Having a daughter is a beautiful thing for every parent. However, if your little cutie is 9 or just turning nine, getting a gift that suits her age and personality may appear complicated, as she will begin to express her cravings for independence and social liberty. For your comfort, we have gathered a few options for some of the Best Toys for 9 year olds girl. These options are not only sensible but are also affordable. The 15 toys for age nine girl reviewed scope is wide enough for you to find your daughter a gift for her birthday or Christmas.

1. Birthday Girl Party Shirt Princess Crown Girls Fitted T-Shirt

1. Birthday Girl Party Shirt Princess Crown Girls Fitted T-Shirt

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A perfect gift for a nine-year-old is one that reminds her of her age and beauty. Birthday Girls’ T-shirt is fitted and cute and comes with nicely-printed Birthday quotes and words. It is made 100% fine, combed cotton with different colors. It also comes in different fitted sizes, with prints and sizes for both boys and girls. It is machine washable and prices between $9.90 and $14.95 on Amazon.

Most of its features are of benefit to wearers. It comes perfect fit with a comfortable texture. Moreover, apart from the impressive quality and delivery time, these Tee shirts do not fade or shrink. However, remember that they fit perfectly, and so, if you want yours to be quite loose, order for a slightly larger size. One downside with this brand is the problem some wearers face with too-tight size for the perfect fit. For more information, kindly visit Amazon.

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2. JR. WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for children, Hand-Crochet Sea tail Sleeping Bag Blanket

Best Toys for 9 Year Olds Girl Reviewed: - Top 15 Pick [2020]

The Jr. White blanket is an adorable gift for your 9-year-old daughter or granddaughter. It comes in pink, hand-knitted patterns, making it attractive. Its material is cozy and breathable, and machine washable. This blanket has open ends for trouble-free use. It is moderately sized to 55.1×27.6 inches elastic material. You can also get children and adult sizes when you order. It is functional for numerous purposes and occasions, whether indoors, on the couch, bed, etc., outdoors while camping, or to a friend’s birthday or sleep-over party. 

Jr. White blanket is also affordable at a price point of $17.49. When you buy it on Amazon, you get a free mermaid pendant necklace or top. However, contrary to its easy-to-use, multifunctional, stretchy design, this model has a demerit; the stretchy material may be fragile for more complex movements such as walking or changing positions during sleep. 

That aside though, if you need a gift for your 9-year old daughter or granddaughter, and yet, you do not want a hole in your pocket for it, the JR. A WHITE blanket for kids maybe your best option still. Check Amazon for more information.

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3. Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Enchantmints Box is an adorable birthday idea for your nine-year-old daughter highlighted in these toys for 9 year olds girl reviewed. It consists of a musical dancing ballerina with a jewelry box with small spaces in the form of a cupboard for keeping small items. The music box plays “Swan Lake” while the ballerina twirls. The entire box measures 6 x 4 x 6 inches (L x W x H) with a mirror enclosed at the top of the box.

Enchantmints Musical Jewelry box will make an excellent gift for ballet dance lovers, with its beautiful design. It is $29.99; a 2% discount on Amazon. However, some users may not like that it is cardboard-made and not wooden. Concisely, this musical jewelry box is an ideal option for dance lovers. It is a cherished art piece that every girl will fall in love with and probably keep as a memory through older years. Visit Amazon for more product information.

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4. Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System & Party Machine

One of the top gifts for girls is one that brings out the star in her. The Singsation Karaoke system includes multiple features and units for various purposes. It features a microphone and 2”- 6” Adjustable microphone-stand with a phone-holing cradle, two inputs for dual singers or guitars, and an AC power adapter. It also has ten voice effects, eight sound effects (i.e., cheers, DJ scratch, air horn, etc.) to enhance your voice while singing, hosing, or cracking jokes, and 16 light effects for the party environment.

It can be connected to numerous apps and media like YouTube, Karaoke apps, etc., to enhance your stardom experience. The best thing about this set is- it doesn’t need CDs, and it is age-neutral; anyone can use it. Moreover, its value accentuates its quality; at $136.99, this karaoke system offers a lot with high-end quality. Nevertheless, one fault is that it might not be loud enough for certain occasions

Conversely, if you need a Top gift for girls, you may have laid your hands on the best one yet. Singsation’s Karaoke system is impressive, and will remain useful even when its user turns older; it’s designed for all ages! I suggest you check Amazon for more information.

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5. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Purple

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Purple

If your 9-year-old is adventurous, particularly with technology, VTech’s Smartwatch is one creative option for you. This Smartwatch combines several interesting apps and activities; Motion sensor for activity challenges, Built-in battery, alarm, timer, stopwatch and calendar, and On-screen calculator, Audio recorder, an Adjustable wristband of size 137mm to 197mm, and a Camera for pictures and videos. Additionally, it includes five games, 3 activities, and three challenges, 50 digital and analog watch displays, and Photo and sound effects for editing.

It also has a well-spaced memory and rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for long hours of use. VTech includes a micro USB for transferring files and recharging the battery. On a single charge, the wristwatch will run for up to 2 weeks or more. The best part, it is splash-proof and easy-to-use. It is also affordable with a 28% discount, amounting to $46.99 as its new price on Amazon. On the wrong side, however, it comes with no GPS, and only a splash-proof body, waterproof.

Ultimately, Vtech’s Smartwatch is an exploratory tool, recommended for kids from 4 to 9 years old. It is also relatively inexpensive for its numerous functions and features.  

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6. Threeking Smart Robot Toys: Gesture-Control Remote-Control Robot JJRC Robot Gift For Girls- pink

Threeking Smart Robot Toys: Gesture-Control Remote-Control Robot JJRC Robot Gift For Girls- pink

You will love this toy if you need a gift that doesn’t bore your nine-year-old. With a surfeit of fun features, Threeking’s Smart Robot fits the perfect companion for your kid. It includes Bottom skating wheels for variable movements, Flexible multi-joints at elbows, shoulders, and thumbs, Intellectual programming, and Auto display. It also incorporates gesture sensors, and display, volume, mechanical language, movements, and patrol functions. It can dance, slide, move joints, and carry out complex movements.

It comes remote- and gesture-controlled. Besides, you can alter the program to your requirements by pressing the “program” button, and then, using all keys except “volume” to alter the program. Press “stop” to end the programming. It runs on a 3.7V Lithium Battery (included), while its remote uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

It measures 6.3 x 3.15 x 10.43 (L x W x H) in inches. Remarkably, at $27.99, this unit is affordable for its quality, and Threeking backs you with a lengthened guarantee and full-money refund in case you find mechanical faults. While its male version is “Cady-Wida” (Blue), the female version is “Cady-Wini” (Pink; female voice). It takes about 2 hours to charge it fully (on USB), and the toy can last 1 hour on a full charge. 

The best part is its outstanding customer service, as well as the gesture-control function. Nonetheless, some users may find that it runs for a too-short duration on one charge. Pithily, Threeking Smart Robot JJRC is an excellent gift for your nine-year-old. It is durable, affordable, and guarantee-backed.

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7. Umiwe Union Hooded Hat-Scarf, Cute Shawls Earflap Caps- Pink

Umiwe Union Hooded Hat-Scarf, Cute Shawls Earflap Caps- Pink

Probably you are thinking of the best Christmas or New Year gift for your nine-year-old daughter or granddaughter; you’ve just stumbled on an excellent option! It is 100% Acrylic-based and very elastic. The head circumference measures around 17.8”-23.7” while it is approximately 23.6 -31.4 inches long. This hand and machine-washable scarf come pink for girls, with a Unicorn-attached design. It can be worn both indoors and on several occasions as a scarf, hat, or glove. It is also perfect for winter and autumn and is fully elastic. However, fraying may be a problem.

Nevertheless, Umiwe Union Scarf does not require trimming when it frays. Just re-sew it with your needle. It is priced at $22.89 on Amazon. Eventually, you will appreciate this product if you acknowledge handiwork, and want your nine-year-old beauty to feel cherished with gifts. This trendy fashion product is suitable for children between 3 and 12 years. There are also models for male children.

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8. Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike 16-Inch

Titan Girl's Flower Princess BMX Bike 16-Inch

One of the top gifts for girls is a bicycle that suits her adventure-craving spirit. The Titan’s BMX is not an ordinary bike. It includes almost everything a girl could ever wish for such as a beginner-friendly design, a basket, training wheels, and an outstanding doll seat. This one-in-a-million multi-colored bike has its place as the only girls’ bicycle that includes pink-and-white BMX frame, fork, handlebars, stem, and a coaster brake and Interwoven basket useful for carrying items. Also, Protective handlebars, Training wheels to help maintain balance, PVC pedals, 16-inch tube tires, and streamers.

Its dimensions measure 45 x 18 x 32 (L x W x H) in inches, making it easy to mount. This Deluxe BMX child bike is also designed for safety and requires minimal assembly. It is priced at $119.99 on Amazon. Unfortunately, some users may find the construction somewhat tricky.

In summary, your nine-year-old will enjoy the best of this fun bike. It is affordable and recommended for young girls weighing around 28 pounds. It is low to the ground and easy to mount, making it an excellent choice for children. For more product specs, kindly visit Amazon.

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9. WowWee Fingerlings Playset – See-Saw with 2 Baby Monkey Toys

WowWee Fingerlings Playset – See-Saw with 2 Baby Monkey Toys

The best birthday ideas are not always about the size: smaller gifts, like WowWee Fingerlings set of monkeys, are adorable. These tiny fingerlings bring out the cute, childish spirit in your nine-year-old.

These two monkeys, Willy (blue with purple hair) and Milly (purple with blue hair), come with a see-saw playset and runs on a battery (included). The fingerlings can be detached and placed in different positions on the playset and fingers. They are also sensitive and respond to sound touch and movements.

They come in a neat package and has impressive customer service. On Amazon, the current price for this playset is $14.36, a 64% discount on the original price. On the bad side, some users do not find the seesaw amusing.

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10. Crayola Broad Line Markers Bulk, Multi-Purpose 16 Bold Colors in 256 Count

Crayola Broad Line Markers Bulk, Multi-Purpose 16 Bold Colors in 256 Count

Creativity sets in when you purchase Crayola durable Bulk Markers for your nine-year-old. Apart from her personal-time practices, she can use these markers in school during lessons too. The diverse colors and bountiful quantity almost seems like you are getting more than you are paying for. Sixteen different brilliant shades of colors: red, green, blue, violet, orange, black, tan, turquoise, iguana green, flamingo pink, raspberry, tiger orange, dolphin gray, yellow, brown, and royal purple, 12 additional replacement caps, and Divided storage box.

The package includes 16 sets of 16 different colors, summing up to 256 conical-tip pens in total. The markers measure 5 x 5/8 in inches. This fluid-retaining set can last over 24 hours without a cover. And, if it dries up, just dip the marker in warm water and voila- it is water-based after all. When you buy at Amazon, you get it for $56.88, a 40% discount on the former price. However, some users find fault in the distribution of markers; some colors might be more or less than the others.

In conclusion, this non-toxic marker set is ideal for your nine-year-old daughter as a gift, not only for her playtimes but also for education. It does not dry up quickly and comes with replaceable caps. I recommend Aamazon for comprehensive details.

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11. Tokaido Board Game – Out of Print Edition

Tokaido Board Game – Out of Print Edition

Tokaido’s Original board game will pay off as the best birthday gift for your nine-year-old. It has a beginner-friendly layout, as well as outstanding artwork and graphic design. With its artful theme, it unleashes the adventurous, focused spirit in her as she wants to complete quests and emerge as the best player. Of course, it is not a one-person game; playing with 1 to 4 persons will rekindle her social skills. Completing quests, engaging in journeys, seeing views, and tasting new things is a new dimension of fun with Tokaido.

It is also fun and challenging, as it uses high-quality, exciting characters and components. There is also Tokaido’s digital edition on the iOS App Store and Google Play. For both used and new models, the minimum price starts at $38.99 on Amazon. One downside with it, however, is the boredom mostly associated with two players.  Succinctly, you cannot go wrong with Tokaido’s board game. Its disadvantage is even an advantage to bring more people together. It also incorporates adventure with social connections since your nine-year-old needs friends to play with. Explore Amazon to obtain more practical specs on this product.

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12. Fat Brain Toys Kids Spin again toy

Fat Brain Toys Kids Spin again toy

Just like the name implies, this game set enhances brain development. It is a simple setup made of a corkscrew pole and 6, brilliantly-colored, graduated discs with different shapes and a unique texture. The player drops the circles randomly or orderly and watch them spin downwards. This entire process keeps the child wondering, counting, identifying colors, and the different sizes of the individual discs.

The colors are red, lime, lemon, teal, magenta, and blue. Thus, it promotes hand-eye synchronization, cause-and-effect learning, motor skill, visual-recognition skills, and other amazing skills in children. Since it is made with sturdy, coated, BPA-free ABS plastic, it is entirely safe for children. It is also gender-neutral and easy to grasp.

It costs $29.95 on Amazon. One unfortunate demerit is its construction, which doesn’t always secure tightly. This toy set, however, will make an excellent gift idea for your nine-year-old granddaughter. It does incorporate not only fun but also mental and physical development. I recommend it for every parent; the parts are entirely safe for kids.

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13. Toysmith Giant Rocket Balloon Set

Toysmith Giant Rocket Balloon Set

Talking of the best birthday gifts for your nine-year-old daughter, a set of Giant rockets will do the job. Toysmith Balloon set consists of 85 pieces of multi-colorful, air-inflatable balloons, which can expand to 40 inches in length.

This toy set will make an excellent outdoors-fun item for your kid, and bring families together to watch the fantastic view. Since the balloons are reusable, you don’t have to spend extra on buying surfeit balloons to make your day. And, the deluxe two-way pump makes inflation faster. This set is, evidently, a great toy for kids.

With a $9.99 price point on Amazon, this product comes with a 47% discount on its old price. It is recommended for children from ages 8 and older. However, on the wrong side, children below eight should not use it because the small parts and latex can cause suffocation. This giant balloon set is not only a fun toy for children but can also serve as a source of amusement for the rest of the family outdoors.

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14. DOUBLE E RC Car Four-Wheel Drive Rechargeable Monster Truck

14. DOUBLE E RC Car Four-Wheel Drive Rechargeable Monster Truck

Progressively in our best toys for 9 year olds girl, with this toy, you’d know it is time for everyone to come out and enjoy the race. DOUBLE E RC 4WD Rechargeable Truck includes almost everything you expect from a monster truck; a twin-motor strength on 4-wheel-drive, Front and rear dual-motors, a long-lasting battery, Suspension Shock Absorber, 1:18 scale Personality Graffiti, and a water-proof body. These features, plus the 100m-control range, makes you ready to race your car to wherever you wish. It comes with a 4.8V 800 mAh Battery for the motor and 2 x AA batteries for the transmitter. Remember, though, not to plug the truck to output with more than 5V. 

It is made of safe, toxic-free ABS plastic covering with unique interior and exterior design. It is priced at $39.98 on Amazon, a reasonable price for its quality. RC 4WD Truck creates an impressive damping effect, and above all, this company offers exceptional speed levels and excellent customer service to back it up. Even though some issues arise with few parts, with such customer service, problems are solved quickly. 

A lot of fun and “races” await your nine-year-old with this powerful, creatively-designed toy. I suggest you visit Amazon to see more specifications about DOUBLE E RC Car.

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15. Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad Pink, Amazon Exclusive, Gift, Toys for Girls

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad Pink, Amazon Exclusive, Gift, Toys for Girls

Securing this gift for your nine-year-old will not only amuse her but will also heighten her sense of creativity. Different from regular tracing pads, Crayola light-up model incorporates LED lights for day and night time drawings. It includes several aesthetic items with affordability and quality.

One graphite and 12 colored pencils, and 10 Tracing plus ten blank sheets, 100 traceable images, LED light surface, a Pink exterior, over 35 art tools, and an Ultra-thin tablet design. Crayola Tracing Pad runs on 3 x AA batteries (not included) and is sold for $24.99 on Amazon.

It is easy to operate and durable. Nonetheless, some users find faults with the packaging. Your little girl will appreciate this fun gift. With a significant sense of creativity, this toy is suitable for every child that enjoys its functions.

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Gift Ideas for 9 year olds daughter

Here are some other gift ideas for your nine-year-old are:

  • Electric Scooter
  • Hogwarts Lego Set
  • Spirograph
  • Magic Pens
  • Light Up Razor Scooter
  • Reading Timer Bookmark

What to consider when buying toys for 9 year olds girl

Having a girl, whether a daughter, granddaughter or relative, unarguably, an adorable thing. However, at some point, it might appear challenging to get the perfect gift for her. When buying toys for girls, you might want to consider her personality and interest (it will go a long way in getting what she will appreciate), her age, her random demands and wishes, her personal views (ask her about what she would want for a present), and other items that relate to her. With these tips, you probably have an idea about the perfect gift for your nine-year-old.

Wrapping It Up

Irrespective of what you want to buy for your nine-year-old girl, make sure it doesn’t tear your pocket, and yet, it is of good quality. Besides, involve her since she is old enough to know what she wants. Hopefully, the best toys for 9 year olds girl were featured here and we believed you’ve read all through the products reviewed. 

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