Are humidifiers good for a plants? This article is on the best plant humidifiers. If you have indoor plants, low humidity can affect them, ESPECIALLY during the winter. As such, you can look for ways to increase humidity to prevents your plants from dying.

Best Plant Humidifiers Reviews: Which One for Plants is Best In 2020?

Remember, winter is a cold period and comes with dry air. At this time, when you are trying to find warmth around your fireplace or heating up your home, the indoor plant is also suffering from a lack of moisture, thereby causing the plant to look dull and wilting. When you humidify your home, not only will the plant benefit from the mists. Your family also gets relief from dry skin, eyes, sinusitis, etc. as such, the best humidifier for indoor plants indirectly favors the entire household.

A gardener once said by adding moisture indoor reduces the evapo-transpiration rate. For this reason, plant humidifiers are in high demand in the winter. And since there’s plenty of them, people find it tiring to know which one will be good for their plantings. Therefore, our team has done the research and came up with a list of small humidifiers for plant environment utilization. Below is the comparison table, followed by the reviews and other important information regarding how to buy the best type of humidifier for plants.

Top recommendation

  • Editor’s choice: Everlasting Comfort (This deliver mist up to 50 straight hours and covers up to 500 square feet area.)
  • Best for large room: Hupro top fill (It is easy to clean, leak free proof design + one year warranty)
  • Best for small plant room: Pure Enrichment MistAire (If your space is small, the Pure Enrichment is a great choice) 
  • Best pick: Honeywell HCM350W (Produces germ-free mist for your plants keeping them healthy)
  • Best for grow tent: GENIANI Cool Mist (Smart design with automatic shut off)  

5 Best Plant Humidifiers Reviews

1. Best for Large Plant Room: Everlasting Comfort

Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers (for Bedroom with Essential Oil Tray)

Like the question has always been raised, which humidifier is good for plant? To answer this, any humidifier is good as long it can release humidity for at least 12hours nonstop as the plant will need humidity for long hours for living. Therefore, Everlasting comfort is one of the recommended for plants. The unit comes with a fair capacity water tank of 6liters, which allows the device to provide humidity for straight 50hours. Though it is advisable to place the humidifier close to your indoor plants, however, this Everlasting comfort model is great for a 500square area. The vaporizer has automatic shut-off functioning, and this turns the unit off whenever water runs out to keep it safe and damaging.

Our + for this

  • Has no filter to replace. 
  • It releases plenty of humidity that reduces bacteria or airborne viruses.
  • Designed to produce cool mist air and also equipped with essential oil try to keep your home air fragrance.   
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2. Best for Greenhouse: Hupro Humidifier  

Best Plant Humidifiers Reviews

The plant humidifier we think best for increasing humidity in a room goes to this Hupro product. The maker of this humidity producing device specifically manufactured it for room’s coverage. As such, from our point of view, if your plants are housed inside the room, then picking Hurpo is a smart choice. This amazing unit works significantly if your room is not bigger than 377 square feet. At reduced speed, this plant humidifier lasts up to thirty-six hours operation. This duration is powered by three liters tank reservoir and 3 level controls let you determine output speed. Found in this device an easy touch button control. It also has a remote system that lets you operate it seamlessly while on your bed or sitting. Its air ionization features purify the air by generating over 300 million ions that safeguard the atmosphere.  

Our + for this

  • Easy to clean
  • Has an 8hrs timer
  • Leak-free proof design
  • 1 year warranty
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3. Best for Grow Tent: GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist

GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist

Gainsaying, to create humidity friendly environment for indoor plants, it is very important you place the humidifier in a location close to where the plant will receive the moisture essentially. To achieve this, you need to get a stood near your flowering plants. Place the unit on it, doing so will supply humidity faster to the green plant. However, you need a very portable humidifier such as the GENIANI. The portable and lightweight and also has a minimized dimension ensuring it stays balanced on the stood-top perfectly. This unit features a two-year warranty, which means a risk-free purchase. Besides, a 2-in-one functionality, lets you humidify and also diffuse favorite’s essential into your air. The smart mode helps monitors a balance of humidity, thanks to the built-in-intelligent sensor. You can manually adjust the moisturizing speed by choosing a high, medium, or low setting.

Our + for this

  • Low room noise of 38dcibel sound
  • Great for babies or nursery beds
  • Portable and space saving
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4. Pure Enrichment MistAire XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist

Pure Enrichment MistAire XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist

The Mistaire is one of the smallest humidifiers as regards this best plant humidifiers comparison. The size is great for tight space like around your plant to moisturize the leaves during operation, but the little footprints don’t underestimate its performance at all. Confidently speaking, 10 – 24 hours this ultrasonic product runs continuously supplying cool mist and this is supported by the help 1-gallon tank that delivers water to it. It is built for 500 square coverage, as such ideal for large bedrooms, office settings and other places that have flowers or green plants. The portable unit safely shut-down once the water level is low or the tank is removed from the parent body. In conclusion, we saw this device as one of the best variable mist control humidifiers that let users achieve a gauge humidity range for their plant’s room (greenhouse). You can also check the more details below.

Our + for this

  • Runs quietly.
  • Up to 24hrs of providing humidity for your plant.
  • Has an optional led light of different colors such as green, blue, or red)
  • Back up with 5yrs warranty.
  • The shipping comes with the power adapter, user manual, and brush for cleaning the disc.   
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5. Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free for Plants Humidity

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free for Plants Humidity

The Honeywell HCM in this plant humidifier review for a greenhouse is the last but not the, least when it comes to performance. Besides, we did not have a ranking order, as such, don’t think otherwise. As a matter of concern, this is the only product that has germ cooling ability, though it’s a cool mist but has been designed in such a way that it destroys germs during its operation. Therefore, you’re guaranteed safe air to breathe, thanks to the UV technology installed in it. Subsequently, the one-gallon unit can work for twenty-four hours nonstop and it is equipped with a 1 gallon (3.7 liters) tank. It is noiseless, hence, a serene environment is a sure moment garden or home. We also love the fact that is not heavy even though the size looks bulky.  

Our + for this

  • Easy to transport 
  • Destroys or kills germs. 
  • Suitable for both babies and the adult environment.
  • Not expensive like most humidifiers for plants out there. 
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How To Raise Humidity For House Plants

Since we know the plant does well in an environment with optimal humidity levels. It becomes a responsibility to ensure that our house plant has the right humidity for better growing and living. But if you don’t know the optimal humidity level that is okay for an indoor plant, a 30 – 60 percent is globally required.

How do you keep track of humidity present in the home? Measuring it with an instrument called a hygrometer (humidity monitor) gives accuracy. If you don’t have this device, you can purchase it from local or online stores. With the help of a youtube video, you’ll able to discover how to use it properly. 

The next thing is how to increase the humidity level if it is lower. Consequently, a higher value means you need a dehumidifying machine. These two method works but the option depend on you:

  • Bowl of water:

This technique is usually a cost-effective way to increase atmospheric vapor levels because what you need is a bowl and water while placing it close to the plants. While this method is relatively cheap, it may require time for the water to evaporate. Besides, the bowl can easily be kicked by anyone, especially if you have children.

  • Use a humidifier:

This device is helpful if you want to increase the amount of moisture in the air. If your home air is dry or facing difficult breathing problems due to reduced humidity, using a humidifier provides a faster humidity distribution. 

This appliance exists in different types and models. There are some for single rooms, personal space, and an entire house supplying. Hence, you need to check several products when choosing to know the right one to pick. 

For instance, the best humidifier for plants reviewed above is not for the whole house application. Therefore, it will be wrong, buying any of these items for such use. There are some for single rooms, personal space, and an entire house supplying. 

How To Choose The Best Plant Humidifier

What we discussed below are some criteria to choose the best product for your in-house plant:

  • Size of the room: 

Rooms are of different sizes or dimensions. A small room is an enclosed space of not more than 300 square feet, while large rooms are usually 500 sq. ft. measurement. The  GENIANI Top Fill is our best pick for small-sized plant rooms. For large plant rooms, we picked Everlasting Comfort. Nevertheless, the essence of knowing your room size is to help you buy according to your demand. Because investing in something lesser to the coverage area will result in an inefficient working cycle and vice versa. 

  • Placement: 

You want to ensure humidity is reaching your plant sufficiently, and that’s why you want to shop for a humidifier. Consequently, do not place the unit too close to the plant. A 1-meter distance should be allowed because humidifiers have fans that blow the moisture. When it is too close, it can result in a draught, thereby leading to wilting.

  • Maintenance: 

It is very dangerous to run humidifiers without cleaning. When you do this, bacteria, germs, or molds will grow inside the tank, and over time, the unit will disperse them alongside the mist it’s releasing, which will contaminate the air. To prevent such happening, thoroughly clean and change filters – if the unit you bought has one. Every manufacturer clearly states how and when to clean their products. So endeavor to consult the user manual for this information. The bottom line, choose a humidifier that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What type of humidifier is best for plants? 

Generally, cool or evaporative mist humidifiers are best for the plant environment. As such, you do not need a warm mist model since plants are not human beings that feel cold.

  • Are humidifiers good for plants? 

This device is ideal for plants depending on how effective you can use it. If you humidify above the 60% level, it is not okay for plant survivors, and below 30 percent not favorable to their thriving. Therefore, let your plant room humidity level be btw (30 to 60) percent. 

  • What kind of humidifier do I need for a grow room? 

As stated earlier in the first question answered, the coolmist humidifier is the recommend kind/type.  

Wrapping It Up

Winter is known for its low humidity. As a farmer, gardener, or some who owns a grow tent, the moisture in these places would be affected. 

The way forward is to prepare for the future by investing in humidity devices such as the best plant humidifiers, as seen on this page. All relevant point to guide you through the selection is well detailed. 

Also, with the comparison table, no daunting process. You can compare them side by side. Thanks for taking the time to read through this piece of content on the best plant humidifiers. 

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