If you’re working with little space and would prefer a humidifier that does not have to take up half that space to do its work, then the Boneco S450 might be just right for you. The S450’s steam humidifier output is undeterred by its size, as it will dispense up to 3 gallons of moisture consistently for over 24 hours, but only for spaces not larger than 860 square feet and equally good for large rooms. However, a whole house need, we recommend you check Aprilaire 800.  

Boneco S450 Delivers Warm Mist Humidity For Health

The Boneco S450 is a warm mist humidifier; not only does it vaporize water as mist, but it also heats water up to a boiling point and then dispenses warm mist into the immediate environment. This feature makes it suitable as a humidifier for nurseries or just as additional warmth provider in particularly cold climates. 

It boasts of an inbuilt hygrometer that tracks the humidity level of the space to ensure that the unit dispenses the right amount of healthy, warm moisture. The Boneco heats water up to 212 degrees, a temperature where harmful bacteria cannot survive so that the dispensed mist is safe to touch and inhale. 

Now, what is inevitable about boiler units? The buildup of residue in the tank and those can be difficult to clean. Boneco foresaw this and provided the S450 with mineral pads that reduce the residual stains of settling particles in the vaporizer basin. To boost, they also added a handy pack of EZCal formula to assist with the routine descaling that the tank requires to keep the mist healthy and safe.

Automatic Operation

The Boneco S450 is fully automated, which would be a joy for users that prefer not to fiddle with buttons and settings. However, this can prove to be a downside when the humidistat does not read accurate humidity data, leading to a mist that is too cool or too for your preference.

Not to worry, the S450 puts its automation to more good uses than bad. The tank features an indicator that lets you know when it’s almost time for a refill, and the unit will turn itself off when the tank is empty.

The feature that can be manually operated, however, is mist output. The S450 possesses low, medium and high output levels, so you can choose whichever best suits your needs. You could also set the on/off timers so the humidifier turns itself on or off at specific times during the day.

Low Maintenance

Refilling the Boneco S450 is a breeze, thanks to the gallon design of the tank. The 2-gallon water tank is fitted with a handle that makes it easy to remove and put back in the humidifier unit. Also, that means you could just stick it under a tap to fill it up, instead of using pour-in windows and spilling water in the process.

The other part of maintaining the S450 is changing the mineral pads. The manufacturers advise that this be done every two to four weeks, depending on the hardness of the water in the tank. After the mineral pads are changed and ready to go, all you need to do is hit the decalcification button and the unit will self-clean. If that’s not a humidifier dream, we don’t know what is.

Automatic Operation

Our plus for this

  • Healthy and safe humidity
  • Easy refilling
  • Fully automatic
  • Self-cleaning tank

Our minus for this

  • Not suitable for large areas
  • Unit may be noisy

There are options to choose when it comes to steam humidifier buy for single room use but so far this boneco s450 review has been awarded one of the best units. It has a room coverage capacity of 850 sq. ft. provides bacteria-free steam, and runs quietly and overall, low cost of maintenance and affordable.

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