Apart from your crawl space, the Inofia 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier is a good choice for any environment or large property of high humidity levels. The beautiful appearance is not just a side attraction but a powerful moisture removal. We’ve tested different dehumidifiers for large facilities, none of them was able to remove water flawlessly as the Inofia Dehumidifier does.

COLZER 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier, Large Industrial Dehumidifier

Why many of the tested units need to be installed before they can be put to use, inofia comes right out of the box for use without any installation – just mount it at the water damage restoration location where you want to remove humidity and you are done. The only requirement is attaching the hose for continuous operation to help you dump the water into drainage.

The market survey of various commercial and industrial dehumidifiers in our scope of study gave rise to the Inofia 232 dehumidifier reviewed by us. If you are too busy or no time to read the entire article, check out the features at a glance below or check the appliance on the product page via the button.

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  • 1-24hors timer
  • Built-in auto humidistat
  • It extracts 232-pints per day
  • For spaces up to 8,000 sq. feet.
  • Auto-error diagnosis system
  • Electronic control with LCD display
  • Auto Restart after power outages
  • Washable High-dense Filter

Inofia Dehumidifier, 232 Pints For Large Facility Review

High-Speed Drying

High humidity levels may lead to delays, corrosion, and coating failures in places where you plan to apply a protective coating. This Inofia industrial dehumidifier helps to create an ideal environment for preparing the respective surface, and applying the coating, and allows the coating to cure properly.

Withdrawal and Coverage Capacity

The superior drying capability of the 232 PDD dehumidifier is as a result of the large water removal capacity of 232 pints (I.e. 29 Gallons) per day. Also, the 8000 Square feet coverage is a unique feature that places this heavy-duty dehumidifier ahead of competitive units.

Boldly speaking as of today, this is the only movable dehumidifying appliance that features up to 8,000square feet. If you are conversant on the market, you’ll understand better what we are saying.

Powerful Airflow of 647 CFM

The motorized impeller found in the device moves at 647 CFM (1100 m3/h), and the high airflow filter assures maximum airflow for faster drying, so you can even get jobs done within 10minutes.

High-density Filter

If you want the last longing appliance, a filter system is one of the essentials that prolong the equipment’s life span. During the market survey, we check a couple of products and also examine the  Inofia high-dense filter that’s is of best quality and origin.

This advanced filter prevents internal parts against damage that occurs from dust and different particles, guarantees thorough operation and long years of use. Nevertheless, we advised you washed the filter at least once every 2 – 3 months.

Auto Error Detection

You can’t trust home appliances as they are likely to develop one fault, a major issue that puts users into a confusing state as they cannot troubleshoot the problem because their machine lacks the functionality.

The good news, like we have been saying, Inofia-232 pints-dehumidifier is a rare gem that has modern features you can’t find in competitive brands. For instance, if any problems occur during the unit running, the display panel will show error codes so you can get troubleshooting tips to address problems – thanks to the auto diagnosis system detect display that made it possible.

Built-In Humidistat

Essentially the Inofia 232pints dehumidifier automatically checks the humidity level present in the atmosphere and intelligently controls dehumidification when the level is high.

Auto Defrosting

The feature makes it possible for you to run the appliance at a low temperature without the coils being an attack by corrosion.

Auto Restart

Unfortunately, not all commercial environment dehumidifiers have this feature – as such, if there is a power failure, you need to manually turn-it-on whenever power is restored.  However, this advanced technology from the Company can restart on its own when power is interrupted and restored.

Digital Control Panel

It is equipped with a simple electronic control panel with an intuitive LCD screen for the ease of setting target humidity level and programming the unit auto on/off in 1-24-hours according to as needed.

Application areas

The versatile unit is built for almost every area humidity extraction application or any area affected by high humidity from flooding or water leakage. To mention:

  • Perfect for larger warehouse, basement, attic, garages etc.
  • Office environment, supermarkets, schools, workshop, gymnasiums, and restaurants.
  • Computer rooms, Museums, libraries, art galleries, archives, labs, and more.

Easy Transport

Never like the hard to move dehumidifier’s model, the semi-pneumatic back wheels, the flexible front casters, and metal handlebar makes this dehumidifier easy to move within your large facility (from job site to job site)

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Our + for this

  • No installation required
  • High-speed humidity extraction
  • It is installed with mobility wheels and handles
  • It supports continuous drainage and the hose included

Our minus for this

  • So far, the drawback we saw is the unit price but worth every penny looking at the robust features.

Wrapping It Up

The mobile Inofia dehumidifier is the best deal for job sites, garages, warehouses, large basements, and storage rooms, also, a perfect piece for bars, restaurants, indoor poolside, workshop, supermarket, and any similar places. The strong and durable wheels installed underneath it allow you to move it with ease within your space.

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