Hessaire evaporative cooling solutions are one of the best when it comes to evaporative coolers. They are another household name like the Honeywell brand of evaporative air coolers

Though other renowned companies in making of homing cooling appliance, this Hessaire evaporative air coolers we have tested and other users have also recommended is what we know and can boldly talk about them. 

Nevertheless, it may interest you to know if you are not careful. You’ll invest wrongly in a unit that may not deliver the maximum cooling power for your apartment or facility. That is why we have brought to your notice these top 5 Hessaire evaporative cooler reviews and also alongside comparing them side by side. 

The comparison table below gives a brief insight into each product as a quick decision guide. Never forget, our recommended product featured at the end of this article, and we urge you to read to the very end, so you won’t miss out on the best deal when it comes to Hessaire air cooler. 

Top 5 Best Hessaire Evaporative Cooler In 2020 Comparison

Product Name
Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Cooler
Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Cooler Check Price On Amazon

  • 950 sq. ft. space
  • Has 3,100 cfm air flow
  • Mobility castor wheels
  • Rotary control knob
  • Weighs 39 pounds
  • 24 x 16 x 38 inches dimension

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Hessaire MC61M Evaporative Swamp Cooler
 Hessaire MC61M Evaporative Swamp Cooler Check Price On Amazon

  • 1,600 sq. ft. space
  • Has 5,000 cfm air flow
  • Mobility castor wheels
  • 3 sided cooling pads
  • Weighs 56 pounds
  • 28 x 17 x 46 inches dimension

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Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative Cooler
Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative Cooler Check Price On Amazon

  • 500 sq. ft. space
  • Has 3,100 cfm air flow
  • Mobility castor wheels
  • Adjustable louvers
  • Weighs 16 pounds
  • 20 x 10 x 28 inches  dimension

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Hessaire 5300 CFM Evaporative Cooler
Hessaire 5300 CFM Evaporative Cooler Check Price On Amazon

  • 1,600 sq. ft. space
  • Has 5,300 cfm air flow
  • Mobility castor wheels
  • Air swing mode
  • 1/3 horse power

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Hessaire MC26A Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier

Hessaire MC26A Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier< Check Price On Amazon

  • 950 sq. ft. space
  • Has 2,100 cfm air flow
  • Mobility castor wheels
  • LCD touch panel
  • 24 hour timer
  • Washable mesh filter

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Reviews of 5 Hessaire Evaporative Coolers in 2020

1. Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Cooler

Top 5 Hessaire Evaporative Cooler Reviewed in July 2020

This Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Cooler is one of the best sellers from the Hessaire brand. This unit is portable and installed with heavy-duty casters that enable users to move the appliance within their home to cool any area of interest.

Moreso, the castor wheels can be locked so that you can move the device without missing direction. Apart from indoor use, the MC37M is perfect for lowering the temperature in the patio, garden, or offices and works well for releasing fresh air in space up to 980 square feet.

You will access 3-speed fan control, 3,100 cfm airflow power, and oscillating louvers. As such, you can customize your comfort how you want. One unique feature we like about this device, users can connect the MC37 to their home water system supply via the continuous house option, thereby eliminating manual refills. Aside, from its super easy use and control, the 3-sided high-density cooling pads ensure your surrounding is super-cooled faster making it economical to run.

Our + for this
  • Great for large space coverage
  • Installed with castors for mobility
  • Continuous flow option eliminate handy refilling
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2. Hessaire MC61M Evaporative Swamp Cooler

Reviews of 5 Hessaire Evaporative Coolers in 2020

This top 5 Hessiare evaporative cooler review also features the MC61M model. Although the design of this product is similar to the previous one, the color is different. It has a higher airflow capacity of 5,300 compared to the 3,000 cubic feet per minute which the MC37 featured. More so, the coverage power doubles up to 1,600 square feet, making it a good recommendation for those looking for a whole-house evaporative.

To operate the MC61 is simple and straight forward. It features 3-rotary controls that let you do this conveniently. Even a novice who hadn’t use an evaporative air cooler will find will operate it. Besides, the user manual illustrates and explains the step in detail.

It is easy to maintain the machine. Get a clean white cloth dipped into a small quantity then wipe the device, no much hassle. To fill the appliance with water, you have two options; use it either manual method or connect it to a continuous flow supply to remove the burden of having to do-it-yourself.

Our + for this
  • Great and portable design
  • Has 4 castors for transporting
  • Built with three-sided cooling pad for an increase cooling
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3. Hessaire MC18M Portable Evaporative Cooler

If you are looking forward to cooling down a large or small space, the Hessaire MC18M is perfect for the mentioned areas because the manufacturer designed the air cooler to cover a maximum of 500 square feet. Therefore, assured of lowering the temperature to a comfortable state.

The air cooler is perfect for indoor and outdoor, making it a choice for those who need a single unit for outside and inside temperature reduction. The 3,100 cubic feet per minute air circulation capacity is another outstanding feature you’ll enjoy from the Hessaire 18M model.

It also has adjustable louvers to direct the air in the direction you desire but require manual control. The MC18M has 5-settings such as two cooling modes, two fan speeds, and on/off-pump. Hence, operating this space-saving evaporative air cooler is desiring as you’ll able to choose the settings such as fan only, air cooling, or both simultaneously. Furthermore, the unit support manual or continuous water flow connection, meaning you choose what refilling method is best for you.

Our + for this
  • Durable castor wheels
  • Not as pricey like the previous products
  • Perfect for small to large room construction
  • It is available in three different colors
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4. Hessaire 5300 CFM Evaporative Cooler

Moving further in this evaporative cooler discussion comes another Hessiare model. From our findings, the unit works for lowering the temperature in surroundings reaching up to 1,600 square feet.

This product also features a 5,300 cfm airflow capacity for faster saturation of cooled and chilled air for you to stay calm. The top of it has air swing functionality, which guarantees maximum coverage.

The three pads installed in the sides of the unit allow for supercooling. Moreso uses spare filter media to ensure the air coming out from it is clean and safe for breathing.

Our + for this
  • High cooling capacity
  • Great for bigger spaces
  • Strong mobility wheels     
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5. Hessaire MC26A Evaporative Cooler & Humidifier

Rounding up this Hessaire evaporative cooler review comes the MC26A model. You can rely on this device for a property of 950 square feet measurement.

From the list, this product is the only unit that has an LCD and remote control. It features a timer that let users set how long the evaporative cooler to work before shutting down.

The features also include a 3-speed fan, oscillating louvers for even distribution of cooled air, and 2,100 cfm capacity to enhance its performance. It comes with 4-castors for easy transporting wherever you want to cool.

Even though it lacks a handle, the wheels can be locked so that you move it freely without struggling. You can attach a hose to the continuous flow option to eliminate the manual adding of water.

Our + for this
  • Easy to operate
  • Less maintenance
  • Powerful for open spaces
  • Continuous water flowing
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Conclusion & Recommendation

Cooling your house is not optional, especially during winter when everywhere tends to get heated. An evaporative coolers work magic bringing down hot indoor air by releasing cool moisture. 

The best evaporative coolers by consumer reports have been discussed, and therefore, you can rely on us if you’re looking for the best hessaire evaporative coolers for your home. 

As seen above in the comparison and review section, we highlighted in detail each product and all of them work optimally, lowering the home temperature for the household to live fine and happy. 

However, our recommendation includes Hessaire MC37M because it is strong, durable, great for larger spaces, and comes with castor for movement. The next product we like you to check is the MC61M. It features similar features to that MC37 but has a higher cubic feet per minute airflow.    

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