Have you decided to spy on the best smartwatches on the market, or probably you want to know which the best smartwatch to buy is? That’s a bold step. Smartwatches are one of the trendy kinds of watches in the market place. Buying one sometimes proves difficult because they are a huge investment and as such, nobody wants to lose out of the best deal. Since these watches are for both kids and adults, it is wise to know what you are investing in, whether for the young ones or olds.

To keep you smart and time conscious, we’re going to be showing you some of the best smartwatches reviews. If you don’t have time, see the comparison table below. You can compare features and decide to save your precious time. However, if you have any other questions bothering you about smart-watch, we also cover most frequently asked questions after the buying guide, and at the same time recommendation for the money. 

Best Smartwatcehes Comparison Table

Product Name
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch SM-R800 – Fashionable
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  • Price: $$$
  • OS: Android + iOS
  • Battery Life: 96 hours
  • Weight: 2.88 ounces

Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series
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  • Price:$$$
  • OS: Watch OS5
  • Battery Life: 18 hours
  • Weight: 1.05 oz

Ticwatch Pro Premium Best Corporate Smartwatch
Ticwatch Pro Premium
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  • Price: $$
  • OS: Wear OS
  • Battery Life: 5 days
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier SmartwatchSamsung Gear S3
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  • Price:$$
  • OS: Android + iOS
  • Battery Life: 72 hour
  • Weight: 2.24 ounces

Fitbit Versa - Best Smartwatch for Sport
Fitbit Versa
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  • Price: $
  • OS: Fitbit OS
  • Battery Life: 96 hours
  • Weight: 5.12 ounces

Garmin voactive 3 GPS SmartwatchGarmin vívoactive
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  • Price: $$
  • OS: Proprietary OS
  • Battery Life: 7 days
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces

Apple Watch Series 3 Apple Series 3
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  • Price: $
  • OS: iOS
  • Battery Life: 18 hours
  • Weight: 0.68 oz

Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch
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  • Price: $$
  • OS: android wear 2.0
  • Battery Life: 48 hours
  • Weight: 2.13 ounces

Skagen Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch Skagen Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch
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  • Price: $$
  • OS: Wear OS
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces

Emporio Armani Touchscreen ART5003Emporio Armani Touchscreen Smart-watch ART5003
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  • Price: $$$
  • OS: Android 2.0
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • Weight: .68 pounds


Top 10 Best Smartwatches Reviews in 2020

1. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch SM-R800 – Fashionable

Best Smartwatches Reviews: -Top 10 Picks [2019 -2020] Edition

This SM R800 is one of the best smartwatches Samsung has ever made. I’m loving it because it’s nice, and affordable making me not spend more getting the Samsung galaxy. You too, can have this on and be smarter viewing updates on time and also tracking your health status.

The US version is water-resistant, so whether you’re caught by sudden rain or want to swim, there is no need for removing the Samsung Galaxy because it is fully protected against water damage. This watch also lets you connect with your smartphone or android via a Bluetooth connection, thereby bringing you closer to your mobile while accessing everything you want to do.

Battery life is another nice anesthetic that keeps Samsung SMR800 ahead of competitive watches. From a single charging of the watch, you can use it up to 96 hours which is about 4-days at a stretch. Top of the offer comes with a wireless charger that lets you power the device, which also removes wire clutter.

This comes with a good storing room such as 0.75 memory and 4GB RAM to house all of your storage demands. While the connectivity specification is rated 802.11 b/g/n and 2.4GHz Bluetooth v4.2. This watch is available in 3 colors and 2-sizes making it possible to choose what best describes your color combination and size. Also, it comes with extra straps; small and large to customize the size you want.

Additional information on how to use or troubleshoot some features is available inside the Samsung manual that comes with the shipping. You can also check verified customer reviews on amazon which we highly recommend as this also formed the basis for the strong decision and actionable step of buying.

Our + for this

  • Travel adaptor
  • User manual
  • 1 year warranty
  • Tracks health event
  • Resistant to water penetration

Our minus for this

  • Expensive
  • Short warranty period
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2. Apple Watch Series 4 – Best Cheap Smartwatch for Iphone

Reviews of 10 Best Smartwatches of 2020

Apple is one of the renowned brands in the world today as they offer the best class and quality products that satisfy customers need. As such we’re pleased to announce Series 4 from this company in this best smartwatches reviews and guide for your consideration. Though Apple products are generally expensive this smartwatch is one of the affordable craft when it comes to smartwatch buy. 

The fundamental design is more than just an ordinary traditional watch because you’ll get more than expected from a wristwatch. This serie4s comes featuring a heart rate sensor, so if you want to get health updates, this is something to put the investment on. 

Testing out the feature, with the EEG on your wrist, you will able to know if your heart beating rate is on the low or high level. This also takes track of irregular heart rhythm. Also, fall detection or emergency required. The overall statement here, you get active health feedback when using the Apple S4 smartwatch. 

It is also a nice recommendation for those in the sport or athletic world serving as an ultimate workout assistant. If you do hiking or yoga, don’t miss out on our second position smartwatch because you can do more and track your progress over time with automatic workout detection. The pace and cadence alert is advanced features designed for runners. This feature lets them see up to 5 metrics ahead to plan training duration. 

You can also share your activities with friends regarding training and others. Most relevantly, moving from the watch aspect, the S4 let you receive messages, phone calls, access apple podcast, and music. This best smartwatch can be synchronized with Siri Shortcut for easy access to all your favorites’ apples. 

Our + for this

  • Receive calls, messages and others
  • Listen to music directly on the phone
  • Records health events and exercise activities

Our minus for this

  • You can’t connect to external speaker to play music but you can use the Bluetooth speaker with it.
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3. Ticwatch Pro Premium – Best Corporate Smartwatch

Ticwatch Pro Premium

Every one of our watches highlighted here has one unique or special features that make it a smartwatch. If going by a battery that offers a long life from a single charge, Ticwatch Pro is one runner up in this best smartwatch reviews. 

The long battery duration which starts from 2 – 30 days places this premium Ticwatch ahead of rivals and this long-lasting hour is achieved through its two modes and 2-layer technology. The smart mode guarantees two days of battery life while the essential mode lasts up to 30-days but if you choose Auto-Switch-To-Essential is-Turned-On, battery life drops to 5 days maximum. 

Unfortunately, you’re warned not to charge this device on any 2.1A fast charging source because there might be consequences. To power, this smart hand wristwatch, charge it from a computer that has a USB technology or use a 5V 1amps USB power adapter. 

This comes featuring Google Assistant, Wear OS developed by Google, and thousands of other apps you will love. You can also watch faces via Google Play Store and many more. The LCD power-saving display featured high-end visibility sunrays, so if you’re under the sun you’ll still see clearly. From the display, view information such as date, time, step counter, and also heart rate details. 

You are not left out of fitness and health tracking because it can monitor your heart rate, tell you calories you’ve burned, and distance covered. It also comes with come with speed and cadence monitor and GPS tracker. 

Making a payment online from a smartwatch is also possible using Ticwatch pro as it comes with NFC payments. As such you can purchase from millions of stores online using Google Pay without messing with your wallet – peradventure, anything happens, you’re promised of 30 days money back refund.

Our + for this 

  • LCD 
  • Long battery life 
  • GPS tracker and heart rate monitor
  • Buy and make a payment from your wrist-watch. 

Our minus for this 

  • Expensive 
  • Several complain about battery failure

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4. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Do you want a smartwatch that can last at least 3 days? If yes, we proudly bring to your awareness Samsung Gear S3. This Gear series is installed with a Li-ion battery type of size 380mAh and the manufacturer design it to ensure you don’t run out of power extending up to three days use. More so, it comes with a wireless charger that enables you to top up battery life. 

This comes with several straps option for you to get a reasonable sized that matches your wrist. These include 2.76-inch straps featuring buckles, 4.33 inches small straps with holes, and 5.12 inches large straps with holes. One of the notable features, why I like this S3 frontier, is the steel bezel which you can rotate to check on your apps and messages notifications. 

With Samsung S3, you can track your daily events and share present locations, thanks to the built-in GPS making life a realistic one. Most relevantly, it is resistant to dust, water, and extreme temperature conditions. 

Just like every other advanced smartwatch, this can be used to make payment online. Nevertheless, you can use a credit card or swipe anywhere but to carry out a transaction, the S3 needs to be connected to a network such as Wifi, LTE, or Bluetooth paired to the smartphone. The good thing, after the first connection, you can still make up to 5 payment without reconnecting to any network. 

Though this product is compatible with Android and smartphones, some features are not available on iOS smart-phones – in this regard, we advise you to check official Samsung websites to find out more if you intend to purchase the S3. 

Our + for this

  • Make payment 
  • Three days battery last
  • Bluetooth or network connection 
  • GPS activities tracking and sharing 

Our minus for this

  • Not all features are available to iOS smartphones  
  • Minimum mobile compatibility requirement for Android 4.4 OS and iOS 9.0 smartphones 

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5. Fitbit Versa – Best Smartwatch for Sport

Fitbit Versa

Do you need a Fitbit smartwatch? Here is Fitbit Elite Edition we recommend for you. Though many of their previous products are well-loved by customers Fitbit Versa got some relevant features that make it a good fitness watch to meet different exercise plans. 

Even though the watch is from a popular company, it doesn’t mean high price units. To say, among the items discussed on this page, this product is one of the cheapest and still cover up for features most competitive units lack. We will advise lovers of sports or fitness trainers to decide upon this 5th position watch in our best smartwatches enumeration. 

Though I am not a sports enthusiast I do know from the in-depth research carried out on this product that fibit is a 24/7 watch that tracks users’ activities accurately. If your mission is to know your health statuses such as heartbeat or others, wearing this watch provides all the relevant details correctly. 

Also, throughout the night, record sleeps events, thanks to its lightweight and convenient design that allow you to wear it all through the night without discomfort. This features up to fifteen exercise modes like swimming, running, etc. 

The watch has a water-resistant ability up to 50 meters depth, consequently, it should not be used in a hot sauna or tub bath. It comes with a battery that stays up to four days and only requires 2 hours of charging time. This Fitbit Versa can be connected to a smart-phone or android as such you can do many things with it. 

Our + for this 

  • GSP 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 
  • Water resistant 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Up to 4 days of battery life 
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring 

Our minus for this 

  • Lacks Fitbit pay 
  • Not compatible with tattoos 
  • Apps lack night owl abilities 

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6. Garmin vívoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

Garmin vívoactive

If you your desire is to own a watch from the Garmin brand, we are glad to introduce you to this garmin vivoactive 3 review on this page. The design is okay closing up the gap for those searching for a modern and classic sporty smart-watch. Although, this comes in black color finishing, it also exist in white and other colors on amazon website which you can choose from to blend into your attire.

Plenty of storage to house your personal task and music without running out of storing space. You can stream favorite’s songs and easily download the ones you like on your Garmin vivoactive and takes up to 500 songs. When playing songs you can connect to Bluetooth enabled headphone devices but sold separately to synchronize the fun moment.

This also performs transaction functions. That is, you can make uncountable payment using Garmin vívoactive 3 Smartwatch but this is only available for bank whose card are supported. However, the good thing, you can leave your card and cash at home while you conveniently make payments via your watch.

The sports app installed consists more than 15 plus pre-loaded sports such as running, swimming, yoga, strength training etc. The VO2 max allows you to monitor fitness levels and also estimates fitness age. You can also keep an-eye- on how to manage stress with the information provided by the estimated heart rate variability.  

The battery is exceptional, while GPS is turned on with music playing can last 5 hours but without these functions in used, lasts for 7 days.

Our + for this

  • Nice for sport lovers
  • Good storage room
  • Tons of exercise apps
  • Set alarm for distance coverage
  • 7-days battery

Our minus for this

  • Bluetooth Tech sold individually
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7. Apple Series 3 – Best Android Smartwatch

Apple Series 3

The best smartwatch for iPhone or android utilization should not take your time to connect and also should be easy to use. This is exactly what Apple Series 3 watch is designed for and that’s why we recommend it for iPhone users. The S3 also supports android and other smartphones making it available for different breeds of mobile, so even if you are not in the iPhone glass, it doesn’t stop you owing this apple watch. 

The senior brother to this model which is apple s4 is now available on the market but s3 still got its respects and cost less and you’ll get similar features found on the newest edition excerpt the fall detection and electrical heart sensor lacking in this previous generation. 

Nevertheless, the S3 features a silvers’ aluminum case of size 38mm and 42 mm respectively while the thickness of the case is put 11.4m and 563 mm sq display area. This product has a white color appearance sports band which is nice for those who love to appear in white clothing and body accessories. 

This runs on operating system 5.0 with a double core processor that offers seamless speeds. There is GPS for tracking and sending information across mobile devices. This also supports phone calls and notification. The battery life is not a mere joke, you’re sure of getting up to eighteen hours duration. Other features in the likes of the gyroscope, accelerator, and swim-proof are other things equipped into this wonder and amazing best wrist smartwatch.

Our + for this 

  • 18-hours battery 
  • Fast speed processor 
  • Magnetic charging cable 
  • S/M or L/M band size included 
  •  Able to analyze sleeps events 

Our minus for this 

  • Lacks fall detection and heart-sensor

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8. Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch

Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch

This is the most affordable watch in these reviews and the only one featuring leather straps – if your desire is towards leather then missing out on Huawei 2 means you’ve no other choice in our scope of discussion. 

With continuous heart rate function, you can keep an eye on your heart rate while in-built GPS lets you track your exercise routes without needing your phone. Huawei 2 smartwatch can record deep, light, and REM sleep stages just like a sleep apnea machine. However, this helps to manage your sleep for a restful night. 

The workout coach is a machine to have as it provides real-time direction and work-out data such as Vo2 max and recovery time. The ceramic bezel watch supports online payment and also features voice assistant, thanks to the NFC and Google assistant that make these possible. The functionality extends to on-screen notification for texts, calls, and other most-used apps. 

The battery life is good and comes with customizable settings to choose a preferable option. While on watch mode only, it’ll last you for 3 weeks while two days for a smart-power-saving setting and seven hours if the GPS is constantly in use. More so, it is compatible with android or iOS smartphones. 

Furthermore, as you train, run, or exercise, you can play cool songs keeping the moment lively. The independent storage allows you to play music offline, so you don’t need to be network-connected always, just download your favorite songs while planning for the next fitness routine. 

Our + for this 

  • Not expensive 
  • Supports voice reply to message 
  • Optimize power consumption 
  • 2 layer straps, inner rubber, and outer layer leather 
  • Easy to interchange straps

Our minus for this 

  • One user having issues with battery 
  • You have to install the recommended if not the watch won’t provide health data.
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9. Skagen Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Skagen Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Different people holds opinion of the things they want from a watch. Some may just be basic functionality and others advance. Sometimes the straps or band is a major concern to some individuals. With many features desire by various smartwatch lovers, we went as far to ensure we gather all FAQ’s about what the audience is looking for in smart watches so as to ensure we cover up the scope of consumer wants.

One of the most frequently asked questions is those looking for a stainless steel smartwatch. In view of this, we added the Skagen smart-watch because it has what the public is searching for. For instance, the stain- free steel design is an essential none of the aforementioned products offers as such Skagen can’t be compromised with rust or reaction from liquid. The best smartphone and android watch runs with Wear Operating System from Google work.

Many of the competitive features you desire is equally found in this smart and elegant looking stainless watch. GPS tracking is one of them that lets you track distances and swim-proof protects it from water proliferation, so come rain or sunshine, no problem, confidence is yours. More mover, Google fit provides you with heart rate activities while google assistance is another notable app for various tasks, engagements and communication.

You can do more and store more, thanks to the large room storage. Top of the winning features, touchscreen – quickly operate your smart-watch with your finger customizing relevant apps and schedules. Though the battery may not be as strong compared to most of the smartwatches reviewed here but 24 hours operation is sure and can last even more on power saving mode.

Our + for this

  • Built-in fitness tracker
  • Easily release pin to change band
  • Google pay, assistant, fitness and more

Our minus for this

  • Twenty for hours battery life
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10. Emporio Armani Touchscreen Smart-watch ART5003

Emporio Armani Touchscreen Smart-watch ART5003

If you want dynamic and stylish incorporated into your daily lifestyle from a watch then Emporio Armani is set to beat your imagination. If you’re familiar with the brand then you should know whom Emporio Armani is. This company is widely known for quality and high rated products from clothing lines to watches. But one of the disappointing factors their prices is not pocket friendly, as such this ART5003 is going to cost you a fortune to have it. 

The touchscreen collection and wearable technology are compatible with Andriod and iOS phones and powered by android wear 2.0. This comes installed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 wear smart-watch platform and Google’s smart-watch platform. Also, stay tuned with notification and messages send straight to the Emporio ART5003 without coming in contact with your phone. It comes with watch face customizing, stainless steel touch screen, and easy to change straps to match your hand size. 

While you can still play music, your fitness and sleeps activity are correctly tracked for a well-planned healthy lifestyle. Most relevantly, why we gave this watch 5 stars, apart from it being one of the best smartwatches featured by us, this is the only product here that allows users to take a photo at a touch of a button.

Unfortunately, highly warned that persons with a medical implant should keep this watch as far as 20 centimeters from their medical devices whenever it is turned on. As such may not be too good for such people, however, we advised checking close substitutes since it’s possible to forget as a human. 

Our + for this 

  • Nice and great built 
  • Touchscreen 
  • Good for tracking fitness and sleeps duration

Our minus for this 

  • It is expensive 
  • Not a good choice for people with implant
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How Do I Choose A Smart Watch: Best Smartwatches Buying Guide?

Although there are many fishes in the sea you need a hook or any tool that can help you catch one. This applies to buy a smartwatch. They exist in different grades with various features making one different from the other. 

There isn’t need going for something basic if you are looking for heart rate monitoring smartwatch or fitness tracking events. Likewise, top priority features place one above the other. This is what knowing as outlined below to filter out features you don’t want and focus on the relevant ones. 

OS Compatibility 

This feature allows you to connect your smartphone to your watch. It is, however, worthy to know that some OS versions cannot work with certain smartphones. From our discovery, we discovered some can work only with the selected brand of smartphones. If you have Apple phones, Samsung, or iPhones, you can pick Apple Series 4or Samsung Gear S3. Both are compatible with the mentioned phones. 

Likewise Ticwatch Pro is nice for android and smartphones that run on iOS. Google wear OS is one of the latest OS found in new age smartwatches and widely compatible with any kind of brand of smartphone. 

To know if your smartphone is compatible search for Google OS Wear to find out more details. If you use iPhone, wear OS will work well but you may not see some apps when you linked it to iOS devices. 

Remember the essence for your device and OS compatibility is to leverage your phone use so that you can perform certain tasks via apps which you can’t do directly on the phones. With this mindset, it is wise to check and know to ensure this feature and your smartphone are inline before purchasing a smartwatch. 

Display interface 

Users’ experience is meant with display function as it lets you see apps, images, text messages, and other valuable content via LCD. The good thing, almost all new generation smartwatches come with this as such, with no difficulty finding a unit that has this functionality. 

Consequently, turning on the display settings consumes more energy and thus your battery may not last long as it will if turn off.

The bottom line, you may decide to use the display option whenever you need it most otherwise let it be off. It is also worth sharing that LCD screen contents are richer than OLED’s has – to help you out, Ticwatch smartwatch is a top-rated product to consider.

Touchscreen or button interface 

From the looks of technology and user feedbacks, smartwatch with touchscreens are becoming so popular among users. The ease of use, swapping between apps, and dismissal of notifications has made it things simpler with smartwatch usage compared to button touches that require patient and pressing. 

If you’re having a smaller screen watch and time to swipe from one app to another can be difficult using a touchscreen mode but with apple watch, this is no problem because it has side buttons and digital crown that lets you zoom content closer.

Although touch-screen smartwatches make things easier but certainly not everyone cannot like them, however, models with buttons may be good for these categories of people.

Built and customization 

Sometimes, desire to personalize your device appearance may arise, maybe you want a custom size straps or want to replace it entirely with another. This calls for the best smartwatch that can allow the changing of straps without complex processes. 

Customization also extends to the watch face color including finishing. Since many of these time providing devices comes with various personalization, you’ve to be watchful concerning details of a particular model before buying. 

Also, big sizes are getting outdated, people prefer slims and smaller devices that offer comfort and quick to wear. If you’re choosing a smartwatch today think of smartness alongside so as not to end up with a bulky load like analog watches. Apple s3 is a nice offer only if you can afford the take-home price. 

Alerts and notification 

A good smartwatch should have a notification function to alert you about incoming messages, email, and calls for immediate response to important ones. If you are in the field of sport, this is a nice feature as it will help you a lot during workout or training. Some timepieces can be linked with social media like popular Facebook, Twitter, etc. to receive notifications directly on your wrist. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best smartwatch in 2019?

There are many best smart wristwatch available. Trying to judge the best one for different categories of people may not be feasible because these watches come with various specs. As such the features you may want may not be what others want. So the best smartwatch to buy depends on functionality that meets your daily use. Here are some of the best-sellers by amazon for 2019 consideration

Is a smartwatch worth it?

If you’ve used analog units before then testing a digital watch will convince you. For instance, traditional time watch can’t perform functions like the recording of heartbeats, sleeping events, or used for fitness training. Also, they are not compatible with phones in which a smartwatch can, letting you received instant calls, notifications, and more. You can even pay bills using this modern technology via apps. Some branded versions can play music or download songs and stored for offline listening. For me, a smartwatch is loaded with impressive features and worth more than what you might have pictured it to be. 

Can I text from my smartwatch?

Yes, you can text from a smartwatch but not all smart-watches can do this. Nevertheless, Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch is a good recommendation. 

Wrapping It Up 

We thank you for your patient and time reading our 10 best smartwatches reviews and guide. We believe 75% of your expectation was meant even if 100% wasn’t possible as error term cannot be neglected in life generally. Nevertheless, how do I choose a smartwatch puzzle that has been solved for you – if you’re still confuse read over the buying guide again as a reminder for the important things to keep in mind? To close this discussion – Apple is worthy of our recommendation. 

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