The Boneco brand is renowned for producing high-quality air humidifiers, and the U700 Ultrasonic model is the one with the highest capacity and highest moisture output of them all. It dispenses both cool and warm mist with a 4-gallon tank that can cover large areas up to 1000 square feet for 24 hours straight. Its operation is convenient and automated, and the unit is built with intelligent temperature compensation (ITC) that allows it to regulate indoor humidity based on surrounding relative humidity.

Boneco U700 Easy-to-Use Humidifier

The Boneco U700 (Warm & Cool Mist) – Review

The Boneco U700 is incredibly easy to understand and control. Like most set-and-forget models. You can program the desired level of humidity, and the unit will maintain it. The inbuilt hygrostat that was mentioned earlier automatically adjusts the mist output for you to preserve the optimal humidity level selected.

Soft push buttons on the compact display allow you to choose between warm mist and cool mist instantly. Say a firm goodbye to dry winters and hot summers. The LCD Display stats that standard Boneco humidifier models do- automatic humidity mode, refill indicators, auto shut-off, cleaning alerts, pre-warm as well as self-cleaning mode, timer, and an LED night light.

An 8-hour timer lets you set auto-on or auto-shutoff times, even though the unit would still turn itself off automatically when the tank runs empty.

Low Maintenance       

The self-cleaning mode is something that will endear the U700 to a lot of users. It includes an activated carbon hydro cell to help keep the humidifier clean while eliminating heavy metals, odor-causing contaminants, and pollutants that may be found in household tap water. It also includes a demineralization kit to help prevent the build-up of white dust, lime, and calcium.

Because it is powered by Ultrasonic technology, this unit consumes very little power. What it does consume is water, because of the large tank size. However, refills are made easier thanks to the transparent tank design and the refill indicator. So you’ll never be left wondering when it’s time for a top-up. Top of it, the tank has two handles that make it incredibly easy to lift it out and refill. However, users have complained that the tank drips remnant water when it is removed for a refill, although that’s nothing a quick Swipe won’t fix. Besides, all the units manufactured at the same time cannot have the same shortcoming. The Boneco U700 also has a fragrance tray so that you can add essential oils to the tank to get a truly pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Note that you’d have to put the unit on a high place for optimal functioning. On flat tops like tables, it tends to leave a wet film on surfaces, so you may want to look out for that.

For users that prefer inconspicuous humidifiers, the U700 may not be a great choice. It is a little bulky and will announce its presence in the room. However, its operation is whisper-quiet so if you get around to ignoring the size, you can pretend that it’s not even there.

Our plus for this

  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Warm and cool mist modes
  • Large area coverage

Our minus for this

  • Drips when refilled
  • Bulky
  • Tank gurgles occasionally
Wrapping It Up

Beneco brand of humidifiers is one of the leading products in the market, especially the steam model that’s has been a favorite in the front of customers. This u700 from them is built to deliver performance and one of the topmost reasons to own this device, allow for use all round the year; summer or winter as the case may be.

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