A Humidifier is a device that increases the moisture in the air. Where there is excessive dryness, Humidifiers are needed as moistening agents. To this effect, Health facilities, Therapy centers use dehumidifiers to treat conditions like Scaly skin, sore throat, dry throat, cracked lips, and general dry skin infections. However, what is a humidifier? This article discuss all what you need to know about this home improvement appliance, as such we employ you to read the entire post for adequate knowledge.

Types of Humidifier

Types of Humidifier 

Some Humidifiers are big enough to power the whole house while some can only humidify a single room. Hence, we are going to be looking at the various dehumidifiers below:

1. Whole House Humidifier

Just like it sounds, the Whole House Humidifier is built to increase the humidity in the air of a whole building. The appliance is built with the capacity to power the entire house. Whole House Humidifier include: 

Central Humidifier: They are installed directly into the building through the cooling unit. The appliance can also be installed in the heating system. They are the old form of Humidifier but quite effective. Their working capacity makes them hot while in use. 

  • It is installed with the Heating/Cooling system.
  • It can increase air moisture in the entire house.
  • They have a large capacity. 
  • They are noiseless.
  • Installation is a one-time deal. 
  • They are not moveable. 
  • They can only be installed by professionals. 
  • Quite expensive. 
2. Portable Humidifier

These are Humidifiers suitable for single rooms. They are smaller compared to the Whole House Humidifier. Portable Humidifiers are modeled to use different technology. Each device uses different technology to moisten the air. 

Ultrasonic Humidifier: This portable device works using a frequency higher than that of sound. It uses ultrasonic vibrations to generate moisture. The moisture mingles with the air resulting in a rise in moisture level. Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier uses ultrasonic for its moistening power. 

Evaporative Humidifier: The appliance works by feeding water from the air back to the room. It uses its fan to gather water from the air. The water is then released into the air to increase its dampness. Evaporative Humidifier is the best choice for homes with young kids. 

Vaporizer Humidifier: These Humidifiers use vapor to moisten the air. The vapor can be steam or cool air. Vaporizer Humidifier comes with a unique feature. They are built for inhalants to be added. They are the best choice for homes with kids prone to cold.

Impeller Humidifier: It is a portable Humidifier that uses a rotating disc to increase air dampness. It is very affordable and user friendly. However, with this device, a high level of cleanliness is required. It is prone to the spread of bacterial if its water source is not kept clean. 

  • Easy to move.
  • They need no professional installation. 
  • The ones that allow for inhalants to be added are good for cold and asthmatic patients. 
  • They are not as expensive as the Whole House Humidifier. 
  • They are easy to maintain. 
  • They can only moisten a single room at a time. 
  • There is a risk of contaminated air. 
  • Their fans make them noisy. 
The Benefit of Using Humidifier

Using Humidifier has its advantages. They can serve as moistening agents. Thus they are effective tools in the cure of:

  • Dry cough.
  • Dry throat.
  • Scaly skins, dry skin.
  • Consistent Nose bleeds.

How To Pick The Best Humidifier

When picking the right Humidifier for your home or workspace, it is good to consider every angle. 

What is Humidifier, The Need during Winter & How Pick The best Unit?
  • Space: You might want to consider how spacious your room or office is. Some Humidifiers are small and portable. Others are relatively large. If you do not have enough space, opting for a portable device is the right pick. A Portable device can power a room of about 300 square feet. Medium Humidifiers can power 400 square feet. 
  • Work Efficiency: While Humidifiers are needed to moisten the air, too much moisture and everything goes wrong. Moist air is a breeding ground for some microbes. When the air is too moist, bacterial growth is increased in the home. These bacterial causes’ health problems like stuffy nose, watery eyes, difficulty in breathing and other respiratory issues. Maintaining the adaptable water content in the air is the best solution. The moisture in the air should fall between 30-50%. A higher percentage encourages bacterial growth. Too low and it’s unsafe. 
  • Technology: Portable Humidifiers use varieties of technology in their functioning. Consider the technique of the device you are getting uses. For homes with children, getting a steam vaporizer is not advisable. This device steams water which is in turn expelled to the atmosphere. 
Difference Between Humidifier And Dehumidifier 

Humidifiers increase the moisture in the air while Dehumidifier reduces the air moisture. Humidifiers are built to increase the humidity of the air. They are the best choice to go for in places with dry air and general dryness. Dehumidifiers, on the other hand, work on bringing down the air moisture. Swampy homes with stained wall and window, most floors and general damp issues need a Dehumidifier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Ultrasonic Humidifier? Ultrasonic Humidifier is a Portable Humidifier that uses high-frequency sound to moisten the air. 
  • What’s an Impeller Humidifier? Impeller Humidifier is another Portable Humidifier. It uses a rotating disc to moisten the room. 
  • What is Dehumidifier sizing chart used for? The size chart is to help you decide the size of the device you need for your home. It tells you the size of each product. This makes it easy to pick what you want. 
  • How does Humidifier work? The humidifier works by generating moisture to cool the room. 
  • Are Humidifiers good for you? Yes, Humidifiers are good for everyone especially people with dry skin issues. People who also feels the air in their homes are dry should use it. 

Sleeping With A Humidifier Good At Night

There has been no known danger from sleeping with Humidifier at night. In fact, sleeping with Humidifier keeps the cold out. This is because the air is not so dry. Humidifiers also help alleviate dryness. Sleeping with this appliance is good for the skin (dry skin).


Nose bleeds, watery eyes, dry skin and every condition associated with dryness can be erased simply by using a Humidifier. The appliance replaces dry air with moist air and makes the air breathable. This is especially important during winter. A humidifier could also be a good moisturizing solution for the skin.

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