Humans are exposed to vibrations of all forms from scintillating surfaces to machines. Body vibration is a term used when the human body is exposed to vibrations either through a seat (the bum) or the feet, or even the back (when lying down). Body vibration machines are devices that use vibration to relax the muscle and increase muscular strength. The machine also helps reduce pains in the body, burns fat thus helping with weight loss, enhancing blood flow, and perfects the general functioning of the immune system. 

How The Body Vibration Machines Works

Understanding Body Vibration Machine: Benefit, How It works & Finding The Best One

Body vibration improves the disposal of cellulite which is disastrous to the body as we age. The vibration doesn’t work directly on the cellulite removal, but it works on strengthening the fiber of the collagen in the legs, and turn triggers the cellulite removal. The enhanced collagen production is for smoother skin tone. With the removal of cellulite and other unnecessary fluid in the body, the skin appears smoother and better making its users feel more vibrant and younger. 

Athletes especially sprint runners need body vibration machines for muscular strength, muscular relaxation, flexible, and explosive leg strength. Non-athletes also benefit from using Body vibration machines since abdominal fat, which is found linked to diabetes is reduced when using them. Diabetic patients are to be encouraged to use these machines to help improve their condition. This same effect makes it perfect for users seeking a reduction in abdominal fat not as an underlying health issue, but mainly for fitness. The machine can be a go-to for reducing stomach fat common to women after childbirth or people with a big stomach.  

Benefits Of Body Vibration Machines

For therapeutic purposes, body vibration machines are useful in reducing stress, relieving back pain, and to build the bone structure that reduces in density due to aging. Constant use of this device enhances the coordination and balance of the bones. This helps the old people to maintain a strong balance and prevents frequent falls due to weak bony leg structure. An advantage for aged people hoping to get a good grip on their body parts as they age. 

The machine also comes with a whole pack of health benefits aside from the ones listed earlier. Some of these increase bone mineral density, decreasing the rate of stress hormone cortisol production in the body. With a reduction in cortisol production there is an elevation of human growth hormones. The device burns body fat thus an effective machine for people seeking loss in body weight. 

How To Find The Best Body Vibration Machines

 Choosing the best Body vibration machines is basically easy. There are so many devices to pick from. However, knowing one’s needs will make the selection process easy. 

Professional Dual Motor is a body vibration machine with a special feature of switching to the user’s flexibility and ability to move. This makes it the best for blood circulation and a good fit for both the aged and the younger generation as it works with the user’s flexibility. If blood circulation and muscular strength are what you need, going for Professional Dual Motor is the best option. Although a little expensive, you get your money’s worth!

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine is a good option for desired muscle strength without heavy lifting. Continuous use of Confidence Fitness indeed breeds confidence in the muscles of the user. 

Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration known to stimulate the cells in the body, giving the body a good tone. For people who wish to stay in shape faster without much workout session, this device is the one to go for. 

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine comes with an adjustable speed feature during workouts making it ideal for the young who desires to slim down at their own pace. It is the best for abs toning

WP Fitness Dual Motor Full Body Vibration comes with armband for working out the upper body. This is the best for people who like to have a better toned upper body.

Metal Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine helps fight insomnia and to improve body metabolism. Most people with sleeping disorders opt for Metal Whole as a quick solution to their sleeping problems; not forgetting the fact that Metal Whole also works on the body metabolism giving the body a good feel.

iDeer Vibration Platform Exercise Machines this machine is specially designed for easy use. It comes with loads of health benefits, the most important being its ability to fasten the removal of cellulite from the body. The machine helps too in building the strength needed by the muscles for good muscular coordination. 

While body vibration machines are a whole new package of better shapes and quick result option, users should be careful when using them. Headaches, knee cap pain, back pain, neck pain have been associated with the use of vibrations on the body. At most, 10-15minutes per workout session is okay. Exceeding that means exposing the body to prolong body vibration which causes more damage than good. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should a body vibration session last? Body vibrations should last between 10 to 15minutes.
  • Does body vibration have long-lasting side effects? No, the side effects of body vibrations like headaches, back pain, or even neck pain all stop the instant users discontinue the treatment.


The body vibration machine works by using a vibration surface. The user either stands sit or lie down to use the machine. The moment the machine starts vibrating, energy from the machine is transferred to the body forcing the muscles in the body to contract and relax. The muscles forced relaxation and contraction exerts pressure on the body of the machine user, this makes the user feel “stressed”.

For people who cannot endure, this feeling of stress might be a setback. The risk of falling off the machine and getting injured is another factor to consider when using the machine especially for the aged. Young users stand the risk of lower back pain in the spine, nerves, and muscles procured from prolonging the driving of the machine. Blurred vision, hearing loss, and possible brain damage have been associated with body vibration machines too. All these have been associated to prolong use of the machine. Users are thus advised to stick strictly to the duration for workout instructions on the machine.

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