Degenerations in the spinal cord are a significant cause of back pain. The human spinal cord is the link between the body and the brain. It is commonly caused by smoking, age, excess body weight, depression, anxiety, unused muscles, and other diseases in the body. The onset of back pain brings Ruptured disc, Muscle aches, arthritis, osteoporosis, bladder problem, sciatica, and high fever. Chronic back pain can last up to 90days while the acute back pains stay between 4-6weeks in the body. Despite how joint this pain is, it can be simply treated with Doctors’ prescriptions, physical therapy, balanced posture, DIY home treatments reclining chairs, and ultimately spine surgery. Reclining chairs have become one of the best ways to prevent back pains. Best zero gravity chair for back pain has been the most sought after piece of furniture used globally. They are very comfortable, portable, and very durable. They are weather-resistant and foldable. All zero gravity chair for back pain is the ideal item to get for maintaining ergonomics and posture. The zero gravity chairs for back pain are also great for relaxation.

Zero gravity chairs are easy to set up and effortless to use.  They are designed to help the body adjust to different positions without straining the back.  Zero gravity reclining chairs can be single armchairs, double seat, or with control buttons. All age groups can use these chairs. The various features of these recliners can be easily adjusted to suit all your preferences. You can watch the television, read a book, sleep, lie down, sit up and many more on the same chair with the switchable rollers. 

Best Zero Gravity Chair For Back Pain Comparison

Product Name
Human Touch Reclining Chair
Human Touch Reclining Chair Check Price On Amazon

  • Colour: black, brown, grey
  • Material: Vinyl
  • L x W x H: 43 x 31 x 47inches
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Frame material: Walnut wood.

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LUCKYBERRY Best Recliner Chair
 LUCKYBERRY Best Recliner Chair Check Price On Amazon

  • Colour: black, brown
  • L x W x H: 28x 5.19x 26.5inches
  • Style: modernized
  • Frame material: steel

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Best Ideal Zero Gravity Massage ChairBest Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair Check Price On Amazon

  • Colour: black, brown
  • L x W x H: 35x 55 x 49inches
  • Style: modernized
  • Frame material: steel

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Kahuna Massage ChairKahuna Massage Chair Check Price On Amazon

  • Colour: black, brown
  • L x W x H: 48x 47x 28inches
  • Style: modernized
  • Frame material: steel

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Cozzia Zero Gravity Chair For Back Pain
Kahuna Massage Chair Check Price On Amazon

  • Colour: black, brown and grey
  • L x W x H: 42x 31.5 x 46inches
  • Style: modernized
  • Frame material: leather

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Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner Padded Folding Patio Lounge Chair Check Price On Amazon

  • Color: black, brown
  • L x W x H: 43.5 x 22 x 21.3inches
  • Style: modernized
  • Frame material: wood

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Six Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain and Relaxation Review

1. Human Touch Reclining Chair

Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain 2020: Top 5 Reviews

This zero gravity reclining chair is a brand of the human touch. It is made with steel, designed with a contemporary feel of lustrous wool. This Human touch recline chair is made with smooth walnut wood. It comes in different colors for your personal preference. It helps you expand the capacity of your lungs for deeper breathing.

It comes with a hand control brake, which allows you to switch into the position you want. This is great for relaxing. This chair also aids deeper breathing. It is made to keep you comfortable all day long, ideal for working from home.

The human touch reclining chair is a zero gravity chair that takes up to 400lbs weight capacity. The human touch zero gravity chair is very durable, lasting more than 4years.

Our + for this

  • Adjustable valve support
  • Customize option
  • Lustrous wool material
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2. LUCKYBERRY Best Recliner Chair

LUCKYBERRY Best Recliner Chair

This luckyberry reclining chair is rated highly for its sturdiness and comfortability. It is made with chemical-free fabrics, highly durable. It weighs just 24pounds making it very portable. It comes in an assembled package ready for use.

This reclining chair is capable of twisting to suit your posture. You can use this zero gravity reclining chair for your body to work out. With the lucky berry reclining brand, you do not need a massage chair. It can hold as much as 350lbs of weight.

With the adjustable back feature, you can use it in the bedroom. The lucky berry reclining chair gives great relaxation for maximum comfort. The best feature of this recliner is the personal customizing option.

Our + for this

  • Great value for money
  • Workout and massage friendly 
  • Ultra-wide capacity
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3. Best Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Best Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The ideal zero gravity chair for back pain has a built-in heat supply that allows you to experience a deeper level of relaxation.  This recliner is not just very affordable; it also saves you the extra cost of a massage chair as it performs whole-body massage. It has an airbag massage system, which is excellent for massaging the feet. The ideal massage chair has a sliding technological built that slowly adjusts your body for comfort.

The ideal recliner brand has a double layer cushion pillow for the head. The auto height feature helps the recliner adjust to your right height for optimal results. The motor makes minimal noise that does not disturb your peaceful sleep during use. 

It has up to 10auto special massage programs you can switch from. It has over 5years warranty attesting to its durability. The ideal recliner has an air acupressure massage with upgraded airbags. The maximum weight this recliner can hold is 200lbs.

Our + for this

  • Modernized Airbag
  • Easy to assemble feature
  • Ten auto massage programs
Check Price On Amazon

4. Kahuna Massage Chair

Kahuna Massage Chair

The kahuna massage chair is the only one out of all the zero gravity reclining chairs to have a 9auto program. It is specially designed in a modernized style to suit your taste. It is designed with ease of usage in mind, and it requires no assembling.

You will experience an excellent relaxation session with the new standard special programs it is made of.  The kahuna massage chair has acupressure points for the arm. The kahuna recliners have 6wheels rollers for full body massage.

You can enjoy over 30minutes of massage sessions on this recliner. You save the installation fee as it comes in an already assembled state. The kahuna zero gravity recliner can hold a maximum weight of 238.1lbs

Our + for this

  • Led light design
  • Acupressure points for arm
  • 30minutes massage time
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5. Cozzia Zero Gravity Chair For Back Pain

Cozzia Zero Gravity Chair For Back Pain

The cozzia zero gravity recliner comes in two different models such as the dual power recliner and the air touch recliner. It is made with beautiful bonded leather. It has an all position headrest for various activities. The heat therapy feature on it helps message the body.

The cozzia recliner has an adjustable pillow to cushion your head. With this recliner brand, you do not have to worry about the noise; the motor has been designed to be super quiet during use.

The button control feature helps you control the recliner with ease. It has a large holding capacity, so you do not have to fear falling off the cozzia recliner. The cozzie zero gravity reclining chair can hold a maximum of 400lbs weight.

Our + for this

  • Kid, Kitchen, and living room-friendly
  • Durable bonded leather    
  • Super quiet motors
  • 6 timber ridge
Check Price On Amazon

6. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner Padded Folding Patio Lounge Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner Padded Folding Patio Lounge Chair

Most recliners are made to fit into all your indoor activities. This brand, however, is designed to be used for all outdoor activities. The timber ridge zero gravity chair for back pain is your choice for a relaxed outdoor experience. It is made with nylon material that leaves you comfortable all year round. The nylon fabrics it is made of makes it weather friendly as well. The timber ridge chair comes with a padded pillow to cushion your head against the wooden material.

This recliner has a maximum weight capacity for 350llbs ideal for all body sizes. The wooden removable headrest features help you relax comfortably. It is rated highly durable and guarantees maximum relaxation.

Our + for this

  • Great for an outdoor experience
  • Removable headrest
  • Very durable
Check Price On Amazon

Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Chair

A recliner is a worthy investment you can never go wrong having. Besides, the best zero gravity chair has no adverse health implications but a wide range of benefits some of which includes:

  • General wellness: All zero gravity chairs are known to melt stress off the body. These chairs are made to deliver a well deserving relaxation. Zero gravity chairs have built-in heat system, which is healthy and great for the back
  • Great for relaxing the foot: The zero gravity recliners are made with a variety of rollers for massaging the feet. These foot rollers help release tension from aching feet
  • Customizing height features: All recliners have adjustable height features to help you have a great relaxation experience.
  • Improves blood circulation: Zero gravity chair helps relax the pains that come with swollen joints and heavy foot. It evenly circulates blood to every part of the body. 
  • The zero gravity chair is ideal for general body tone: The zero gravity chairs are not just high for body toning but also saves you the cost of booking a massage session. It gives the whole-body massage for maximum relaxation. Zero gravity chairhas been programmed into adjustable you can easily choose. From the full-body stretch, swing, relax, risers, auto lift, low back, and other features.
  • These zero gravity chairs are high for pregnant women and the Nursing mothers: These recliners can be easily adjusted to make pregnant women and nursing mothers feel more comfortable. This helps them experiences fewer backaches caused by hormone imbalances. A zero-gravity chair also helps reduces poor blood circulation. It relieves stress from the body, which is great for both mother and child. 

What To Look For In A Best Zero Gravity Reclining Chairs

A recliner is an excellent investment for your total wellbeing. The market is stocked up with a wide variety of reclining chairs. When going to shop for your zero gravity chair consider using the following feature


Zero gravity chair price ranges. Since they give durable and natural back pain relief considerably great for your money’s worth.

Styles and designs 

Do you love your recliners’ modern or traditional style or contemporary design? The Zero gravity chairs have over 30 different plans, and techniques to help you choose from.

Cover material

These chairs come in different fabrics. Polyester traps air, cotton allows airflow, and absorbs more than the others. Rayon is synthetic and absorbs moisture a great deal. Silk and wool give warmth. Knowing which cover material is excellent for the weather will help you rightly select the best zero gravity chair for you

Floor space and size 

These zero gravity chair comes in different sizes. Do you want a large zero gravity chair or a portable and foldable size? Shop through with the size of your home or office space in mind

Maintenance and durability

A zero gravity chair can last for as long as 5years and more depending on its support. While some require expensive maintenance, others do not.


Humans vary in weights and heights, therefore while picking the best zero gravity chair, consider checking the measurement scale. Some recliners have a holding weight capacity of over 400lbs while others can only hold 200lbs weight. It is safe to know the holding role to avoid getting the wrong recliners. The right reclining chair is the one that gives you optimal value for your money. Some zero gravity chair has adjustable measurement, ideal for all body size

Recliners material weight

The weight of the zero gravity chair differs. Some are made with extremely light materials. Some zero gravity chair is made with heavy metals, so you might consider shopping for the weight that works just fine for you

Ease of use

Most recliners have been assembled and ready for use. Some zero gravity chair has user guides that require less stress or foresight to set up for use. Other zero gravity chairs can only be set up by professionals for optimal results.  

Its functions

The functions of zero gravity chair, albeit similar, differs in some ways. Do you prefer an all-round recliner or a singular and dual-purpose zero gravity chair? Then carefully shop through the right one for you using its function as a guide.

Wrapping It Up

After hours of standing or sitting, the zero gravity chair helps relax the body. Reclining chairs adds a great deal of relaxation the back, especially during summer to keep the end upright and pain-free. It gives long term natural back pain relief, making it’s a wise buy. Zero gravity chair is a great space saver, and mobile get you a zero gravity recliner today and have your back thank you forever! Here is Human Touch Reclining Chair our recommendation for you, but you can also check top hundreds list here as well.

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