There’re 2-major kinds of mist Levoit humidifiers can produce and this includes Levoit cool mist and warm mist humidifiers. As such, in this discussion, we’re going to be showing you our best selected Levoit humidifier reviews to help you decide which one of them falls into your demand for a home or office use we’ve covered them inclusively.

Top 6 Best Levoit Humidifier Reviews –  [Updated 2020]

Meanwhile, this brand not only deals with the making of humidifiers but also into air purifier manufacturing. Besides, they have some of the best air purification systems like they equally have for humidifiers.

Nevertheless, Levoit has been making home air quality appliances for some years now and their product according to consumer reports has been leading and top ranking among customers. Therefore, if you require investing in this home electronic appliance (humidifier), Levoit brand is one reputable company whose devices we cherished in the United States.

Like we said earlier, they have two categories of products, such as the warm and cool mist but before, we introduce you to the types, below is the quick comparison table guide to help those who barely have time to read through lengthy articles.

Best Levoit Brand of Humidifier Comparison Table

Product Name
LEVOIT LV550HH: Best Warm and Cool Mist Unit
LEVOIT LV550HH: Best Warm and Cool Mist Unit Check Price On Amazon

  • Tank size: 5L
  • Mist type: Cool/warm
  • Coverage: 753 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 7.14 pounds

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LEVOIT LV550HH humidifier
LEVOIT LV550HH humidifier Check Price On Amazon

  • Tank size: 6L
  • Mist type: Warm/Cool
  • Coverage: 753 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 7.14 pounds
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Levoit Lv450ch Humidifier for babies
Levoit Lv450ch Humidifier for babies Check Price On Amazon

  • Tank size: 4.5L
  • Mist type: Cool
  • Coverage: 376 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds

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LEVOIT 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist
LEVOIT 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Check Price On Amazon

  • Tank size: 4L
  • Mist type: Cool
  • Coverage: 376 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Essential oil: Yes

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LEVOIT Top Fill Humidifier LEVOIT Top Fill Humidifier Check Price On Amazon

  • Tank size: 1.8L
  • Mist type: Cool
  • Coverage: 260 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 3.35 pounds
  • Essential oil: Yes

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Best LEVOIT 2.4L Ultrasonic for table or Office Use Check Price On Amazon

  • Tank size: 2.4L
  • Mist type: Cool
  • Coverage: 290 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Essential oil: No

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Difference between Levoit Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier

Levoit warm-mist humidifiers referred to units installed with a heating element. This element let the humidifier heat water to a boiling state and further cools the mist in its inner chamber before releasing the output as warm mist. The mist that comes out usually doesn’t contain bacteria, or germs even molds and mildew cannot grow inside the unit tank as the boiling process thus destroys them completely. Bear in mind, warm mists models utilize more energy (electricity), as the case must be. Also, they’re not good for children surrounding due to occasional hotter mist that may be dispersed by the unit. Subsequently, in a colder environment or winter days, you’ll find levoit humidifiers that deliver warm mist useful to maintain room temperature.

Moving further, their cool mist products cannot warm-up the water, as such, they only release cool moisture air. So far, the study claimed that cool mist humidifiers are good for the young ones, or kid’s environment. Therefore, if you must protect your child from low humidity picking levoit coolmist is worth the price in the summer months where everywhere feels hotter and scorching. Due to the high rates of mold, mildew, and bacteria associated with this model, users of cool mist humidifiers are always advised to clean their unit at least 2-weekly while the unit with filters, their filtration system should be replaced following the manufacturer guidelines.

Top 6 Best Levoit Humidifier Reviews In The Market

1. LEVOIT LV550HH: Best Warm and Cool Mist Unit

LEVOIT LV550HH: Best Warm and Cool Mist Unit

On top of the matter in this discussion, LEVOIT LV550HH strike a point in consumer’s satisfaction. When it comes to warm mist moisture or cool mist likewise, our suggesting this unit has been examined by our research team that’s why we brought it across to your consideration. In the colder periods, the unit would protect you from the extreme cold weather condition. 

What you need do is to switch to the hot mist mode to enjoy this benefit while in the summertime, never worry about hot indoor air, the cool house option is at your reach to cool your home down yet increasing humidity level for better indoor living. The best of the feature includes an adjustable and a rotating nozzle for even mist dispersion in choice of direction.  

The humidity sensor found in this device helps users to know the actual relative humidity and the ambient temperature of their surrounding via the display screen and the auto mode setting lets the unit manage mist output itself between (25 – 70) percent, therefore, no too humid environment will be experienced. 

If your concern is your coverage area need, be informed, this appliance can power room measuring up to 753 square feet, which is equivalent to large rooms. It is also ideal for bedrooms, living rooms including office use. Is this unit a noisemaker? Not at all, built to run with whisper-quiet noise, making it a pass mark for babies’ rooms’ humidity desire.

Our + for this

  • It has a remote control
  • Support essential oil diffusion into the air but do not add the oil into the tank instead inside the box provided
  • The humidifier requires only once a week clean and filters every six months
  • Purchase warranty up to 1 year plus levoit lifetime support
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2. LEVOIT LV550HH humidifier

LEVOIT LV550HH humidifier

This one is the senior brother to the previous product when it comes to size, although they are both designed to release humidity in the same coverage range of 753 ft2. However, the 1.5gal (6 liters) tank reservoir lasts the LV550HH up to 36 hours continuously but this hour can only be achieved when on low mist output level. Trust me, you will never get anything less than 24 hours at the highest speed.

The difference is clear when it comes to accurate home humidity control, thanks to the inbuilt humidity levels sensor that gauges the amount of vapor in the air and immediately, regulate it for you if any variation from the relative humidity RH% is being compromised.

More so, LEVOIT LV550HH safety is of the highest order because the device turns off automatically once water is no longer available to be converted into mist air. Never forget, this wonderful humidifier from the Levoit organization delivers cool or warm mist like the first unit reviewed above. Therefore, you can choose between the mist options depending on the climate situation of your property so that you get the best of results and stay healthy as ever!

The ultrasonic air humidifier is what you need if you want to aromatize your home atmosphere as you add humidity. What do you do? Locate the aroma box, add a drop of essential oil to scent your environment. However, be warned, do not add the oil into the unit tank directly to avoid damaging the machine.

Our + for this

  • Allow essential oil use 
  • For larger rooms humidity coverage 
  • Has an automatic safety function 
  • It comes with a remote system 
  • Wide tank opening allows for easy refilling and cleaning 
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3. Levoit Lv450ch Humidifier for babies

Levoit Lv450ch Humidifier for babies

Proceeding in this Levoit humidifier reviews comes the Lv450ch model. From the examination, this unit is pretty cheaper compared to the first two items previously discussed. The reason for the low price maybe because it only produces a cool mist, whereas the LEVOIT LV550HH and LEVOIT LV550HH are engineered for dual mist creation. But the good thing, this machine has a high capacity water volume tank of 4.5 liters and this runs the Levoit Lv450ch for 40hrs continually in one refill but in the low-speed setting. 

The unit size is another reason for its popularity among homeowners who have smaller bedroom spaces. Hence, Levoit Lv450ch is a space-saving unit and lightweight design lets you flip effortlessly. Do you need a quiet humidifier for your baby room? If yes, we highly recommend a super-quiet unit features a noise level of 28 decibel sound that causes children to sleep fine and not disturb them.

The ability to diffuse aroma into your baby nursery will also make your loved one to be happy and feel blessed by having good caring parents taking care of him or her. Even though, this product is amazing in all aspect but lack a remote controlling system. If you need this, consider picking this unit that has it.

Our + for this

  • Great for children nursery/environment 
  • Releases fine cool mist air 
  • You can use oil alongside as you humidify 
  • One of the quietest Levoit product in the market 
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4. LEVOIT 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist

LEVOIT 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist

Moving further is the Levoit 4L coolmist humidifier which is design for large bedroom use. Also great for application in baby’s environment and office settings. The unit quiet operation set it above most cool mist humidifiers from a competitive brand because the sound level is rated at 30db, a reduce level. Though the device is small in size, never underestimate the large tank of 4.5l capacity as it can power the device for up to 40hours humidity distribution running on a low-speed rate.

Aromatherapy oil tray also available in the device to enable you to spice your air with fragrance. Another nice feature, 360-degree rotating nozzle release mist air throughout your space while you regulate the levels between 3-speed settings for maximum comfort.

The LEVOIT 4L is reliable safe for use as approved by ETL and CA65 tested. It is also BPA free. Please, always remember to lock the tank cover properly before turning on the device and also do not add water into the base directly. Follow the manual guide to as describe to ensure the unit work well perfectly.

Our + for this

  • Inexpensive
  • Portable table-top design
  • 360 degree nozzle mist outlet
  • Easy to refill and clean
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5. LEVOIT Top Fill Humidifier

LEVOIT Top Fill Humidifier

Are you looking for an easy top fill humidifier? This Levoit top refill is one of the humidity machines that meet this desire. It features a large opening reservoir for hustle-free adding of water and also makes the cleaning work over activity. The feature includes an intelligent sleeping mode that turns off the unit light display during the night time. It also has a built-in humidity sensor to automatically maintain a comfortable humidity level to let you sleep.

The 2-in-1 air humidifier and diffuser act as a humidifier and a diffuser, therefore, you can pair essential oil with the humidifier mist to spread your favorite fragrances throughout your room. This unit spiral air-duct technology converts water into a fine mist that spreads throughout a larger area in a shorter amount of time without fogging the room or wetting the floor.

With the quietest in the world device, sleep soundly as the near-silent ultrasonic cool mist technology generates less than 28 dB, which is quieter than a library. Please, do not place it on floors, carpets, towels, or surface with fibers that may block the air inlet. Besides, do not add water directly into the base as it will prevent mist from coming out. 

Our + for this

  • Top fill model
  • Low noise level
  • ETL listed
  • Has 3 mist settings (high, low and medium)
  • Spiral mist technology distribute mist everywhere
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6. Best LEVOIT 2.4L Ultrasonic for table or Office Use

Best LEVOIT 2.4L Ultrasonic for table or Office Use

So far, seen 5 products in the discussion of best level humidifier reviews and the last but not the least is this 2.4-liter unit. Almost all the features found in the previous items are available in this small footprint unit. But the disappointing aspect, it does not support essential oil or aroma scenting. Nevertheless, you will love this unit if you live in a small apartment, room or want to add humidity to small-sized business enclose space. Also, the lightweight design can be moved easily unlike heavy-duty devices. Owing to the fact this air quality improver can cover up to 290 square feet, therefore, ideal for bedrooms, offices, and other medium-sized rooms.

Our + for this

  • Maintain a peaceful environment without noise pollution 
  • Its small size makes it easy to fit on a nightstand or desk
  • Features Levoit advanced ultrasonic technology that prevents leakages 
  • Other features include adjustable mist settings, 24 hours operation, rotating nozzle and more!  
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How Does Levoit Humidifier Works

The working principle of all humidifiers are similar, it does not matter which brand or company that design it. As such Levoit humidifiers follow the same process. Since, on this page, we have the warm and cool mist humidifier – you need to understand, levoit warm mist humidifiers provide hot mist by heating the water and allowing it to pass through the entire process before the output comes out while cool mist devices don’t.

Nevertheless, a humidifier will work after adding water and turning on the machine. For the balance of indoor moisture, program the appliance to a specific output level using the humidity settings. Every unit comes with this, though some such as this product can automatically do it for you to save you the whole of the stress. For further reading, consult our general post provided here.

Wrapping it up

We saw Levoit as a fast-growing company who started business 2017 and due to their innovative mindset and customers at heart. However, in a space of 3 years, the brand has taken over. Our team of the research group has read a lot about the renowned company before heading ahead to compile these top 6 Levoit humidifier reviews and guide for consumers to glance for a choice. We also, have it in mind of bringing you some of the best level air purifiers for homes in our subsequent post. To be informed, visit for updates! Are you still confuse? Check the comparison table again for reconsideration. 

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