On that cold early morning or day, a steam shower generator is one of the most have bathroom appliances that will help you heat water for that warm bath. Cold winter is dreaded to the skin just as low humidity causes difficult breathing making humidifiers inevitable. In the same way, installing a steam bath generator for your home in cold periods becomes a priority. But do you know how to size a steam generator for a shower? If you can, no problem, but if you don’t, this article will tell you the relevant features on how to choose the right/ best steam generator for a bathroom without making mistakes and are very cheap. At Amazon, you’ll find different brands and models of the steam unit but that doesn’t guarantee you the best one. A close look at what consumer reports say and user reviews go a long way to determining choice, and that is why we are not leaving any leaf unturned to be knowledgeable on this topic.

1. Most Affordable: The CGOLDENWALL 4.5KW Steam Generator
*** This will work well for concrete or glass fiber material with exterior wall because this materials can retain heat, as such 4.5kw unit is perfect.

2. Most Valuable: CGOLDENWALL 6KW Steam Generator Shower for Sauna Bath
*** if you’re thinking for heating a space up to 213 cubic feet, then we recommend you consider the CG 6kw

3. Top Rated: Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt Home Steam Generator
*** This steam generator has different steam output level for you to choose the best performing setting when bathing

4. Most Heavy Duty: 12KW Steam Planet Superior Generator
*** for those who want a higher capacity unit

5. Best for sauna bath: CGOLDENWALL 9KW Luxury Steam Sauna Bath Home
*** For bath space up to 300 cubic feet, users can adjust temperature in Fahrenheit, has water shortage protection, etc.

7. Best 7.5KW Residential Unit: Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 Residential Steam Generator

Why heat your bath water?

Although heating water consumes energy, however, the result hot water will be ready anytime desired. You don’t have to boil water on your stove or heater system in your kitchen because steam generators can be connected to your shower system for a continuous steam supply. Besides the heated water supply by a steam bath generator is safe and won’t expose you or your kids to burn that might occur if you are to boil water manually. Heating water before bath, makes people have a relaxing showering, unlike cold water that bites the skin, thereby making people have short bath leading to unclean bathing.

Do you want steam bath?

It is a matter of necessity, not compulsory, only if you and family members can bathe with cold water even during winter without having allergies. However, if that is not possible, the solution is to raise the temperature of your H20 to a degree that will prevent shivering when bathing. Once again, a portable steam generator in this picture is what you need.

8 Best Steam Shower Generator Reviews

1. Most Affordable: The CGOLDENWALL 4.5KW Steam Generator

Best Steam Shower Generator for Bathroom: How To Size & Install

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For a consistent stream of warm bathwater, you can rely on the CGOLDENWAL steam generator for your bathroom. It is suitable for heating bath space of 160 cubic feet or 4.5-meter cubic feet. The 4kw steam generator operation minimizes noise pollution, making you have a serene bath. With this portable steam generator, you can regulate the temperature of choice between 95 -130 degrees Fahrenheit. The design features a digital control screen for easy operation. It is also easy to install this unit in any tight corner or near the shower like in the vanity or closet. 


  • High-temperature protection to prevent burning 
  • Compact design, which is perfect for small bath space 


  • This product comes with manual drainage, but if you need a unit that can drain water automatically, upgrade to the 6KW steam model  
  • It needs to be installed before you can start using it

2. Most Valuable: CGOLDENWALL 6KW Steam Generator Shower for Sauna Bath

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The major difference between this product and the first unit analyses above is the KILOWATT. The previous one is rated 4.5KW, while this current one is 6KW which is a significant upgrade from the older version. The size of the CGOLDENWALL 6KW is also smaller compared to that of CGOLDENWALL 4.5KW. Therefore, you’ll save more space. More so, if you’re thinking of heating a space up to 213 cubic feet, we recommend the CG 6kw as a perfect steam shower generator. Aside from the above things mentioned, every other feature remains constant btw the two products except for their prices. 


  • Has LED digital display screen plus light system control 
  • Over high pressure, the temp controller prevents the unit tank from expanding
  • Long distancing signal transmission 
  • This model can drain water by itself, unlike the 4.5kw model 


  • You may need to hire an expert for the wire connection/installation 

3. Top Rated: Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt Home Steam Generator

Top Rated: Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt Home Steam Generator

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The steamiest comes with a higher-end capacity of 7kilowat, making it more powerful than the two steam generators reviewed earlier. It is built with a high-quality component that guarantees years of use for steam production, thanks to the stainless steel material. The premium bathroom steam generator has a different steam output for you to choose the best performing level when bathing, which most competitive units don’t have. The made in the USA has control cable and powerful enough to heat bigger bath space and fit into any area you can ever imagine. 


  • High kilowatt power 
  • Strong and durable for years of use
  • The portable design takes less space 
  • Back up with 2-year warranty 


  • It cost around $1000 to 2000 dollars, and that’s a lot for an average income earner. 

4. Most Heavy Duty: 12KW Steam Planet Superior Generator

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Upgrading to a 12 kilowatt (KW) means more water heating capacity. Hence you can’t run out of hot water. This Superior is equipped with 2-steam-generating outlets for two separate shower connections. It has a self-draining for water emptying. Users love its waterproof control panel that prevents water damages (rusting) to the unit. This steam bath generator is for cubic footage room measuring 400 to 700 ft3 and one loveable aspect, can be mounted outside or inside your shower room. 


  • Delivers 12KW (kilowatt) 
  • Self-drain outlet 
  • Waterproof programmable controls


  • Installation requires water inlet/drain valves 
  • Cost of hiring a professional installer 
  • The materials used in building your bathroom can change the cubic foot capacity of the steam generator

5. Best for sauna bath: CGOLDENWALL 9KW Luxury Steam Sauna Bath Home

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If you have a bathroom measuring 250 – 300 cubic feet, the CGold sauna steam-generating shower is a perfect option. It has a 9-kilowatt steam generation capacity, and you can adjust the temperature within 95 – 131 degrees Fahrenheit. This package comes with a steam head, digital controlling, and cable. As a compact design, it is easy to install in tight corners, even close your shower. More so, no worries of hot water burns, it has over-high protection to prevent this occurrence. Also, it has a pressure safety valve that protects the steam outlet from blocking, and it also prevents the expansion of the inner tank. This 9kw steam generator is under $600, which is a reasonable price compared to the features built into it.


  • Space-saving 
  • LED digital display 
  • Automatic drain function 
  • Variable temperature controls 
  • Water shortage protection 
  • 30 minutes to 2 hours working settings 
  • Up to 50m long-distance transmission 


  • Installation cost 
  • Those living in Europe/ Asia require a 220 voltage model, which is a single phase unit, while Australia, the USA, or Canada is 220 – 240v, which is a two-phase model   

6. Most portable: Thermasol PRO-395 PRO Series Steam Generator

Best for sauna bath: CGOLDENWALL 9KW Luxury Steam Sauna Bath Home

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Do you want to customize your ordinary shower into a steam bath? You can have a bath ritual improving your wellbeing from the steam produced by Thermasol PRO-395 PRO. It features 2-way digital bus technology and smart-steam technology. The maintenance of this unit is self-regulating, there is an automatic power flush that cleanses the inner tank without you stressing yourself. Within four to eight minutes, the PRO delivers constant steam, with no delay or waiting time. 


  • It works perfectly for a bathroom of 395 cubic feet (ft3)
  • A noiseless operation for relaxing shower for couples 
  • Its portable size fits the bathroom with a small space area


  • Quit expensive to other products in this discussion  

7. Best 7.5KW Residential Unit: Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 Residential Steam Generator

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This residential unit from Mr. Steam brand has a rating of 7.5KW (Kilowatt) which is a better option compared to the Steamist PREMIUM of 7KW. The design is sophisticated and modern for any urban city bathroom mounting. The temperature settings can be optimized for precise steam control, so you don’t spend much on electricity bills. There is also a time cut-off feature, and one good side of this steam generator, the heating element can be remove and service. 


  • Plenty of drain valves
  • Enjoy a steam shower in less than five minutes 
  • Responsive support offer by Mr. Steam customer service  


  • Although, it’s powerful but a bit costly  
  • The hiring of expert installation 

8. Best recommended: KOHLER K-5531-NA 11 kW Series Steam Generator

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If you are looking for a steam generator that can deliver up to 11 kilowatts of steam fast and quickly, consider this KOHLER K55. It is built with fast-responsive heating technology producing steam in less than 1 minute of use. Its self-cleaning technology is a one-button touch auto-cleaning offering safe maintenance. The Kohler is compatible for a space of 317 cubic feet, but the size is a big footprint.


  • Very portable
  • For 317 cubic feet


  • Requires k-5557 invigoration steam generator control kit, which is sold separately 

How To Size A Steam Shower Generator (BUYING GUIDE)

The material used in building your steam shower room determines the steam shower generator sizing.

If your shower room is constructed using tile framing on wallboard without any external walls, you will require a high capacity of up to 11 – 12 KW – This also depends on how big is the space.

For steam bathroom dimensions built with fiberglass, acrylic, or plastic materials, a small size steam generator (of size 7 -10kw) would work efficiently.

If your bathroom is made of glass (fiberglass), concrete, or blocks with an exterior wall, the KILOWATT will decrease (4 – 6kw steam sauna size is appropriate but depends on how big is your bathroom).  Because the construction materials are good conductors of heat.    

The below is a standard sizing chart containing the various models with their maximum cubic footage coverage with their voltage (V).

How To Install A Steam Generator In Shower

If you want to install the unit yourself, this section will walk you through the basic steps required. Professional steam shower installers will also find this practical (do step-by-step) – to successfully connect a shower water heater generator.

Before we take you further, ensure the following things are in place:

  • The steam generator to be installed voltage matches the one in your country (standard USA home steam shower generator is rated 240v) while Europe is 220v. 
  • Ensure the electrical connection and the plumbing work are done by a licensed professional following the national regulating or local code in your state.
  • Before the installation, make sure you disconnect the power source from the circuit breaker.

After the above things are put into consideration, the next thing is where to install your shower steam generator. 

Thought of where to install it?

There are four major areas you can think of such as:

  • Vanity area
  • In a closet
  • Heating static
  • Under the steam shower 
#First Step:

Ensure the steam shower generator is in an upright positioning and level

#Second Step: Install The Water Feed

You only use brass or copper for the water feed connection. Do not use PVC or polythene pex.

#Third Step: Steam Line Connection

The steam-head should install six to twelve inches from your shower door.

#Fourth Step: Installing The Drain Line

A 1 (one) inch distance should be observed when connecting the drain line. (You can check local or national standard code for pressure-relief valve, trap, and receptor or vent standard requirement.

#Fifth Step: Connecting Your Steam Generator To The Electrical Outlet

For the electrical installation, a minimum of 300 voltage rating copper insulated conductor to do the wiring, which must be in line with the rating of the amperage of the supposed steam generator.

After identifying the grade of copper wire, then connect in-between the power source and the steam generator to serve as power disconnect. 

Before you connect the steam generator to the power supply, make sure you turn off the electrical switch.

#Sixth Step: Install The iTempo Control Plus

To begin, make a rectangular cut out of size 4.2 inch by 4.6 inches.

Afterward, install the iTempo 4 to 5 feet from the ground level near the bathtub sitting area. It should not be installed above the steam head.

Next, turn on the water (H20) and also turn on the electrical switch so that you can test the iTempo control b4 mounting it permanently. However, turn off the supply again when doing the final mounting to prevent electrical shock.

#Seventh Step: Test The Overall Installation

Congrats! It’s time to test the steam generator. Put on the power supply, followed by turning on the iTempo control plus. Leaving it to run for few minutes to start enjoying your steam bath.

How To Clean A Steam Shower Generator

Cleaning and maintenance are key factors if you want your steam shower generator to last for years of use. One thing about this device, no extensive clean routine is required. With a dry clean cloth, wipe out dust from the surface of the device. For the interior, the most unit has flush timers (It could be manual or digital). If yours is manual mode, you will need to know when to flush it, but if it is a digital mode, it will sense when the generator is dirty and due for flushing automatically.   


Are steam showers worth the money?
YES! Even though these showers cost some dime, the steam generated is good for the entire body’s relaxation, and even, if you are feeling cold, sometimes spending quality time on a steam shower is beneficial to health.
Can I turn my shower into a steam shower?
YES! It is possible to turn your existing shower into a steam shower when you integrate a steam generator into it.
What is a steam shower generator?
Think of this device as a unit with a heating element like your normal kitchen water heater system, but the difference is that it requires a connection to a bath shower, so each time you want to steam, turn it on, and its starts enjoying a warm bath.
What is the best steam shower generator?
Your bathroom size or construction materials are the relevant factors that can determine help in determining the best one. We believe all the products in the review section are the best and of quality, but their capacity differs, hence study your showroom material component and choose the right one with the requirements.

NOTE, we do not have a 110v steam shower generator capacity, you can check this one here. 

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This article has made it simple to pick the best steam generator. Following the informative guide, the product review section, and the FAQs section, you will understand steam generator for a shower is worth it. 

Our top recommendation:

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