Best Pedestal Tables (Reviews & Buying Guide) – Updated August 2019

The facts is that, you might have comes across pedestal tables many times but yet don’t know it’s called a pedestal table. Today you are going to know what the definition is and also see some of our best selected pedestal styles tables reviews.

By Definition: This is a table design having a central supporting pillar or column in the middle. In order words, a table with the top suspended with a single architecture stand right at the center. This type of table can be use anywhere and comes in different sizes and dimension. It can be used as side tables, office tables and also the larger ones majorly used as dining tables.

However, in our reviews today, you are going to be seeing some samples of pedestal tables of different shapes and sizes. Meanwhile a pedestal table can be rectangular or oval shape depending on individual need would serve as determinant. If you need to add one to your home or business environment, you’ll need a modern pedestal table designed to blend with your settings. Also remember to take color finishing in mind as not all color types suite certain decoration.

ImageBrandWeightDimension Description
Classic Black 5 Piece Round Dining Set Check Price
Classic Black 5 Piece Round Dining Set58 pounds
42 x 42 x 30 inches
East West Furniture DLT-BCH-TP Round Table Check Price
East West Furniture DLT-BCH-TP Round Table 30 pounds
42 x 42 x 29 inches
East West Furniture HLT-CHR-T Round Table Check Price
East West Furniture HLT-CHR-T Round Table50 pounds

42 x 42 x 29.5 inches
Kardiel TULIP-TBL-WHT-70X70 Round Table Fiberglass White Check Price
Kardiel TULIP-TBL-WHT-70X70 Round Table Fiberglass White68 pounds
28 x 28 x 30 inches
International Concepts Round Top Pedestal Table Check Price
International Concepts Round Top Pedestal Table32 pounds
30 x 30 x 28.9 inches
Boraam 71542 Florence Pub Table Walnut Color Check Price
Boraam 71542 Florence Pub Table Walnut Color 25 pounds
30 x 30 x 42 inches
International Concepts K581-30RT Pedestal Dining Table Espresso Check Price
32 pounds
30 x 30 x 28.9 inches
Flash Furniture 31.5'' Round Glass Table Check Price
Flash Furniture 31.5'' Round Glass Table39 pounds

31.5 x 31.5 x 29 inches
Cain 36" Round Breakroom Table Cherry Check Price
Cain 36" Round Breakroom Table Cherry45 pounds
36 x 36 x 29 inches
Flash Furniture 30'' Round Wood Cocktail Table Check Price
Flash Furniture 30'' Round Wood Cocktail Table 20 pounds30 x 30 x 42 inches
Winsome Wood Cora 3-Piece Round Pub Table Check Price
Winsome Wood Cora 3-Piece Round Pub Table 21 pounds
23.6 x 23.6 x 40 inches

Reviews Of 11 Best Pedestal Tables

5. Classic Black 5 Piece Round Dining Set

Classic Black 5 Piece Round Dining SetThe Classic Black finishing is one of my favorites table in this discussion but that wasn’t the reason is coming first. Nevertheless, if you want a pedestal dining table, this is one suggestion. It comes with four chairs which saves you cost of buying them separately and all given at a reasonable priced.

Although this particular one is black, it’s also available in different colors. But as for me, I prefer the color black as it can match with any acoustic.  The solid hardwood table does fit smaller rooms perfectly and may just be wonderful for those having small living room. To recall, featured a 42 inch diameter and 30 inch in height.


  • Nice for small rooms
  • Elegant and beautiful look
  • 4 side chair included in the package
  • Feet under the legs to prevent screech


  • It does not come assembled
  • Not a full size dining table

2. East West Furniture DLT-BCH-TP Round Table

East West Furniture DLT-BCH-TP Round TableThe East West Furniture company is the brain behind the making of this table and the creative craft is just cool for any modern environment. Nice for homes, business settings and thus two sides chair can be place at both sides for two persons.

This craft work comes in black and cherry finishing and also feature 2x 9 inch Drop leaves. From bottom to the top is a combination of an Asian solid wood for longevity of the dinette table. The easy to set up pedestal round table measure 42 L x 42 W x 29.5 dimension.


  • Average height
  • Hard wood last long
  • Modern appearance
  • Nice for two side chairs
  • Breezy set up within few minutes


  • Only accommodates two seats
  • Like the first table, needs to be assembled

3. East West Furniture HLT-CHR-T Round Table

East West Furniture HLT-CHR-T Round TableThis is another East West Furniture with round edges just like the previous one above. The major difference is the round top design, this with an attached covered beneath the surface.

Another difference is the finishing, the first East West was a mixture of cherry and black but this HLT CHR-T however comes in light cherry finishing.  The entire body is made from 100% solid wood and installed with 4 sturdy legs dimension remains as the same with the one in comparison above.


  • Not expensive
  • Fit smaller rooms
  • Top notch appearance
  • Straight forward set up instructions


  • Heavy
  • Assembling required
  • Some user complains about low height
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 29.5 inches

4. Kardiel TULIP-TBL-WHT-70X70 Round Table Fiberglass White

Kardiel TULIP-TBL-WHT-70X70 Round Table Fiberglass WhiteFor those looking for a fiber glass table top, Kardiel turn out to be the greatest deal for you. The challenge you may encounter is the whooping sum that need to be paid to get Kardiel Tuilp pedestal table. And if you were able to offer the price, you’ll get the monetary value for your money in exchange. This table comes solid and beautiful. Featured a heavy base with no skid padding beneath as such will remain firmly to the ground to secure the glass top.

The finishing of the Kardiel Tulip round table is superb, no paint coat or bubbles associated unlike most inspired table of its kind. Most relevantly, the high loss 100% shinning fiber glass, makes it stand out from the competition and I know you’re going like it. In addition, the height and width perfectly accommodate two sides’ chairs. I therefore, recommend the 28 inch diameter white table for guest rooms, special events, and offices and first class business owners.


  • Table for two persons
  • Great for small spaces
  • Aluminum support base
  • 5 inch thick 100% fiber glass top


  • Costly
  • It is heavy
  • Needs to be assembled

5. International Concepts Round Top Pedestal Table

International Concepts Round Top Pedestal TableYou might have be worried about your kitchen size in view of which table can accommodate the left over small space. To help you answer the unending thought and desire, we here to announce this round top 30 inch pedestal table as one great piece of furniture for small kitchen. The finishing is more of ancient look but greatly matches any kitchen decoration, be it traditional or modern kitchens.

This table is made from Parawood which is scientifically referred to as Hevea Brasiliensis. The Hevea wood is known for strength which translates into durability in any furniture it is used for and also low cost to maintain. The International Concept table comes with standard chair height with 4 legs support that holds the butcher block top upright. Meanwhile, you can conveniently arrange 3 chairs round the tables without clustering each other.


  • Durable wood
  • For small kitchens
  • Takes up to 3 chairs


  • It is expensive
  • Like the rest of tables, set up required

6. Boraam 71542 Florence Pub Table Walnut Color

Boraam 71542 Florence Pub Table Walnut ColorThe walnut color table from bottom to the top is constructed with hard solid wood that confirms its durability. Even customers reviews attest to its lifespan owing to the fact of the quality of the wood they saw on arrival. The round top is approximately 30 inch diameter while the height from ground level is 42 inch.

Also, the carved and apron pedestal design table featured claw and a ball feet. In addition, has a Surnburt veener top which makes it suitable for events places and nice for two people dinning or games playing. However, the warranty and support backing this Boraam 71542 Florence is only available to those who bought the products from authorized vendors.


  • Nice finishing
  • Perfect for restaurant
  • Designed with wood with strength


  • It’s expensive
  • Can only accommodates two seats

7. International Concepts K581-30RT Pedestal Dining Table Espresso

International Concepts K581-30RT Pedestal Dining Table EspressoAlso highlighting in this pedestal tables reviews is another International Concepts product which is K581-30RT model. This K5 has some similar features with that of the one designed with Hevea Parawood but however, K581-30RT is built with solid wood that last long. It features a butcher surface top with standard dinning chair height which makes us recommend it as the best pedestal dining table chair in this review.

The design would conveniently occupy four standard chairs with space in between making it a nice choice for family of 4 persons.  Other features includes the table distance from apron to bottom is two and half inch, four base feet serving as support holding the block top surface and Espresso finishing.


  • Durable
  • Standard chair height
  • For family of 4 dining table
  • Low to maintain (cleaning only)


  • Also expensive
  • Not for small parlors or sitting rooms

8. Flash Furniture 31.5” Round Glass Table

Flash Furniture 31.5'' Round Glass TableIf you don’t like wooden or fiber glass, you may also check this classic table featuring a tempered glass top. The round glass table comes in sturdy, beautiful and stylish design which will fit into your apartment. This product is very easy to assemble together. Out of the box, screw the bottom to the pole with the two washers and bolts. After that, screw the top to the pole as well while using the bolt and two washers.

To be frank about this furniture, the price of $86+ is just too less compared to most expensive tempered glass units and yet still possess quality.  The 29” height table can be used as a cocktail table and also for offices environment.


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Easy to put together


  • Not a nice for kid’s environment.

9. Cain 36″ Round Breakroom Table Cherry

Cain 36" Round Breakroom Table CherryThis comes in a sturdy stylish X base that makes the Cain round table balance on the floor. The Base is however constructed with high quality metal steel frame which accounts for its durable nature. In addition, featuring a height of 42 inches that makes Cain table great for break rooms, reception areas, lounges, cafes and kitchen as well.

This table design and dimension allows for two persons discussion facing each other. Table top is one inch thick and constructed with Melamine Fuse Thelma. The top surface is powdered coated to protect it from scratches while also featuring a matte finishing. Easy to wipe clean as maintenance tip and finally tag with 10 years manufacturer warranty.


  • Nice finishing
  • Solid sturdy design
  • Coated surface protection


  • A bit pricy
  • Takes only 2 seats

10. Flash Furniture 30” Round Wood Cocktail Table

This flashing furnitureFlash Furniture 30'' Round Wood Cocktail Table is another great table in this best pedestal tables reviews and guide. 30 inch standing tall with round corners of 30” and 42 columns. The framing of this table and height specs makes it a perfection for outdoors use especially for cocktail events or party’s.

More so, the top layer is coated with Quadruple Polyurthane and also the bottom as well. In addition, features a rust resistant steel frame. I like this cocktail innovation table because dusting with clean clothes and also well priced. The aluminum base is another acclaimed features that makes it leveled on the ground.


  • Cheap
  • Great design
  • Dining table for restaurants
  • Protected top and bottom with coating


  • Ideal for outdoors use
  • Not for more than 2 chairs

11. Winsome Wood Cora 3-Piece Round Pub Table

Winsome Wood Cora 3-Piece Round Pub TableIf you want a Pub table with stool, I recommend you check this Winsome Wood Cora. Winesome tables comes standardly with 2 swivel chairs which can be adjusted to any height of your choice and also clothed in PU leather. However, the table features a marble top with brown tone finishing giving a timeless look to the Wood Cora constructed table.

Winesome table also comes in with sophisticated appearance base with black metal accent that compliments the general design. The table has a dimension of 23.6 x 23.6 x 40 inches while the chairs featured 15.1″W x 15.25″D x 33.8″H dimension.


  • Include two stools
  • Adjustable stool height


  • Heavy
  • Suitable for public use

Top Recommendation

Judging from the reviews, the following are the best recommended tables. It is just a suggestion, you can however scrutinize from the table guide if these where not too specific to you:

Best Pedestal Tables: Buying Guide

Is there anything to consider before purchasing a pedestal table? Yes, there are considerations which needs attention and this generally depends on individual needs. Everyone with his or her own choice of table due to one reasons and the other. I’ve been opportune to interview some sets of people randomly on the type of pedestal table they like and everyone gave different answers. Some majorly emphasis on white pedestal table which is a matter of color finishing. Nevertheless, below are worth of things to keep in mind if you intend shopping for a table of pedestal style and design

Shape: There are diverse shapes of pedestal table’s online/local stores. As long the table is only suspended by a center pillar or column is however called a pedestal design. But for the shapes we can’t not really mention them all but the popular design is the round, rectangular and oval shapes. And among the shapes description as outlined, the round top surface pedestals are the most common, even from the reviews above you’ll notice we only featured the round shapes tables.

Where to use? The environment to which you intend using your table is most influential to picking the best one. Here, you need to consider the design and the overall finishing ensuring that it matches with your proposed settings. There are models for homes, offices and restaurants etc. and we have reviewed some above for you to judge.

Size: Depending on how big or small is your space should be the determinant factor to the size of table to pick. If you run a small cooking or fast food business, you need to purchase a pedestal table that occupy small space so as to install more units. Likewise for those with small home or office spaces follow suit and vice versa for larger spaces.

Weight: Lightweight units allow for easy transporting and heavy units may be too bulky. If you intend moving the table more often, then it is wise to look for a model that can be convenient for you. You can check the comparison table for weight and dimension.

Set Up: This tables do not come assembled which means you have to put it together once it arrived. Pedestal table assembling is not difficult because they come with set up guide and instructions. Nevertheless, try as much as possible to find a unit that won’t be too difficult to fix together.

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Final Words,

We @, has taken time to research on top 50 pedestal tables. We analyzed each of them following our standard set up criteria including customer reviews. In the end, we were able to fish out 11 tables from the top 50 listed sampled which will find well for their construction and worth. We believe you will make a better choice from the top list. Have a wonderful day.