Being a fitness enthusiast comes with expending of cash and time. A treadmill fitness machine is one easy and versatile way to exercise and stay fit. However, some people have turned down their need for one because they thought treadmills are un-affordable. Although, this might be true with some models and brands of treadmills. Yet, there are quality and best treadmill under 200. If you are on the verge of giving up on your fitness passion because you are not ready to break a bank to equip your home to the standard of a gym, you need not worry anymore. You do not need to spend a fortune; all you need is the best treadmill under $200 as a beginner, then you can upgrade later when your exercise needs become intense.

Best Treadmill Under $200 Dollars Comparison

ProductFeatures Reviews
Merax Assembly Electric Treadmill Motorized
Merax Assembly Electric Treadmill Motorized Check Price On Amazon
  • Easy to assemble
  • 12 available programs
  • Install with speakers
  • 240lbs max weight

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Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill
Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill Check Price On Amazon
  • Has LCD display
  • Compact folding
  • Install with moving wheels
  • 220 pounds max user weight

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Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill Motorized
Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill Motorized Check Price On Amazon
  • 9 MHP speed
  • 220lbs max user weight
  • 9 built-in workout programs
  • User friendly manual

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Stamina Inmotion Manual Treadmill
Stamina Inmotion Manual Treadmill Check Price On Amazon
  • Lightweight design
  • 225 pound user capacity
  • Most portable treadmill
  • Has multifunction monitor

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ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill
ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill Check Price On Amazon
  • 230lbs user capacity
  • 2 incline level  
  • Most portable treadmill
  • Perfect for walking-on

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Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill
Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill Check Price On Amazon
  • Fold and lock position
  • Walking/ jogging speed
  • 250lbs max weight capacity
  • One year frame warranty

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Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill
Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill Check Price On Amazon
  • 230lbs user weight
  • LCD screen view
  • Twin flywheels
  • 1 year limited warranty

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How To Use A Treadmill To Lose Weight?

A treadmill is an inexpensive way of losing weight when used appropriately. It is not costly because we are looking at the best treadmill under 200, which is averagely affordable to almost anyone. If you seek excellent help to get rid of excess fats with or without dieting or a schedule-controlled food plan, then a treadmill under $200 is the best for you.

Considering the types of treadmills, such as the manual, and motorized. the manual is more efficient in weight loss, and fat burning, when compared with the motorized one as all the work is done by the user. However, if discipline is not inculcated, neither would work. Therefore, to achieve healthy weight loss, take note of the following steps:

Start Easy

The goal of losing weight is not going to be achieved in a day. Start easy and consistent. Your new treadmill needs to be warmed up, too. Do this slowly while checking the belt. A daily walk of 30minutes is not bad for a start. This way, you do not get tired quickly, neither do you feel pains in your joints/legs, and your strength is conserved for other activities during the day. Be sure to keep at this consistently. After a while, you can start the real rigorous exercise.

Work on your speed

With the motorized treadmill, it is easy to recall your previous speed and maintain, increase or decrease it. However, with the manual treadmill, you need to work on your limits. Slowly, for a start, then increase the movement gradually at a consistent pace. The speed should begin slowly at every workout, but you can increase it to as much as 5-6km per hour. This will guarantee the stimulation of our body to melt fat. Also, increase this rate gradually per day – it helps!

Time and Duration

With practice comes perfection. You should not remain at a beginner’s level after about 3weeks of use. Be sure to increase the time you spend on the treadmill weekly. Your 30minutes routine should have increased to 40 after the first week. At the end of a month, you should walk the treadmill for an hour comfortably. However, this should not make you go beyond your limits harshly. Just reach at a suitable time, duration and speed, CONSISTENTLY!

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Take breaks, stay hydrated and intensified.

An interval between workout times can help you build stamina and regain strength. Take breaks when necessary, and do not forget to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is not a cue to losing weight – stay hydrated. Let the passion that made you start working out on the treadmill push you towards intensifying your ability. Know that if you keep at it, you are going to lose some kilos in a few weeks, so KEEP AT IT.

Top 5 Best Treadmill Under 200 Reviews

1. Merax Assembly Electric Treadmill Motorized

5 Best Treadmill Under 200 Reviews & Discussion

Most times, low quality is attributed to cheap things, but this is not always true. But that is not true about this Merax Electric treadmill that is of really high quality over price. This motorized treadmill under 200 is compact, space-saving, and very easy to use without complexities. It is foldable and can be stored and easily transported from one place to the other as having a running surface of 43.3” L by 15.7” Width and unfolded dimensions of 56.3” x 25.2” x 42.1” (LxWxH). Its running belt is 15.7 inches wide, and it features an anti-slip design which ensures you get the best comfortable and safe ride.

Additionally, it has a multi-function 5inches LED display screen that keeps track of information includes time, distance covered, speed, calories burnt, and heart rate. As a motorized treadmill, it is powered by an excellent motor of 1.5 horsepower. It features 12 preset programs, 3-count-down modes, and speeds of about 0.5 – 7.5 MPH. The maximum user capacity of this treadmill is 240pounds.


  • Auto-stop safety key that minimizes the risk of injury
  • 5inches LED display large screen
  • Anti-slip belt and handrails for safety
  • Foldable and space-saving


  • Not ideal for running as it makes cracking noise upon impact of the leg.

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2. Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill

Top-quality, ease of usage, and an affordable price are all met in this Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T1407M treadmill. It is a manual treadmill under 200 that stands tall and delivers greater value than its price. Knowing that it is a manual one, you have to invest a lot of strength and effort since it is motor-free and not powered by electricity. This is great news for those who seek to burn fat quickly because, with the manual treadmill, you put in more effort and hence burn more calories. Talking about its design, it is compact, lightweight, and can fit into small spaces. Its running surface is broad and built with an anti-slip design to ensure you are safe while working out.

The treadmill can carry up to 220pounds, and its LCD display monitor allows you to keep track of time, speed, and other basic metrics. Of course, portability is a huge plus when treadmills are concerned, and this treadmill tops the table by featuring smooth wheels for easy movement; that is asides from the foldable design.


  • Smooth wheels for movement
  • LCD display monitor
  • Great value for money
  • Non-slip running surface


  • Non-adjustable incline

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3. Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill Motorized

The Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill has its price tag under 200. Although affordable, it is ridiculously cheap for the value it offers. First of all, it is a motorized treadmill which means it is runs using electricity. Runners and walkers alike will find this treadmill interesting because of its 2.5 peak HP drive system featuring a speed range of 0.5-9.0 MPH and 3-manual incline options.

It is foldable, lightweight, and features an easy folding mechanism and soft drop system that helps you unfold the treadmill hands-free. 62” L x 25.5” W x 50” H and 36” L x 25.5” W x 50” H are the product dimension and folded dimension, respectively. The maximum user weight of this treadmill is 220pounds.


  • Digital monitor with device holder
  • Soft drop hydraulic system, hands free
  • Transportation wheels
  • Shock absorber
  • Handrails with speed control


  • Noisy motor and belt during workouts

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4. Stamina Inmotion Manual Treadmill

The Stamina Inmotion manual treadmill provides you with a budget-friendly treadmill that does not require an electric motor as a manual model. It is sturdy, durable, and features wheels for portability and flexibility to transport. This Inmotion manual treadmill is built with dual weighted flywheels and comes with a fitness monitor that tracks your distance, time, speed and calories burned. Meanwhile, two incline positions of 8 and 10 degrees give you some adventurous and challenging stride.

You are assured of safety with its textured, non-slip running surface that is foam padded at the front and side rails. Since it requires no electrical outlet, it can be used anywhere. Also, it folds for easy storage to dimensions 17iches by 22inches.


  • Lightweight, portable design with built-in wheels
  • Two incline positions
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Non-slip running surface


  • The running belt might need to be adjusted often

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5. ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill

An effective way to burn extra fat and stay healthy is by using this ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill. It is convenient, easy to use, and effective. Since it is not an electric treadmill, all the work is done by the user, and that equates much calories burned. You get to save more since this treadmill uses no electrical power.

Also, it is space-saving and maintenance-free. To add to that, it has twin-cast iron flywheels for smooth-quiet walking, and it allows a user weight of up to 230pounds. The treadmill belt is broad enough for easy walking and running with dimensions of 43 inch L x 13 ¼ inch Width.


  • Long handles
  • LCD display
  • Foldable and added transport wheels
  • Two incline positions


  • Noisy operation

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6. Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

The Phoenix Easy-Up Manual Treadmill is another excellent option that you can always trust. The machine is great if you intend to achieve maximum speed while exercising. Although, a cheap product, but the frames are of high-quality steel.  Top of it, back up with a one-year warranty to put your mind to rest.

The treadmill does not feature some high-tech options, but for its price, you have excellent performance. Another advantageous feature of this treadmill is its fold-up design that allows for easy storage and transport.

Talking about the maximum user weight; this treadmill can accommodate up to 250pounds. Furthermore, assembling is a breeze since it comes partially assembled, so you do not have so much work to do.


  • Single-button display
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Unique fold-up mechanism


  • Handles are not convenient

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7. Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill

Ever wondered if there is a treadmill under 200 that is good for all and sundry? Well, the Fitness Reality TR1000 Treadmill is unique and satisfies every user. No matter the features you’re looking forward to in a treadmill under 200, it is most likely that you find this treadmill worthy. Its belt fits most people across different heights. The LCD display keeps track of basic metrics.

Furthermore, the treadmill can accommodate up to 230 pounds of user weight because it is made from a durable and strong-steel frame – this is one reason it suits all. Also, it features a fold-up design that helps you fold the horizontal deck upwards when not in use. Added for portability are wheels that aid movability.


  • Easy movability
  • LCD display
  • Broad running surface
  • Huge user weight capacity


  • Difficult to assemble

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Features To Consider When Choosing Best Treadmill under $200 Buying Guide

Although there are numerous affordable treadmills in the market today, there are just a few that are made for excellence. Not all affordable treadmills give excellence and great-performance. Therefore, to pick from the pool of best treadmills under 200 and not end up with a faulty model, read this informative buying guide.

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Treadmill Types

There are two main types of treadmills; manual and motorized. The manual treadmill requires that you drive the treadmill, just as the name implies, manually. You cause the belt to move by using your feet to drive it. On the other hand, a motorized treadmill uses an electrical motor to drive the belt. The belt, hence, moves automatically at a speed you must have selected. Out rightly, the motorized treadmill is better and would be more effective when achieving fitness. However, motorized treadmills under 200 are hard to come by. The Merax Assembly Electric Treadmill is not a bad idea.


The power (motor) of a treadmill matter a lot. This feature might just be true about the motorized treadmills. The best treadmill under 200 should come with at least 2 to 3 horsepower. This capacity is excellent for heavy exercises and strenuous workouts.

User Weight Capacity

The maximum weight a treadmill can carry is important information to note. You do not want to end up with a treadmill that dashes into pieces after a few usages due to overloading. The best models usually have 200pounds weight capacity or more.


Incline angle is a feature that allows you to change or adjust the incline of the running belt either automatically or manually – as the case may be to mimic uphill and outdoor running. It is an integral feature of modern treadmills. However, for treadmills under 200, the option for incline is very limited. Most treadmills under 200 do not include incline angles, and a few that does needs to be manually changed.

Pre-Workout Apps and Programs

Most treadmills under 200 have at least 5-preset workouts. Although you can do without this, it can save you the stress of deciding what to do on your treadmill daily without getting bored. With the preset apps, you save time and are graced with the choice to try out new kinds of workouts while exploiting your level of strength without struggling.

Running Belt Length 

The length of the treadmill belt is important and different for walkers and runners. Users differ in height and stride, so it’s expected that the belt suits you is what you choose. Generally, a long and wide belt is ideal for anyone.

Treadmill Dimension

The dimension should also be compared with space you have available for the unit. A treadmill with a smaller dimension is usually compact, space-saving, and easily moved, stored, and transported. However, if you are ready to give up a wide space, the large treadmill is excellent. 

LCD Display

The digital display is a feature of some treadmills, while others it is absent. The display shows time, speed, and other information. Though modern and high-priced treadmills will show extra-metrics, the treadmill under 200 might feature the display that shows just some basic metrics about your body; and that is just fine.

Other Features 

Other features of the treadmill under 200 that you might want to consider before placing a purchase order include the handrail length, cup holder, maintenance, and warranty. The handrails are present for safety purposes. However, they might be longer in some models when compared with others, and some have no handrail. While these features, you can do without them as they are wholly for convenience’s sake.


Being cheap does not always equate to having low quality. This is seen in the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T1407M Treadmill. It is an excellent treadmill that guarantees safety while working out in the convenience of your home. It is compact, lightweight, and features a fold-up mechanism for easy folding. Most relevantly, equipped with an LCD that shows data on your performance. Undoubtedly, Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T1407M Treadmill is the best treadmill under 200.

After that comes the Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual TreadmillIt is an excellent manual treadmill that suits the purpose of weight loss perfectly. It is built to last and has a relay heavy-weight capacity. Hence, it is the best fit for all, especially those who look for the best treadmill under 200.

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