say goodbye to unhealthy nails camouflaged using nail polish and embrace a healthy and smooth sheen that comes from using a nail buffer-block. Get beautiful nails by using one of the best nail buffer blocks. The ridges, stains and uneven texture on your nails can be solved with the help of a nail buffer block. It is definite that with the help of this article, you will not hesitate to pick one of the best one. 

As a suggestion, a pocket-friendly, portable, and very effective buffer block will be the Dead Sea Products, Six Professional Patented Nail Buffer. It is patented, certified organic, eco-friendly, and easy to use. It provides an amazing experience like that of a spa. And your nails are never the same with just a few seconds of care.

Buffing’s importance cannot be overemphasized. It helps your nails grow healthy, as a result of improved blood circulation. Dead cells and dry ones are removed in the process of buffing. Ridges are also turned into a leveled smoother surface with an attractive sheen that makes you skip nail polish.

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