Hoverboards are trendy two-wheelers that solve transportation issues in an eco-friendly way. Getting one sounds like a no-brainer, but they do have their restrictions. You can’t travel long distances with hoverboards, and there is nothing that can be done about that yet. Also, you cannot travel on rough, uneven, or rocky parts with a hoverboard, but something can be done about that. You want to know what? Get an off-road hoverboard, like the Gyroor T581, that is built to weather all terrains. Let’s dig into more details about the heavy-duty hoverboard below.

Gyroor T581 All terrains, Any weather

Gyroor T581

The Gyroor T581 is also named “Warrior”, and with its 600w motor, 8.5inch solid tires and rugged exterior, it’s easy to see why. It has an aluminum coat protecting the chassis from any damage that impacts from the rough terrains may cause, and anti-slip foot pads ensure that your feet stay firmly planted on your hoverboard even if you’re riding on steep curves. Speaking of steep curves, the Gyroor can ride uphill up to 30 degrees, and it can also ride in water as long as it is not deeper than 1m in immersion depth.

The most important thing to consider when buying a good hoverboard is safety because the rider is exposed to external impact. The Gyroor T581 does its best and provides as much protection as a hoverboard can. Maneuvering it is relatively easy, although it may be tricky to stabilize the unit at first. To help you get the hang of that, the hoverboard comes with an accompanying app that lets you stay in control, allows you to change speed and light settings and track battery percentage.

Guaranteed Safety

Gyroor T581 Guaranteed Safety

As a rule of thumb, you should not get hoverboards that do not have UL certifications 2271 or 2272. The Gyroor is certified to meet top safety levels and guaranteed not to overheat or combust while charging or while you’re riding. The hoverboard also comes with fancy LED lights that you can customize on your app, and apart from making your unit look cool, they can help keep you visible to other road users if you’re riding at night.

Optimized for all Users

The Gyroor T581 is kid-friendly, and it comes with a learning mode to help new users get the hang of operating it before real riding begins. It can carry up to 256lbs of weight, and that’s impressive for a hoverboard that has a range of 12 miles and can go as fast as 9.95mph. These stats drastically reduce when you’re not riding on smooth pavement, however. The Gyroor’s battery and range capacity are not the same as stated above when you throw a couple of rough curbs into the mix, and we did not like that very much. 

The in-built Bluetooth function provides users with the option of grooving their favorite music for as long as they ride. So riders can have a truly personalized experience with the Gyroor T581.

Our + for this
  • Designed for all terrains
  • UL 2272 and UL 2271 certified
  • Quick charge and long battery life
  • LED lights
  • Kid-friendly
Our minus for this
  • Off-road riding reduces battery life drastically

This T581 is one the best model of hoverboards from the Gyroor brand and this review has highlighted all that you need to know about the self-balance scooter. We hope the information provided help you find an eneding search to the best Gyroor hoverboard.

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