In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the best portable massage chair found in the market place. If you need portable massage therapy, this guide features the best products that you can consider. The list consists of units from popular massage chair brands, such as the Earthlite, Stronglite, NGR massage Chair Company and the likes of the others. For you to pick the right products that will meet your needs, our massage portable chair reviews are provided with details that differentiate them. From the comparison table below, it makes it easier to decide by scrutinizing the various features side-by-side given that the best massage chair portable from 2018 – 2019. 

Best Portable Massage Chair Comparison Table

Product Name
Bestmassage Therapy Spa ChairBest Portable Massage Chair Reviews: Best 7 Picks of 2020
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  • Price: $
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Item weight: 38 pounds
  • Dimension: Not specified

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Master Professional Portable Massage Chair
Bestmassage Therapy Spa Chair Check On Amazon

  • Price: $$$
  • Weight: 650lbs lbs
  • Item weight: 29.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 43 x 20 x 11 inch

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EARTHLITE VORTEX Chair Check On Amazon

  • Price: $$$+
  • Weight: 300lbs lbs
  • Item weight: 15 pounds
  • Dimension:29 x 19 x 51 inches

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STRONGLITE Portable Chair Ergo Pro
STRONGLITE Portable Chair Ergo Pro Check On Amazon

  • Price: $$$+
  • Weight: 600lbs lbs
  • Item weight: 1 pounds
  • Dimension:Not specified

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NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair
NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair Check On Amazon

  • Price:$$+
  • Weight: 300lbs lbs
  • Item weight: 18 pounds
  • Dimension:Not specified

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Oakworks PKG7110-T01 Portal Pro Chair
Oakworks PKG7110-T01 Portal Pro Chair Check On Amazon

  • Price: $$$$+
  • Weight: 300lbs lbs
  • Item weight: 30 pounds
  • Dimension:73 x 31 x 36 inches

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Giantex Massage Spa Chair with Travel Case
Giantex Massage Spa Chair with Travel Case Check On Amazon

  • Price: $+
  • Weight: 360lbs lbs
  • Item weight: 20 lbs
  • Dimension:30 X 19 X 45 inches

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Top 7 Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

1. Bestmassage Therapy Spa Chair

Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews: Best 7 Picks of 2020

How portable a massage therapy chair can be is a matter of size and weight. This Tattoo chair features a smaller dimension and can be folded easily while the weight of 38 pounds allows for quick transporting or storage.

We like this professional chair as it has the capacity of carrying a weight of 300lbs when instability position while up to 700lbs in the static capacity. The chair features high-density cushion foam making it comfortable for customers.

In addition, equipped with PU leather upholstery and this is resistant to water and oil stain. Also, it has a frame coated with electrostatic powder to prevent nicks, scratches, and rusts. The face cradle of this best massage chair can be adjusted. Top of the promises, you’ll access a big layered pillow with a carry case.  Even though the price is a factor of a hindrance, consumer stills love going for it as their favorites unit.

Our + for this 

  • Holds up 300 lbs user weight 
  • Sturdy and lightweight weight design 
  • Easy to fold, transport, or store away
  • Has a quick release locking system and slip-free footing 
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2. Master Professional Portable Massage Chair

Bestmassage Therapy Spa Chair

This massage chair is a bit expensive than the previous products but boasts of plenty of high-end portable anesthetics. The chair has an overall weight of 29.6 pounds, and the size is 43 x 20 x 11 inches.

We recommend it ideal for sports therapists, professional masseuse, and students’ use due to the versatile positioning and strength, the aircraft aluminum frame provides the Master Massage chair,

Folding of the chair takes less than 2minutes, and it folds for easy transporting to any location. Features a 2-inch thick layer cushion that offers users maximal comfort while the leather upholstery guarantees quality and long-lasting life. It is also oil and water resistant. 

The durable frame supports a weight capacity of up to 650lbs. The frame is electrostatic powder-coated. As such, withstand against scratches, nicks, and rusting, which is a problem most portable massage chair.

Our + for this 

  • Oil and water-resistant 
  • Less bulky and lightweight 
  • Reinforce frame offers promises long life
  • Accommodates up to 600lbs pounds 
  • It has a 6-way adjustable face cradle, memory foam pillow, storage space, and carrying-case. 
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This unit comes from one of the world’s leading and most trusted Massage Company that has been in existence since 1987, which is over 32 years of being in the industry of making portable massage chairs. 

The engineering of this product from them is to enable professional massagers and other sports therapists to provide satisfactory services to customers with a quality chair.

The complete portable unit is one of the lightest chairs on the market, weighing only 15bls, easy to travel with yet made from aircraft-grade materials, which also boasts of the long span.

Most relevantly, the Earthlite massage chair multiple faces, arm, and seat adjustments for optimal client comfort. Its quick set-up with the armrest and seat adjustments privilege accommodates different users.

Our + for this

  • The adjustable seat is suitable for different clients.  
  • Rugged frame construction with air-craft standard aluminum
  • Designed to fold easily, lightweight, and store away it effortlessly.
  • Back up with a 3-years warranty on the upholstery and cushions. It also features a lifetime warranty on the frame for peace of mind purchase. 
  • Included in the purchase nylon carry case, padded shoulder pad, and sternum pad.
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4. STRONGLITE Portable Chair Ergo Pro

STRONGLITE Portable Chair Ergo Pro

How much is a massage chair? They worth a fortune, but this Stronglite massage chair is one of the affordable massage products out there with robust features.

It is sturdy, very portable, lightweight, and made from heavy grade alloy aluminum. It also finished with high gloss powder coating. The whole duty of the strong-frame is for the Stronglite to accommodate clients whose weight may be up to 600lbs.

Also possible to adjust the portable chair height from 4’6 up to 6’6 inch to meet different client massage therapy needs. The compact folding of this unit allows for easy to move and store, thanks to the wheels that’s makes it easier to move around.

One aspect we like, the Lite offers a versatile position such as adjusting the chest pad to slides and tilts, fully adjust the face cradle and seats as well. The removable legs pads and adjustable armrests are perfect for the injured and disable persons.

Our + for this

  • Install with wheels to transporting 
  • Holds people up to 600lbs 
  • Features high gloss powder-coated finishing 
  • The spa chair is built to last you with a high-end component
  • Almost every part of the chair can be adjusted to meet your client. 
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5. NRG Grasshopper Massage Chair

NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair

If you are looking for an NGR massage chair, this Grasshopper model from them is one choice to examine. The features are great for professional portable massagers, and it’s built to last you for years. 

Whether you want to use for indoor or outdoor services, the lightweight construction would let you pick and lift everywhere you want it without stress. Plus, the carrying case included makes it grab and go!

It comes fully adjusted, such as the seat, head, chest, and arm-support rest for both the client and you to achieve the best of the therapy treatment session. Besides, your client will sit comfortably on a smooth upholstery, which is easy to clean for the chair to resist the effects of aging and stains. 

The black color finishing is another anesthetic that blends with every décor because it’s a universal color. Consumers reports about this portable best massage chair designed by the NGR brand is overwhelming that you may also read on the product page.

Our + for this

  • Easy to set up and adjustment 
  • Features a working weight of 300 lbs 
  • It comes with the carrying case 
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum 
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6. Oakworks PKG7110-T01 Portal Pro Chair

Oakworks PKG7110-T01 Portal Pro Chair

If you need something above the normal students or beginners’ level, we recommend you check out the Oakworks. This pro massaging chair is classic from the look and well-built with to last long years of use. The Oakworks PKG7110-T01 can support a weight load 350lbs without being affected, thanks to the installed rigid and sturdy frames that keep the unit balancing on the floor.

One of the unusual features is the design and portability that occupy small spaces. You can even include this versatile in your office area for a relaxing work-out. Not only does it look beautiful, but weightless, few step folding and storing. The tubular frame design and aircraft aluminum used in the constructing provides the Oakworks massage chair strength, unlike rival products.

The Pro Portal also allows for 360-degree ergonomic access to the cervical, thoracic, including the lumbar spine, as well as the scapula and shoulder regions, making it an excellent massage chair for maintaining proper body mechanics during even the most strenuous massage modalities. Additionally, the PVC- free premium polyurethane fabric has excellent resistance to oil, abrasion, and tears.

Our + for this

  • Beautifully made 
  • Quick folding and storage 
  • Designed for the weight of 350lbs 
  • Great for homes, offices and massage clinics, or centers
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7. Giantex Massage Spa Chair with Travel Case

Giantex Massage Spa Chair with Travel Case

We are rounding up this best portable massage chair review section with this Giantex product. It coming in the last position doesn’t mean less power or features. It is one of the best travel massage chairs you’ll find in the online or local stores.

We love this chair because it’s a portable model and foldable flat design with a carrying case that makes the Gaintex space-saving and easy for storage.

One of the greatest-features for this unit to serve you for a prolonged year’s timing is the powder coating aluminum, including the hard-to-tear PU leather. The leather does not absorb oil or liquids substances as such no offensive odors to be inhaled by clients. This chair fits different body types and promises of a comfortable and body relaxation for customers.

Our + for this 

  • It is cheap
  • Perfect for personal or business use
  • Durable PU leather 
  • Compact fold design 
  • Built with aluminum compounds 
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What Are The Benefits Of A Massage Therapy

At-home massage therapy can boost your health and adds as a supplement to another form of indoor exercise. A few years ago, people, go to a Spa Center to get a massage, but improvement in technology has made it easier to massage yourself right inside your house. 

You can check some of the different massager devices such as Massage chair | Eye MassagerBack Recliners | Massage Table | Foot Massager, etc.  

Here are the benefits of massage treatment:
  • Reduces stress: Getting a professional massage at a spa or homely relaxes the body and at the same time reduces stress by unwinding yourself. You can visit a spa clinic or use a portable massage chair as an alternative.
  • Improve circulation: Massaging the body losses tightness of muscles, which in return leads to an improve blood circulation in the body. This therapy also reduces tiredness and helps in managing pains.
  • Reduction: If you want to get rid of chronic stiffness, or lower back, getting a massage therapy is a way forward. You can take a timeout and book an appointment with a professional therapist or get a massage chair for home use.
  • Improve Flexibility: It has been discovered that massaging the body makes it flexible, and that’s why most athletics go on massage sessions regularly.
  • Improve sleep: Tight and tensed muscles can cause a sleepless night. Therefore to sleep well, massaging the muscles relaxes the organs for deep sleeping.
  • Lessen fatigue: Massaging boosts people’s mood, relieving tiredness, making them fit for the next day job.
  • Alleviate anxiety and depression: It has been discovered that endorphins released in the process of massage therapy make people energized with a feeling of happiness.
What Is Portable Electric Massage Chair

A portable massage chair is defined as a compact, lightweight, and foldable massage tool that allows for easy transporting from one place to the other. Typical examples are a model that comes with wheels to move it around.    

Who Uses Portable Massage Chairs

This equipment is usually designed for massage chair therapist. Though, are popular among registered masseuse, students, chiropractors, sports therapist, etc.

How To Choose The Best Portable Massage Chair

Budget: Massage chairs for sale prices vary and its essential aspect features to consider. Spending more is going to help you get a better quality and last longer compared to cheaper units with low-quality designs and materials.

Size: No portable massage chair looks the same in size. More so, a portable chair must not have to be bulky for it to accommodate more weight. Plenty of light-weighted models can comfortably fit taller and shorter.

Folding and Storage: Look for products that can be easy to fold and store-way. Also, transporting matters as well, compact units are impressive choices.

Wrapping it up

Although many portable massage chairs are on the market, price value, comfort, and durableness are clear-specifications for knowing the best client massage chair. 

Remember how heavy a key is too, as well. From the list, Earthlite Vortex is lightweight and mobile for therapist home services. As for a budget-friendly unit, the runner up is the Tattoo Therapy Chair.

You can also compare the different options showcase on the comparison table for personal choice. One more thing, all the product features in this our portable massage chair reviews are available on Amazon, and some of them have free shipping. 

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