Off-road hoverboards are easy to spot from a mile away- they have elevated decks and sturdy, ribbed tires. The Hyper Gogo Wormhole hoverboard fits that description perfectly and brings some pizzazz to the mix with its 3D wormhole design and stylish LED tires. The z‘wormhole’ tag is thanks to the 3D design on the wheels that make it look like there’s a gaping void in the middle of both wheels. So, the Hyper Gogo hoverboard is an attention-grabber and so if you’re after aesthetics as much as you’re after function, this may be the hoverboard for you.

Hyper Gogo hoverboard All-Terrain Bad Boy (or Girl)

Hyper Gogo hoverboard All-Terrain Bad Boy (or Girl)

The Hyper Gogo Wormhole hoverboard is designed to withstand impact and ride on all terrains- hills, uneven ground, smooth pavement (duh), marsh, quicksand (okay, that’s a joke). The good thing is that it comes with a self-balancing, no-fall, ‘INFINIT’ technology that makes sure that you stay on your hoverboard no matter the terrain you’re riding on. High grass, low grass, and rocky trail, and gravelly curb, light snow: the manufacturers assure you that your feet will stay firmly planted on your hoverboard. The unit is rated IP54 waterproof, so don’t be afraid to get a little wet.

The INFINIT technology automatically aligns consistently with improved and sophisticated gyro-sensors so that a steady balance is preserved. The anti-slip feet pads on the hoverboard’s deck and the 6.5-inch tires also ensure that riders don’t fall off the hoverboard per impact.

To suit the preferences and personality of different users, the Hyper Gogo Wormhole hoverboard comes in three colors- black, pink and blue.

Safe and Smart Riding

Hyper Gogo hoverboard All-Terrain Bad Boy (or Girl)

The Wormhole tires are fitted with LED lights so that riders can stay visible to other road users even when riding in low light conditions. The chassis is covered under layers of solid, fire-resistant aluminum, and its lithium batteries are UL 2271 certified for smart battery, so expect no overheating or overcharging of the unit. All of these features totaled to get the Hyper Gogo a UL 2272 certification, and that’s the first safety check of any good hoverboard on the market. Rule of thumb for shopping for hoverboards: If it does not have a UL certification, do not buy it.

The Hyper Gogo also has the Bluetooth speaker so you can play your music as you ride down to the downtown mall or hitch a hike with friends. The hoverboard can take up to 198lbs of weight, and that’s not as much as other models boast but at least they’re honest. With that load, one full charge can take you as far as 6 miles at 6mph. Anything farther or faster than that, and you may have to carry your board home. That’s 18.5lbs of weight that you’ll be lugging back for 6 miles. On foot (well, there’s Uber, or you could hitch a ride, but you get the dreary picture we’re trying to paint).

On all counts, the Hyper Gogo is a great pick for an off-road and all-terrain hoverboard. Nevertheless, it is not cheap, but for all the perks, you would get bang for your bucks.

Our plus for this

  • Great aesthetics
  • Built-in Bluetooth for enjoying music while you ride
  • All-terrain hoverboard
  • Value for money

Our minus for this

  • Low speed and weight range
  • Takes up to 3 hours for a full charge

This Hyper Gogo Hoverboard may not be the fastest in the market, but still, it can travel as fast as 8mph. It is classic, beautiful and has great features not seen in competitive products. The truth you will get the monetary return for your investment.

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