What is red light therapy? Red Light Therapy Device (RLTD) treatment is a form of therapy that makes use of Red Light for the healing process. Researchers consider this method of therapy safe and effective like every other form of treatment. Therapy Hospitals use the Red Light treatment for Dementia, a condition associated with aging and head injury trauma.

Patients who use the treatment have been known to sleep better, suffer no more memory loss, and generally sleep better. Red Light Therapy is also used in treating Osteoporosis, Tendinitis, and dental pain. Salons use this device as a treatment for their customers who are suffering from hair loss and cosmetic skin problems like stretch marks and skin irritations. 

Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy Device

Red Light Therapy Device: Benefits, How It Works & Usage

Red Light Therapy uses wavelengths of light to solve skin problems such as scarring, wrinkles, spotting, persistent wounds, aging signs, acne, and many more. The therapy is known also to help ease dental pain, encourage hair growth, eliminate chronic pain, give soothing relief, and cure sleeping problems. It is the ideal choice for slow-healing wounds like diabetic foot ulcers. 

Red Light Therapy works by delivering low red light wavelengths and near-infrared lights directly to the body using medical-grade LEDs. These light wavelengths boost the strength of the cellular mitochondria. With the mitochondria having enough strength, there is an increase in the energy in the cell. When energy is increased, the production of Adenosine Triphosphate in the cells increases.

With increased Adenosine triphosphate, the cells can function properly, regenerate damaged cells, and rejuvenate. To enjoy this, the human skin is exposed to a lamp or laser of red light aimed at repairing the cells; a procedure that in turn helps in the healing of the skin. The best of Red Light Therapy Devices use Modular LED. 

How To Use The Red Light Therapy?

How To Use The Red Light Therapy Device?

Using the Red Light Therapy comes with no serious adverse effect. While too much light can cause damaged skin tissue, low light has no therapeutic effect on the skin. Users need to find the balance so they don’t overexpose their skin to too much light all the while risking skin damage rather than getting good old relief.

At the same time users should be sure the light is not too low to be effective. Other side effects include burns and blistering resulting from overexposure to the light. Both of these occur either because users sleep off during therapy or forget to turn off the light at the right time. Although some burns occur due to device corrosion, this hardly ever happens if the device is highly maintained and used as instructed. 

The eyes also need to be protected when using Red Light Therapy. This is because the eyes normally do not see the Infrared Light, only the body feels it when being used. So the eyes have no way of knowing if it’s in danger or not. Only the body feels the heat. Protective measures for the eyes should be ensured during this Therapy. Red Light Therapy is a good treat to add to one’s skincare regime for all the benefits that come from it. The Red Light devices are effective tools for combating aging problems like wrinkles, fine lines. They are also good tools for restoring one’s youthfulness.

Selecting The Best Red Light Therapy Device For Yourself

These machines are designed with distinct specifications; you just have to select the one with the features that align with your need for optimal results.

  • The LightStim for Wrinkles is a Red Light Therapy device built to restore youthfulness and to bring down aging effects like fine lines and wrinkles. That it uses Modular LED makes it a world best.
  • Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation (also using LED). The mask is a device built to use 7 different colors ranging from purple (390nm) to red (650 nm). Each of these colors has its function in the healing of the skin cells. While Purple relaxes the lymph, Cyan soothes skin inflammation and Red Light helps in blood circulation and production of collagen that put a stop to aging conditions. It is the best choice for facial therapy.
  • JOOVV Solo Full Body Panel, a Modular LED built design is specific for its intuitive use. Once the device is plugged, it instantly picks up what the user needs either therapy or massages, and goes to work unless otherwise set up by the user. By pressing the MODE button the machine joggles between the two options to work on the user. Though large, this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage as the size allows for Light Therapy for more body area. The device comes with two different options: Infrared penetrates deeper into the body. This makes it the best option for relieving pains in the joints and for muscle recovery. The regular red Light lacks the in-depth penetration of the infrared. This makes it suitable for good skin smoothening and toning.
  • The JOOVV app is an amazing Red Light Therapy Application. Yes! It’s an app. It pairs with your phone’s Bluetooth or any JOOVV devices to perform its wonders. Ones connected, the red and near-infrared light goes to work. This app is approved by the FDA for clinical use. Since it records past sessions, the app helps one to monitor one’s progress rate. Get the app on your phone and you can start your own Red Light Therapy wherever and whenever. Still, you might need to get the “Go on” from your medical personnel to start using it.
  • iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is the best Red Light Therapy device for boosting healthier hair, to stop baldness and facilitate hair growth using red light or laser. This machine is a device strictly for hair growth. It is fixed on the head and timed to start work. Users begin to see its effect three months or less after consistent use.
  • NORLANYA RED Light Therapy Machine is the best when seeking skin firmness. The machine emits 660nm wavelengths of red light, to boost collagen and elastin production thus improving skin problems. Its best feature is its battery power. The battery is removed, charged then inserted back for use. NORLANYA is used unplugged!  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should one use Red Light Therapy? Red light therapy shouldn’t last longer than 10 to 15minutes.
  • What are the side effects of using Red Light Therapy? There have been no known serious side effects aside burns and blisters which happens when users fall asleep or forget to turn off the light at the stipulated time. A faulty device also could result in having burns.
  • Does Red Light Therapy prevents hair loss? Yes, Red Light Therapy prevents hair loss.


Though people are skeptical of using Red Light Therapy because it uses light lasers. Users need not worry as the lasers are barely detectable by the human eyes. Only the body feels the heat. This is proof that the light used is not the usual hot, heated full-blown light. The intensity of the light has been well doctored to not harm the human body.

Burns and blisters associated with light and hot objects usually don’t happen when using Red Light Therapy devices. The cases of burns reported more by light therapy users comes more from users who do not turn off the light at the right time than from faulty Red Light Therapy device.

Because of that, the importance of knowing when to stop using the device cannot be overemphasized. A session shouldn’t exceed 15minutes. Stick to this and you have no fear of any kind. Red light therapy is a skin routine you might want to add to your skincare regime.

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