Cool Humidifier Vs Warm Humidifier for Babies


If there is need to run a humidifier in your baby’s room, then there is need to understand cool mist humidifier Vs warm mist humidifier thoroughly so that you know which one is more economical to run. We have provided the insight to this topic by differentiating them to help you in informed decision making. Find our resource below for details

What is a humidifier?

Humidifier is generally a home appliance that adds humidity in form of mist or steam to the air in a home or office. They come as stand-alone unit meant to humidify a single room or they can be integrated into the HVAC system of a building, and as such, humidify the whole house.

Cool Humidifier Vs Warm Humidifier for Babies

Are humidifiers good for babies?

Absolutely yes they are. Since humidifier prevent air from becoming too dry, they help to aid the breathing process of your babies. They help to ease nasal congestion, dry throat and clogged lungs which are characteristics of dry weather. Babies require special attention because they are easily prone to illness, therefore a humidifier would help you in caring for them.

Which humidifier is better for a baby, warm or cold?

Either ways, they both perform the same function of moisturizing the air; the only difference is how they work.

While cool mist humidifier disperses air using an internal wick filter which absorbs water while a fan blows the air through the filter. This process makes the water to be dispersed around the air as an ultra-fine, invisible mist that is cool for baby feel.

Warm mist humidifier on the other hand uses an internal heating system to boil the water before it is dispersed as soothing mist that is warm to the feel.

However, because of the internal heating system used by the warm humidifier, the appliance gets heated up quickly leading to incidence of burn in cases of direct contact. So, if you have a very active baby, you might reconsider going for that type in other to minimize house hazards.

Babies are very inquisitive and as such tend to reach out and grab everything within their eyesight. And this is more pronounced when they just started crawling or walking. If there is no way you can totally monitor them, you should totally go for a cool mist humidifier, unless of course if they are still very tender. But in the long run, there isn’t any point having to switch humidifiers just because your baby has started crawling or walking.

Benefits of cool mist humidifiers

  • They are good for humidifying large areas or space unlike warm mist humidifier which are more suited for smaller and enclosed areas
  • They are none or minimal incidence of accidents like burns
  • Because the water do not need to be heated before dispersion, the appliance utilize less electricity

Disadvantage cool mist humidifiers

  • Because of the fan that disperses the cool mist, they are usually noisier than warm mist humidifier
  • Also they can cause the air to become a little bit chilly although moisturized.
  • They seem to store up large residual of minerals which can be dispersed also into the air.

Benefits of warm mist humidifier

  • They seem to be the best choice during cold winter months
  • They allow for high saturation of the air and kills most bacteria with steam

Disadvantages warm mist humidifiers

  • Are not very functional in large space rooms; they work better in bedrooms and offices
  • They draw more energy and are quite difficult to clean since the residual minerals are left behind during steaming.

Final verdict:

Both humidifier are fine and produce the same function, but for the safety of your active babies, it is better to go for a cold mist humidifier to avoid accidental burns.

Reviews 4 best humidifiers for babies room

1. myBaby SoundSpa Ultrasonic Humidifier

This humidifier is great for newborn or toddler rooms as it runs with less noise. In fact, features four soothing sounds your young will love such as white noise, heartbeat, and lullaby and summer night.

Also, a convenient night light is integrated into this device and this will let your baby feel relaxed while benefiting from the ultrasonic unit. With its 1 tank, you baby with enjoy cool mist air up to 45 hours. Another feature to look out for is the clean-tank-technology that protects the unit tank from mold and mildew growth.

2. Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier

This is another unit that is ideal for baby’s room. This unit is an evaporative system with self regulating humidity settings to adjust humidity output your baby room air can hold at a particular temperature.

The Vicks Stray has two settings such as low and high to meet baby’s comfort level.  The 1.0 gallon tank capacity runs daily providing cool moisture each refill. Your baby will also like the Vicks Vapo scents this products released.

3. Vornadobaby Huey Nursery Evaporative Humidifier

This vornadobaby humidifier is for parents looking for a unit for their baby nursery beds. The unit works by gently releasing evaporative humidifier without creating white dust. It comes with easy to fill water bottle that holds up to 1 gallon tank capacity while providing mist for 12 hrs.

Also features 2 airflow settings, backlit control, and lockable and automatic humidity control. The Signature vortex action equipped into this device ensures that your home air will be humidified evenly. if you decide to consider this Huey evaporative humidifier you will receive up 5 year backup warranty.

4. Vornadobaby AC1-0035-60 Purio Nursery True HEPA Air Purifier

For the best of air devoid of airborne allergies or particular, you can count on this vornadobaby  AC1-0035-60 Purio. The Purio feature three-stage filteration system such as True HEPA filter that captures up to 99.9% room contaminant, washable filter and activated carbon filter for odor reduction