It’s not every day that you come across a product that cleans the air and humidifies it at the same time. The Venta LW45 does what its name says- it literally “washes” the air. While it does not do the job as thoroughly as a HEPA filter, it does improve the quality of air and rids it of allergens and other air contaminants. How? Let’s see.

Venta LW45 2-in-1 Purifier and Humidifier

Venta LW45 2-in-1 Purifier and Humidifier

The Venta LW45 is equipped to cover up to 800 square feet, so it is a great option for people looking for comfortable air in large rooms. It has a boisterous gallon size of 3L, and while that is not the largest of tanks, it’s enough to get you through a night’s sleep without a refill. However, as a maintenance feature, the unit automatically shuts off when the tank is empty.

The LW45 is designed as a vent-looking unit with two plastic wheels studded with discs. The discs rotate against each other, and trap dust and bacteria in them, while simultaneously evaporating water to supply cool mist. To save you the hassle of cleaning out dirty filters and making a mess, Venta skipped the feature altogether.

The LW45 is absolutely filter-free, and promises to leave no ions or white dust on your furniture or skin. Some users prefer to use units with parts that they can see, without minding the cost of replacement, so the filter-free attribute may not be great news to those. However, if you’re all about reducing your chores and having a unit that works with as little interference as possible, then the Venta LW45 may be your guy.

At purchase, the pack comes with a water additive treatment. The manufacturers recommend that this be added to the water every two weeks. The unit has very low maintenance, and will only require a rub-down of the discs every two weeks.

Easy to Use

The Venta LW45 gets plus points for being incredibly easy to use. At only 13lbs, it is very lightweight so it won’t need much lugging around when you have to refill the unit. The body features an electronic water level indicator, so you’ll definitely know when the humidifier is due for a refill.

Venta LW45 Airwasher (2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier) Reviewed Jan. 2020

The humidifier is preset with 3 fan speeds that control the humidity output. At whichever speed you choose, the Venta LW45 remains quiet enough for a baby to sleep with it on. However, unlike other competitor models, the Venta LW45 does not have a set-and-forget sensor, so you may have issues with over-saturation. If that happens, you may have to deal with mold or mildew.

As a plus, the Airwasher can also be an aroma diffuser, as its design allows you to add essential oils to the tank if you really want that relaxing, aromatic effect. 

Overall, the Venta LW45 delivers value for money. While it may not do such a bang-up job of “washing” the air, it does pack a mean punch when it comes to humidifying, and that’s more important.

Our plus for this

  • Low maintenance
  • Purifier, humidifier and aroma diffuser in one
  • Perfect for large room coverage
  • Does not consume too much energy

Our minus for this

  • Does not have a humidistat to detect optimal humidity levels
  • Air-purification not very efficient
Wrapping It Up

Like said earlier in the course of this unit discussion, Venta LW45 Airwasher cleanse air and also add humidity alongside. Invariable means, no need of investing on separate unit if your intention is to clean and as well humidify your home air. It runs quietly and that’s a plus for un-disturbing night sleep. The Venta LW45 also support the use of aromatherapy oil diffusing scent into home air. When you get this product, rest assured that you’re getting a money value product.

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