Within the general conception of things that affect human scalp mostly is dandruff. Dandruff is a common condition that affects the scalp of the head. The movement of dandruff within the scalp would cause lots of irritation that could cause wounds and even lead to less hair stamina. You wonder whether you have it but the good news, there are Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff.

Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff

The small white flakes you find on your scalp are signs of dandruff. This stuff could sometimes be itchy and painful at the same time. The serendipity is always strange. This hair condition is believed to be caused by dry skin, other skin conditions such as eczema and seborrhea, or the scalp’s sensitivity to certain hair products.

As common as this hair condition is, it isn’t very easy to treat and get rid of. One of the things that could suggest that the treatment is difficult boils down to the fact that it never comes harmful. Because it is innocuous, very many people do not see any specialty in its occurrence until it begins to itch and cause irritations on the scalp –leaving the scalp with flakes. However, specific natural home remedies could help to combat dandruff. These include:

Top 5 Best Natural Home Remedies for Dandruff

1. Aspirin

Although primarily made for internal usage, aspirin could amazingly help to combat dandruff in a natural and straightforward way. There is one stable composition of aspirin, i.e., salicylic acid. With this acid, it is possible to cure dandruff following another mixture. To say, when aspirin is added to other things, for instance, powder, the composition of it, and powder could fight against dandruff.

How would this be done? The first thing to do is to get powder, crush aspirin to it and mix very well. It is important to note that the proportion of aspirin should be measured in terms of the powder itself. The salicylic acid in aspirin is not as strange as other hair washers like shampoo also have the same thing, which is why they are useful. Most times, a powder of 5cl would only require just two aspirin.

Once the powder is mixed correctly, add it to the shampoo that would be used to wash your hair. Most times, washing hair intervals is within two weeks –use this mixture each time you are washing your hair. Once you have added it, leave it for a maximum of 2 minutes. Then, rinse the hair with warm water and add shampoo only without adding the powder-aspirin mixture. Once you have done this, wash your hair regularly and see the magic this would do to your hair. Try it!

2. Baking Soda

There are lots of things that could use to combat dandruff even from around one’s house. Within one’s kitchen, it is possible to get certain things to be used for combating dandruff and making it flakes free. It is a fact that your scalp causes irritations and makes your hair without stamina. One thing you could use is baking soda, as it contains chemical composition that helps in the reduction of fungi overreaction. When using this, you do not have to apply shampoo to wash and rinse your scalp. 

The first thing to do is to keep your hair moist by adding water using water. Once you are done, fetch a handful of baking soda and rub gently on your hair –make sure that the baking soda sticks very well to your scalp. Then, rinse your hair with clean water; you don’t have to use shampoo. There is one thing you would notice about your scalp; it would be dry. There is nothing to worry about as the scalp would produce naturally within two weeks of usage, and your hair would be back to normal. 

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4. Mouthwash

Depending on the severity of dandruff, some natural ways one could use to is mouthwash. This is because mouthwash contains anti-fungi composition that could be used to combat the growth of yeast, thereby reducing the strength of fungi.  

To use mouthwash, you would have to wash your hair first with shampoo. Depending on how dirty the hair, try to wash for like two times. On the second application, you would be rinsing it, use a mouthwash that is made with alcohol. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly and then apply conditioner as appropriate.

4. Coconut Oil

Over the years, researchers have found out that one of the effective ways of curing dandruff is to use coconut. There are two different ways you could use this to cure dandruff; adding the oil or using a shampoo that has the oil already. 

If you are adding the oil directly, fetch up to 5 teaspoons of the oil and add to the hair. Then, massage on your scalp very well. Once you are done, leave it for an hour and add shampoo to it. 

If you are adding a shampoo that has oil, you will apply more shampoo to the hair and massage. Once you have massaged very well, rinse with clean water. You would want to give it a try!

5. Salt

This is useful for scrubbing out the flakes of dandruff. Although it is advisable to combine other natural remedies with this, it would help you to prepare the scalp for alcohol-based shampoo wash. It would be useful for detecting the severity of dandruff for proper cure. It will be helpful to diagnose the kind and strength of dandruff. Could you give it a trial?

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Wrapping it up

In conclusion, the remedies are given here work as simple as they have been explained. It is important to note that natural in this context of treatment doesn’t totally mean using leaves but instead using things around or easier to find to combat dandruff in a simple way and through simple steps.

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