If you want to get fit or want to be active all the time, a whole-body vibration machine could mean a lot to the body system. Also, like a blood circulation machine, a body vibration machine helps in proper blood flow rate (movement in the entire system). There are many benefits of using a body vibrating machine such as for weight loss and others, but you need to get the best one. As such, we have compiled the top 10 best whole body vibration machines with reviews to help you pick wise-fully.

Reviews of Top 9 Best Whole Body Vibration Machine System

Besides, why do we recommend a body vibration machine? They’re portable for home use without any supervision and also affordable. Saves you the cost of registering for gym or sport all because you want to vibrate your entire system.

Moreover, you might be tired after returning from work going for classes, and also, there might be no time due to busy days, but right in the convenience of your home, you can easily step on this machine while it vibrates you wholly. Why lymphatic or people with varicose veins can use this robot, but pregnant mothers cannot. However, to continue this discussion, we shall start with the comparison table as quickly as possible, then followed by the product reviews and other information.

9 Best Whole Body Vibration Machine Comparison

Product Name
Confidence Slim Full Vibration Platform
Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$$$
  • User weight: 300lbs
  • Speed settings: 50 levels
  • Workout: 10 minutes
  • Item weight: 70 pounds
  • Dimension

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Bluefin Best Fitness Vibration Platform
Bluefin Best Fitness Dual Motor Vibration Platform Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$$+
  • User weight: 330lbs
  • Speed settings: Not specified  
  • Workout: 10 minutes
  • Item weight: 41.9 pounds

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ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Machine
ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Machine Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$$$$
  • User weight: 330lbs
  • Speed settings: 1 -99levels
  • Workout: 12 minutes
  • Item weight: 41.9 pounds

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LifePro Vibration Plate Exercise MachineLifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$$+
  • User weight: 330lbs
  • Speed settings: 1 -99levels
  • Workout: 12 minutes
  • Item weight: 31 pounds

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Fitness Bluefin Platform for Whole BodyFitness Bluefin Vibration Platform for Whole Body Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$$
  • User weight: 330lbs
  • Speed settings: 180levels
  • Workout: 10 minutes
  • Item weight: 51.6 pounds

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Daiwa Platform Workout Machine
Daiwa Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$+
  • User weight: 330lbs
  • Speed settings: 10levels
  • Workout: 10 minutes
  • Item weight: 50 pounds

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LifePro Viberation Plate Machine
LifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate Machine Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$+
  • User weight: 330lbs
  • Speed settings: 99levels
  • Workout: 10 minutes
  • Item weight: 57 pounds

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Vibration Trainer Fitness Machine
Vibration Platform Trainer Fitness Machine Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$+
  • User weight: 265lbs
  • Speed settings: 1-20levels
  • Workout: 10 minutes
  • Item weight: 41.9 pounds

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Best Choice Full Body Vibration Platform
Best Choice Products Full Body Vibration Platform Check Price On Amazon

  • Price: $$$+
  • User weight: 330lbs
  • Speed settings: 99levels
  • Workout: 20 minutes
  • Item weight: 36 pounds

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Reviews of Top 9 Best Whole Body Vibration Machine System

1. Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Best Whole Body Vibration Machine: Top 8 Pick for 2020

If you would like to increase your muscle strength, improve blood circulation, or improve general body fitness, this Confidence promises all these desires. The slim full platform can also increase your bone density while helping to combat cellulite and also lessen joint stress.

The whole body vibration machine benefits offer bore down to the low impact and ease of exercise the machine allows users to do at the convenience of their home.

The vibration exercise system has a display screen where you quickly navigate your menu and access everything at a go, which makes its good product for both beginners and the professionals.

Within 2 -3 times weekly, when used for 10 minutes and then combine with low calories and fat diet, you’ll begin to see the result. While the whole body fitness machine has been so good, but people with a heart condition, joint problems, or similar ailment should consult medical advice before using a trainer such as the Confidence as an example.

Our + for this

  • Holds weight up to 300lbs 
  • The designincludes heart rate, monitor 
  • Choose from 50-speed levels 
  • 10minute work daily for two or three weeks yields a significant result 

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2. Bluefin Best Fitness Dual Motor Vibration Platform

Bluefin Best Fitness Dual Motor Vibration Platform

Right inside your home, you can easily engage in your fitness and workout via the Bluefin vibration platform. It features 780 vibrations per minute to work your muscles over time. Also available, 180-levels and the three different kinds of motion available makes the 3D a wonderful option for those seeking to add vibration to their home fitness routine.

This fitness robot comes with Bluefin full package for diet and exercise guide designed by fitness experts to help you burn fat, calories, and tighten your muscle.

This at-home vibration plate has a Bluetooth option that lets you connect with external Bluetooth enabled speakers. Therefore, as you’re vibrating your whole body with this system, you can listen to favorite songs/music. This function provides oscillatory, linear, and 3D- linear vibration.

Our + for this

  • Burn fat faster in 10minutes
  • Linear+ oscillatory+ 3D vibration 
  • 5-built-in weightless programs
  • Powerful dual motors 
  • We love the LCD 
  • Has an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 speaker     
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3. ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Machine

ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Machine

This machine also has relevant features seen in advance whole body system for work out, but we like the fact that the platform is as quiet as it won’t disturb your neighbors if you’re to use it at home. More so, it is approved by the FDA making it safe for use as a medical device in any environment of choice. Most relevantly, the 1-year warranty is a top-most criterion if you want a unit with approval of assurance of quality built. 

The workout recovery system is widely used by athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, diabetic’s patients and great for all ages of people. This ZAAZ motion therapy technology gently and powerfully engages the joints, lymph, muscles, and circulatory systems of your entire body, thereby activating over 90 percent of all muscle groups and producing up-to thirty-involuntary reflexes in a second. 

However, from observation, this vibrating platform exercise perform is the most expensive in our top 10 best whole-body vibration machines. To let you know, a user complains it can only produce 3.5g instead of 10g as said about it, but we cannot justify these reviews due to limited information. 

Our + for this

  • Costly but robust
  • FDA medically approved device health use
  • Features variable speed and pre-set program
  • Promises impressive exercise or fitness features
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4. LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

The Lifepro promises a lot more than you may not have imagined when it comes to a whole-body vibration machine. Though it comes portable yet the power to build muscles while improving your fitness and flexibility you’ll get.

Besides, the waver plate produces full-body vibration that can stimulate your musculature and thus leads to additional contraction and increased muscle activation at every stage of your work out.

Apart from muscle build-up, many have to give their testimonies on how the Lifepro machine has helped them burn fat and loss weight in a few weeks of adopting it.

The speed level ranges from 1-99 levels for you to choose and customize your work-out activities. Also, it has a user-friendly display and remote control for the most efficient result within the shortest amount of time as possible.

Our + for this

  • Easy storage
  • The bonus of online professional trainer manual and Ebook
  • Tested and proved to be comfortable and long-lasting 
  • It is good for home exercising and safe for at-home use
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5. Fitness Bluefin Vibration Platform for Whole Body

Fitness Bluefin Vibration Platform for Whole Body

You can also reduce weight and tone up fast with this Bluefin fitness vibration platform. The good news, this Bluefin pro model is built to target those stubborn fatty areas while simultaneously increasing muscle mass. 

The high-frequency full body vibrations, the platform machine creates subconsciously contract your body muscles 1,000 times in a minute, thereby resulting in burning of huge quantity of calories which gives you an allover toned look.

This platform comes with the work-out exercise cords for you to tone your upper body and arms, plus work-out posters to assist you with different exercise positions. It also comes with manual instruction available in 5 languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

Our + for this

  • We like the powerful built-in speaker 
  • Silent drive motor 
  • Features 180 levels of intensity, plus 10-auto-programs
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6. Daiwa Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine

Daiwa Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine

In this best whole-body vibration machine review, Daiwa is compact and portable compared to most of the items seen earlier. Therefore storing this device won’t require much space.

The plate features three automatic workout programs and the platform surface is not slippery and wide enough to accommodate your feet. It is built with 10-speeds vibration and has a Central Pivoting System, which you can use to adjust the intensity based on how far you’re away from the center of the plate.

The detachable band’s resistance installed in the machine is an optional one that allows users to quickly add arm, chest, and shoulder exercises to perform full-body exercises.

Our + for this

  • Equipped with a balance strap
  • Remote control system
  • Features 3 automatic program  
  • Helps increase metabolism faster 
  • Burn excess fat, tone and tighten the skin 
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7. LifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate Machine

LifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate Machine

The best whole body vibration machine for weight loss and fitness from Lifepro is a wonderful vibration platform machine that offers significant results. You can regain muscle tone using this therapeutic vibration created by the Lifepro rhythm plate machine to wake up muscles throughout your body.

It also, improve circulation, balance and rapid blood movement and oxygen delivery to your muscles. And the overall benefits, promote your body’s immune system to regenerate new cells and repair them. To also increase flexibility, motion, and comfort, this best body vibration machine of this kind is not what to miss-out.

There is plenty of speed options up to 99 levels to select. In this amazing unit, there is a heart rate tracker built into the handrail, which helps in tracking heartbeat and intensity as you proceed up gradually.

Our + for this

  • Hold maximum weight of 330lbs
  • Full body recovery program
  • Adjustable speeds settings
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Training videos provided + fast response customer service
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8. Vibration Platform Trainer Fitness Machine

Vibration Platform Trainer Fitness Machine

No place is as convenient like engaging in a workout session right at the comfort of your house. Not only will it saves you money for registered classes, but also the time as well. Scenery to this, you need a good machine like the Hurtle product that won’t disappoint.

The vibration platform trainer is unisex, both male and female are authorized to use it. You would access 1-20 speed control settings to get the most out of your daily fitness training session. With its adjustable belt, you’re free to adjust to a suitable less or higher depending on your strength.

Most relevantly, it has an in-built preset training mode for midsection, thighs, abs, and bottoms. The full-body machine holds a capacity of 265lbs, which is the only one discovered to have lesser value as far as this discussion is concerned.

Nevertheless, specs like LCD is still not lacking as well, as such users/trainers/athletes can monitor their progress at the touch of a button. If you want to know how to use a whole-body vibration machine of this brand, watch the video below. 

Our + for this

  • Design for women and men use 
  • Selectable speed up to 20 levels 
  • Featuring an adjustable belt for an intense workout 
  • Responsive and fast muscle recovery 
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9. Best Choice Products Full Body Vibration Platform

Best Choice Products Full Body Vibration Platform

What are the benefits of whole-body vibration machines that are not in relation to this Best Choice Product? Its 99-speeds level control and 10-auto-program modes are confirmation of customizable workout for a different class of people who needs a vibration platform.

The technology combines oscillating and high intensity vibrating power to massage your joint thus leads to increased blood circulation, improved balance, tone muscles, and weight loss.

The 4-pad suction located at the bottom promises a reduced impact on your floor. It also provides a secure safety and has a non-slippery grip for the device.

Like other of the best whole body platform for vibration, Best Choice features a similar weight capacity of 330lbs, alongside band resistance for extra work out challenge.   

Our + for this

  • Using remote control 
  • Use only 15 to 20 minutes per day
  • Medically registered 
Check Price On Amazon

Why Was Whole Body Machine Invented?

It is designed for the entire body to work out with its vibrating force. The technology does not require you to apply any force rather stand or sits on it for you to enjoy the vibrating power mechanism.

However, the device has a motor that produces vibration. The intensity of the vibrating force that can be generated is customize depending on the vibrating machine model you have.

Therefore, the efficiency it delivers is a factor of the vibration force in second created by the supposed machine.

The Different Types of Whole Body Vibration Machine

As you storm the market place, you’ll find many types of vibration machines for whole-body therapy. To secure a good one, knowledge concerning this system is required. The available options are as follows:

  • Vertical vibration: This is done when the device moves upward and downward. The essence of this is to mobilize the weight of the person using the machine. Also, good for circulating lymphatic fluids present in the system. 
  • Oscillation vibration: This machine moves in a toll and fro pattern engaging one side of the body before impacting on the other side. However, oscillation vibration is for those who want to lose weight because muscles are trim in the process.
  • Elliptical vibration: If you want to improve your sense of balance, elliptical vibration is an option to consider. This uses centrifugal plates to produce a vibrating force.

The bottom-line, while some units can offer one or two of the types of vibration, others can offer all inclusively. Therefore, you’ve to decide which on what is best for you.

How to Find the Best Whole Body Vibration Machine

The problem of choice is always an issue when it comes to the whole-body vibration system market. Since one unit differs from the other in features, adequacy of what a body vibration is, and what to be lookout is needed to be understood. This section talks about it.

  • What’s your goal? Remember various machines found in the market have a specific function. However, your goal is what you achieve. If you want to burn fat, and lose weight, build muscles, body flexibility, or blood circulation. Knowing this will helps you weed out the models that are not in-line with your aim.
  • Budget: Planning the amount the money to be spent is paramount. Do not offer what is beyond your pocket. A portable body vibration machine is more cheaper compared to those with handrails.
  • Features: Weight capacity, number of speed levels available for accessibility or workout programs are top things to check. Some people like digital display screens to quickly view and adjust various settings and also a remote control makes operation fun to some enthusiast. Also, consider the product weight to know whether heavy or not to transport where needed. 
  • The motor capacity: The unit engine capacity determines how powerful to what you will achieve in the course of your training. The motor capacity is always rated in horsepower but may come across in watts. Nevertheless, the higher the value, the better power, result, and durability.
  • Size of the platform: A wider surface platform provides more space and means a comfortable workout session. Hence, the dimension should be looked of the unit of concern. 

Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits

They say when the benefits of something is not known, abuse is inevitable. This takes us to let you know what the benefits a whole-body vibration machine offers are, which are as outline below.

  • It’s one of the best ways to give out weight loss and fat burning.
  • You can use a vibration machine to build up OR strengthen weak muscles overtime on regular use. 
  • It helps to increase blood circulation and body flexibility 
  • For stronger muscle and back pain reduction  

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do whole body vibration machines work? Yes, it works. There many online testimonials talking about how this machine has helped people regain fitness, improve muscle strength, circulation, and more. 
  • What are the best vibration machines? From our top 10 selection, as reviewed above and highlighted in the comparison, you would able to the best one, but these might not be the best in the whole world.  
  • What should I look for in a whole-body vibration machine? The features discussed in how to choose the best vibration body system machine what you should consider. 
  • Can vibration burn fat? Off-course, fat does reduce in the course of an intense and vigorous workout. 
  • Are our whole body vibration machines safe? Well, they are safety devices, but our advice is to choose a unit approved by the FDA to meet the health safety standard. 

Wrapping It Up

You have seen the best whole-body vibration machines featured and reviewed as regards the scope of this study. We believed, you equally read the benefits of vibration machines of for body, the types, how to use and how to pick the right one. More so, the most frequently asked question section is to help you clear some doubts concerning this machine of interest. Nevertheless, we might have touched every aspect you might be looking for but choosing a vibration machine for whole bodywork as possible with relevant information presented to you. Here is the comparison table once again.