If what you’re looking for is a hoverboard that brings function and fun to the table without being too expensive, then the Tomoloo 6.5” scooter could be a great fit for you. Tomoloo hoverboard is a Chinese brand, and that kind of explains how they can pull off a decent product at a decent price, because it is easy to source a lot of cheap materials in China.

Affordable and Durable TOMOLOO Hoverboard

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Review

The Tomoloo 6.5-inch scooter has an attractive, futuristic design that makes it look super cool, but looks are not all there is to it, thankfully. The tires have four LED lights that change colors intermittently, making your ride quite a show. The manufacturers claim that the unit can ride off-road, but there’s not enough wattage on the hoverboard’s motor to validate that claim. At best, it will give you a stable ride on a rough curb, but if you’re thinking of rocky roads and steep curves, then you may have to look to another hoverboard.

The specs list state that the Tomoloo 6.5-inch can support weight up to 264lbs, but with a 300w motor, we’d say don’t count on that. The Tomoloo hoverboard is best for kids and teens that don’t plan to do any serious, long-distance riding. For that age range, the hoverboard can do up to 10mph max speed and go as far as 10km on a full charge. The lithium-ion battery is durable, but no UL 2271 certification to attest to that.

Smart Riding      

Smart Riding

Like most of the worthwhile hovering boards on the market, the Tomoloo hoverboard has an accompanying mobile app that makes it easy to control the lights on your wheels, check battery life, and pair your device with the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality of the speaker is decent enough, and you can groove to your favorite music as you ride.

The app also lets you control the speed of your unit. There are three-speed settings that users can choose from according to preference and experience with riding the unit. Slow, normal, and high speed respectively make the unit ride at the stated speeds, but users have complained that riding on the slow speed tends to be very unstable as the hoverboard vibrates a lot.

The internal components of the Tomoloo self-balancing scooter are protected with an aluminum coat, and since they are UL 2272 certified, you may rest assured that you won’t have any overheating or combustion incidents. The exterior of the hoverboard, however, is cheap plastic and won’t hold up for long if you’re a rough rider or you fall off the hoverboard a lot.

Overall, Tomoloo hoverboard is a decent option for kids and beginners. It is inexpensive, so it’s best for people that are new to the hoverboard fad and want to see what the rave is about. If you’re a pro rider or you have a few more bucks to spare, there are better hoverboards out there to consider as well.

Our plus for this
  • Budget pick
  • Suitable for kids and beginners
  • Bluetooth speaker and mobile app
  • Fashionable design and fun LED lights
  • UL 2272 certified
Our minus for this
  • Exterior not very sturdy
  • Low range and distance
  • Speed modes are tricky

Tomoloo Company has made it cheap for people looking for a hoverboard to get one at an affordable cost. This unit happens to be of that falls into the context. We like it because it can be used by either kids or adult. It has Bluetooth and led lights and supported by mobile app for easy control.  

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