Getting a hoverboard can be a tricky task because the best rated hoverboards are hard to find. After its invention and subsequent popularity in 2013, safety concerns based on potential hazards that users encountered caused the manufacturers to recall all of the hoverboard products from the market. It is safe to say that they all went back to the drawing board to restructure and redesign this personal transport motor because hoverboards are back based on popular demand.

If you’re looking to get one of these self-balancing electric scooters, as they are called, you can quit worrying about safety issues, because this article will walk you through the top five best rated hoverboards in the market. These products are guaranteed to be safe and easy-to-use for all, so you can discard all worries about overheating units or difficult navigation. However, before we look into the best hoverboards, let’s do a quick backtrack and see if you even need a hoverboard in the first place.

Why Should You Buy A Hoverboard

You’ll find a lot of reasons online for why you should not buy a hoverboard, but on the flip-side, there are a lot of reasons why investing in a hoverboard is a decision that will pay off.

Best Rated Hoverboards Reviewed: Top 5 Pick of May [2020]
  • Hoverboards save the cost of transportation: You can open a piggy bank and save the change for your bus fares, Uber charges, and the cost of gas because, with a hoverboard, that’s money that you won’t be needing to spend. You don’t need a spare tyre or a tank full of gas, as long as your hoverboard is fully charged, you can get anywhere you need to go easily.
  • Hoverboards are perfect for city residents: If you’re upward and mobile, then yes, a hoverboard is for you. It definitely wouldn’t replace your subway ride to work miles away from home, but for random errands like a quick dash to the mall, a hoverboard is a perfect option. Know how they say you don’t have to drive your car everywhere? A hoverboard would be the compromise between driving and walking. What’s more, if you get one for your kids and spouse, it could be a whole new way to take a stroll and spend quality time together.
  • Hoverboards are eco-friendly: The decision to buy a hoverboard is not only good for yourself, but it’s also great for the environment. Hoverboards do not emit the harmful gases that cars and other fuel-powered vehicles do, thereby keeping the environment green and safe. Not only do you get a convenient transportation device, but you also reduce the carbon monoxide emitted into our atmosphere. If that’s not a win-win situation, we honestly do not know what is.
  • Easy to navigate: Some of us still remember the angst and anticipation that came with taking driving tests, because that meant you had to wait a long while before you could drive a car around. Riding a hoverboard needs no such training- all you need to learn how to do is a balance on your trendy two-wheeler, and you’re good to go. Some hoverboards even come with mobile apps that users can use to maneuver the unit, so that makes riding incredibly easy (except you’re from the Stone Age and things like apps and smart devices are new to you).
  • Low Maintenance: This advantage is a pretty obvious one. With hoverboards, not only do you save the cost of gas and cab fares, but you also save the costs of routine check with mechanics. Add the cost of spare tires and fuel valves and other tiny parts, and it’s obvious what a great advantage a hoverboard is over a car for short to medium-distance transportation. All you need is a full charge, and you can rev on.

Now that we have examined the benefits of getting a hoverboard, hoping that you have decided that it would be a worthwhile investment, let’s proceed with checking out the top 5 hoverboards on the market this year.

5 Best Rated Hoverboards Reviews In 2020

1. Best Rated EPIKGO Hover Self-Balance Hoverboards

Best Rated EPIKGO Hover Self-Balance Board

EpikGo is at the top of our list because it is a hoverboard that is made for all terrains. This self-balancing scooter is built to take you wherever you want to go, whether the path is paved, grassy, and rocky or dirty, thanks to its heavy-duty tires. The design is sturdy and reliable and will give you a safe ride even at a max speed of 10mph.

The tires have a good grip, and so do the feet pads, to prevent slips off the unit while riding. The wheels are plated with what the manufacturers call “indestructible aluminum”; while that is a claim we cannot endorse, we have to say that the coating is of premium quality and it will not wear quickly.

The hoverboard’s chassis is protected by durable ABS plastic, so all the internal components are protected from potential damage that impact may cause.

On one full charge of the 4300mah batteries, the EpikGo hoverboard can take you as far as 10 miles, though we’ve found that that range reduces with use. EpikGo added a Bluetooth speaker, so you can enjoy your favorite music while you ride. This feature eliminates the need for earphones and you can focus on The EpikGo is certified under UL 2271 and 2272, so you can rest assured that it won’t go POP! Or burn your house down while you sleep.

Our + for this

  • Ideal for a terrain
  • Long battery life
  • For both beginners and professionals
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2. Best Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272

Best Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272

In terms of safety, the Swagtron T1 is one of the best hoverboard options on the market. Add that to the fact that it’s relatively reasonably priced and you have a winning budget hoverboard.

The Swagtron T1 is UL 2272 certified, so it is electrically safe and you should expect zero combustion issues from it. To boost, the T1 is one of the first hoverboards to be UL 2271 verified for its Sentry Shield feature. The Sentry Shield is proof that the unit has gone through a plethora of tests that ensure that its battery and other internal components are protected from overheating and other electrical issues.

To ensure maximum safety while riding, the Swagtron is designed with hard ABS coating on the exterior, complete with full-grip tires and anti-slip feet pads. It also features LED lights that keep you visible to other motorists at night.

The Swagtron will ride uphill, as long as it’s not more than a 30-degree climb. As for speed, you’ll get 8mph max speed for a range of 7-12 miles on a full charge. Anything farther than that, and you may have to walk back to your starting point. The Swagtron T1 is perfect for anyone that weighs between 40lbs and 220lbs, and that’s a range that includes teens and adults alike. For beginners, this is also easy to use as it features a learning mode to help you get started if you’re new to hoverboards. The Swagtron lives up to its name, and comes in an array of fun colors to match your style.

Our + for this

  • It has anti-slippery pad
  • Perfect for riding through the slope
  • Known for safety of the highest order
  • Its bright light provides visibility at night
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3. Top Rated TOMOLOO Best Self Balancing Scooter

Top Rated TOMOLOO Self Balancing Scooter

The thing with the Tomoloo brand is that they have a wide range of hoverboards, but they did not name each model uniquely so it’s hard to tell which is which. To quell all safety concerns, however, it is important to note that the Tomoloo hoverboards are all UL 2272 certified. The Tomoloo hoverboard has a max speed of 7.45mph, but that varies depending on weight and the terrains you ride on.

Speaking of weight, the Tomoloo will carry any person weighing between 40lbs and 264lbs, so it’s a pretty safe option for kids and adults too. A full charge would take you about 12 miles, but that also reduces with use.

To make things very easy on the rider, the Tomoloo hoverboard comes with an accompanying app that makes maneuvering your unit a very simple task. The app is feature-rich and lets you set GPS and tracking systems, change the lights on your hoverboard and switch your board to training mode (if you’re a beginner).

 You also get quality music blaring through your hoverboard, thanks to the inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. RGB LED lights to keep things fun and colorful, and keep you visible when you ride in the night time.

Our + for this

  • Beautiful design
  • Nice for kids and adults use
  • Has GPS and tracker functionality
  • It can accommodates up to 264 pounds
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4. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

The Razor is a hoverboard worthy of note because it checks all three important boxes that a good hoverboard should. It’s affordable, has the super-advanced tech, and is still incredibly easy to use. It’s also super compact so it’s easy to lug it around. Razor is a known brand with hoverboards since it sort of its popularity around the beginning of the millennium. The Hovertrax 2.0 is so named sequel to the first one that the company had to retract due to complaints about its safety and reliability.

With the 2.0, Razor fixed the safety issues and even got a UL 2272 certification to show for it. The Hovertrax has features that are very similar to the Swagtron’s T1, and because they offer it at the same price, it seems like Razor released it to compete with Swagtron. Only one of the brands is popular with hoverboard users, and it is not Swagtron.

The Hovertrax can carry any person that does not weigh more than 220lbs, and with its exclusive EverBalance technology, it makes for very stable and smooth rides. With a full charge, you’ll get up to 8 miles of riding, but that depends on your weight because the target market for the Hovertax 2.0 is kids and teens. It also features fun LED lights and a learning mode for beginners.

Is Razor the best hoverboard brand on the market? Maybe not. However, they make quality stuff and we think you’d get value for money if you spend it on the Hovertrax 2.0.

Our + for this

  • Made with industry standard materials
  • One of the fastest best rated hovering board on the market
  • Design to accommodate kids and teenage hood even for beginners
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5. All Terrain Gyroor 8.5 inch Hoverboard Warrior Off-Road

All Terrain Gyroor 8.5 inch Hoverboard Warrior Off-Road

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty hoverboard but you’d rather not go for the EpikGo, then you should consider the Gyroor. They knew what they meant when they named it “Warrior” because the hoverboard is built for off-road terrains.

With the Gyroor’s solid 8.5-inch rubber tires and sturdy aluminum build, you can ride on rocks, grass, uneven curbs, and hills with curves not steeper than 30 degrees, and even water. Its water-resistant exterior is built with non-slip pads, so your feet stay firmly planted no matter the terrain. 

The accompanying app makes the unit easy to maneuver, and you still get Bluetooth music playing while you ride for distances not longer than 12 miles. If you want to have a fast ride, the Gyroor can go as fast as 9.95 mph, and for a hoverboard that can carry up to 265lbs of weight, which is pretty impressive.

LED lights to keep you visible at night, like the other models in this review, and if you have to get off your board to get a quick recharge, that would only take about 90mins max, which is a lot shorter than other models that offer the same features.

The Gyroor Warrior is UL 2272 certified, so you can quit worrying about safety and concentrate on having fun. 

Our + for this

  • Sturdy and solid built for ruggedly terrains
  • Holds up to 265lbs which is the a unit with highest carrying weight capacity in this reviews and discussion
  • The 8.5 inch is a bit suspended from the ground level but keeps you balance and rigid, no falling.
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Reputable Features When Shopping For the Best Rated Hoverboards 

Because of the infamous history that hoverboards have with blowing up and overheating, and because transportation is an accident-prone activity, here are a few features to look out for when you’re purchasing a hoverboard.

  • Safety: Of course, you cannot tell that a hoverboard would be safe to ride just by looking at it. How then can you tell if a hoverboard is not an undercover explosive? Look out for an Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) certification on the product packaging. If a hoverboard has been certified, you’ll find a holographic sticker on the bottom of the board. The certification codes would either be UL 2271 or 2272. Wondering what those are? Well, before hoverboards are certified by UL, they go through a plethora of lab tests that ensure the protection of the system from electrical and flame defects. These tests include charge tests, shock tests, temperature tests, discharge tests, and other inspections to make sure that your two-wheeled motor doesn’t cause you or your property any harm.
  • Battery Life: This is the equivalent check for tank size or engine horsepower when you’re buying a car. Hoverboards run on a battery charge, so you want to make sure that your selected unit has enough power to last you on your longest ride. You don’t want to leisurely ride to the mall and have to carry your hoverboard back. Trust us, you don’t want to. To avoid that, check for range and travel time on your unit package.
  • Sturdy and reliable: Good hoverboards don’t go kaput after one rough ride, or two even. So look out for sturdy tires and well-joined parts. Quality stuff is not cheap, however. The best units shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but you may have to spend a pretty penny to get the best. 
  • Balance: Not all roads are smooth, and you have to consider that fact when you’re getting a hoverboard, especially if you plan to ride on uneven curbs and dirt-roads. There are off-road hoverboards especially designed to handle the shocks of off-road riding.
  • Brand: Look out for trusted brands that are known for manufacturing high-performing, reliable hoverboard products. Most times, the best brands are popular ones, because they have spent time honing the art of making these products. Also, because of this, the best brands are not cheap. Some of them still try to make their products affordable and reasonable prices, but never cheap. 

We get that you may be tempted to go for a cheaper brand to save money, but you may end up spending more on faults and defects, so we advise that you spend the bucks on a good product at first go. Don’t worry about not knowing what brands are the best. You’ll learn that from this review. That’s coming right up.

Best Brands of Hoverboards to Consider

1. Tomoloo Hoverboards

Tomoloo is a China-based company known for making a wide range of self-balancing scooters. Because of its production base, Tomoloo produces relatively affordable products. The brand, which has been around since 2013, has ten hoverboard models in the range, so there’s something for everyone, especially considering that their products come in a lot of fun colors.

Tomoloo is rated highly, and that’s not surprising. All their hoverboards are UL 2272 certified, so no surprise blow-ups are insight. Tomoloo hoverboards come fitted with high-quality Bluetooth speakers so that you can enjoy your favorite music as you ride. Products in the Tomoloo hoverboard range have an approximate max speed of 7.45 MPH / 12KM, but this will vary depending on users’ weight and topography. No Tomoloo hoverboard is waterproof so far, so if you’re planning to do some wet riding, you may have to consider another brand. Tomoloo has an accompanying app for their hoverboards, and that makes for a truly customized experience.

2. Swagtron Hoverboards

Swagtron hoverboards are also ones to watch out for when looking for hoverboards that best suit your needs. They offer a wide range of self-balancing scooters, and in a lot of fun colors too. Their products are all UL 2272 (and even UL 2271) certified, and the manufacturers take pride in the Smart Sentry Shield feature that some of the models have.

The Sentry Shield is a bunch of processes taken to ensure that internal components of the hoverboards are protected from combustion, overheating or any such hazards. It also includes protection measures for the hoverboard’s hardware, including anti-slip grips for the footpads. Swagtron measures up to the other brands we’re listing for recommendation and goes neck-to-neck with them in aspects of price range and quality. 

3. Razor Hoverboards

The Razor brand is to hoverboards what Nintendo is to mobile games. The manufacturers themselves claim to be the only ones making the smartest hoverboards on the market. We can’t say we agree, but we definitely would not dispute it. They do make quite reliable products. 

Their Hovertrax 2.0 has an impressive range of 15 miles, which is the longest distance of all the hoverboards in our review. Razor also adds and EverBalance feature to their products, which make for steady riding. However, the Razors on the market at the moment are not waterproof, and they do not hold up great with off-road riding. 

So, while we agree that the Razor hoverboards are smart and have advanced tech as an edge over the other brands, they are not an all-rounder.

4. Gotrax Hoverboards

Cheap stuff are not always of great quality, yet the Gotrax manufacturers managed to make reliable products at affordable prices. Because it is a budget brand, the hoverboards do not possess the same high-tech features that some of the other brands do, but it performs decently with range and speed. This makes it a great option for riders that are not into long-range riding, so this is a great pick for beginners and kids. 

Wrapping It Up

For the best rated hoverboards, we’ve reviewed these top 5 products for your consideration. All the features were closely examined for satisfactory purchase of quality self-balancing commuting scooter board. Also, comparison table is available here to guide you about each unit features, as such you can check them side by side to identify a unit of choice. But our recommendation goes to the razor product as it’s loved by consumers.

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