The Honeywell 350 has a lot of good ratings- and seriously, we get why. It’s not a perfect product for all, but it comes close. What makes a great humidifier, you may ask? First, functionality. It’s not a humidifier if it’s not keeping your air humid and healthy. Next, affordability. Do you have to break the bank to breathe good air? Nope. Not. Up next, easy maintenance. Good humidifiers should not need high recurring costs to keep them in good shape. And then perks- all the bonuses that please certain standards may or may not be there, but users sure love when they are. Talk night lights for some, aroma trays for others, and smart attributes like turning off when the tank is empty are also added points.

HONEYWELL HCM350B All-Rounder for Small Spaces

The Honeywell HCM 350 checks all the right boxes- it humidifies small spaces quickly, the price is right and its maintenance is easy. If you’re looking for the perfect humidifier for your bedroom, for example, this might just be it. For medium-sized rooms not larger than 400 square feet, this is also a good fit. 

Its 1-gallon tank can keep the unit running for up to 24 hours if it’s on low, so you don’t have to worry about waking in the middle of the night to refill the humidifier. Its operation is super quiet, so light sleepers can rest easy because there’s no annoying hum or rattle. 

Refilling the tank is easy since the design makes it easy to pop it open from the top and fill it under a sink. Washing the tank is also a hassle-free task, as the parts are removable and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The unit dispenses safe air at all times, thanks to its UV technology that promises to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria that live in water. 

Being an evaporative humidifier, the HONEYWELL HCM350B cannot over-condense your space with humidity, as ultrasonic models are prone to do. This is because the humidifier is relatively small and will only add as much moisture as it carries to the atmosphere. 

Smart Unit and Intuitive Design


Aesthetically, the Honeywell is not a bore. Of course, it does not please all users as some find it too bulky or too odd to fit into their home settings, but that’s not an issue. There isn’t a product that satisfies all consumers. The humidifier comes in white and black colors, neutral enough to fit into any space without disrupting existing color schemes.

Operating the humidifier is a pretty straightforward task. The dial on the unit lets you toggle between three mist levels- slow, medium and high- so you can get it to dispense more or less mist depending on your preference. 

Keep in mind that the unit is prone to cause spills when you have to carry it to change the location, and that’s because the tank easily comes away from the machine. That’s a major minus for the product design. Also, you have to replace the wicks frequently, as it absorbs dirt and bacteria from the water. If you use water that has more particles than most, then you may have to switch the wicks out a lot more.

Our plus for this
  • Great performance
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for medium-sized rooms
Our minus for this
  • Wick replacement is a recurrent maintenance cost
  • Tank spills when the unit is carried

Wrapping It Up

The HCM350B model reviewed here is one of the best Honeywell humidifiers for single rooms’ humidity control. The design is a bit bulky but sure, robust in features that’ll keep your home moisture in the controllable state.  

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